The Stop Amnesty Challenge

It's vitally important to stop Obama's amnesty-by-executive-order now. If we don't stop it now, Obama could legalize millions of illegal aliens and rolling that back is going to be very difficult.

Thankfully, there's a way to stop Obama's amnesty right now. To make that happen, I'm announcing the Stop Amnesty Challenge. The winner and runner-up of the Challenge will win cash awards, but more importantly will have done a great public service.

Summary of the Challenge

The best way to stop amnesty is to challenge its supporters and show them wrong to their audience. If a politician makes a misleading claim, there's a good chance his audience doesn't know it's misleading. If we then show how he misled his audience, that will tend to keep the politician from making the same claim. It will also reduce the politician's influence over his audience. Other politicians will avoid making the same claim. That's how to stop amnesty: show how amnesty supporters are misleading about what it would do. And, the best way to show that is by asking them tough questions designed to box them in to admitting how they're misleading. As a side-effect, asking politicians tough questions will also help further discredit the media.

How To Enter

To enter the challenge, you'll need to attend an event with a nationally-known politician and ask that politician one of the questions we'll provide. You'll need to get the question and any answers from the politician on good quality video with clear audio. The terms of the Challenge are listed here and by entering you agree that you've read and understood those terms. (Note: the funding effort on that page is out of date, but I'll provide the awards if anyone claims them.)

The Awards

The First Place winner will receive a cash award of $350. The Second Place winner will receive a cash award of $150. Obviously, you aren't going to be able to retire on those amounts, but your primary motivation should be doing the public service of blocking Obama's amnesty-by-executive-order.

The Questions

You can enter the Challenge by asking any one of these questions:

Read those through and decide which you feel most comfortable asking. As part of the Challenge you'll need to get a definitive answer from the politician, but each of the pages linked above has likely things the politician will say and how you can respond. Other questions can be provided or those questions can be modified on request.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the Challenge, don't hesitate to ask. For quickest response, tweet any questions to @24AheadDotCom_ .

Can't take the Challenge?

If for some reason you can't take the Challenge but still want to help stop Obama's executive order amnesty, you can still help out by promoting the challenge on social media or to your email contacts.


See the terms of the Challenge here.

For a FAQ about why asking tough questions will work, see the FAQ section here.

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