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City, state, country

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arizona (173)california (128)chicago (86)
texas (56)illinois (55)georgia (39)
los angeles (28)florida (25)phoenix (25)
san francisco (24)postville (23)massachusetts (22)
colorado (22)utah (21)atlanta (20)
new jersey (19)canada (19)dallas (19)
iowa (18)new york city (17)los angeles city (16)
virginia (16)washington dc (15)china (15)
new haven (15)maricopa county (15)maryland (14)
new york state (14)pennsylvania (14)prince william county (14)
minnesota (13)nevada (13)michigan (12)
south carolina (11)hawaii (11)north carolina (10)
tennessee (10)hazleton (10)san diego (10)
minneapolis (9)arkansas (9)washington (9)
mesa (9)haiti (9)boston (9)
tucson (9)new mexico (9)austin (9)
india (8)kansas (7)missouri (7)
philadelphia (7)oregon (7)england (6)
kentucky (6)korea (6)connecticut (6)
stillmore (6)silicon valley (5)seattle (5)
alaska (5)colombia (5)sacramento (5)
orange county (5)pittsburgh (4)oakland (4)
riverside (4)kenya (4)venezuela (4)
montgomery county (4)oklahoma (4)el paso (4)
milwaukee (4)ohio (4)mississippi (4)
japan (4)columbus (3)fresno (3)
long island (3)brazil (3)new orleans (3)
vermont (3)rhode island (3)miami (3)
san antonio (3)cleveland (2)nashville (2)
newark (2)maine (2)takoma park (2)
marin county (2)denver (2)iran (2)
morristown (2)louisiana (2)asheville (1)
paris (1)st paul (1)cincinnati (1)
raleigh (1)tulsa (1)plano (1)
bakersfield (1)stockton (1)huntington station (1)
sudan (1)clearwater florida (1)council bluffs (1)
bergen county (1)prince georges county (1)redondo beach (1)
glendale (1)sugar land (1)springfield (1)
contra costa (1)guantanamo (1)buffalo (1)
waukegan (1)guyana (1)st louis (1)
charlotte (1)pahrump (1)vernon (1)
montana (1)madison (1)