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Donald Trump speaks Hindi in campaign ad - 10/27/16

The video below features Donald Trump speaking Hindi in a new ad from his campaign.

Half of Mexicans have unfavorable image of Americans - 01/13/13

The Pew Research Global Attitudes Project shows that Mexicans - the largest immigrant group to the U.S. - don't like Americans all that much.

Number of students who excel at math: USA 1/4 million; Korea 1/8 million; India 100,000; Mexico 3500 to 6000 - 01/03/12

From the study "Producing superstars for the economic Mundial: The Mexican Predicament with quality of education" by Lant Pritchett and Martina Viarengo (Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, November 19, 2008, PDF at ):

NFAP misleads on skilled immigration (Stuart Anderson, Frank Sharry, National Foundation for American Policy) - 05/25/11

Stuart Anderson of the National Foundation for American Policy offers "The Impact of the Children of Immigrants on Scientific Achievements in America" [1], which comes to a highly misleading conclusion based on a very small sample. It's also promoted by Frank Sharry's AmericasVoice [2].

513 future illegal aliens were packed in two trucks, thanks to illegal immigration supporters - 05/19/11

The Mexican government recently rescued 513 people who were packed into two tractor-trailers bound for the U.S. where they hoped to cross illegally (link) [1]. Think about that for a second: there was probably more room on most slave ships.

AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa panders at gala supporting fashion designer charged with rape (Anand Jon, McAuliffe) - 10/04/07

Anand Jon is a fashion designer who's been charged with 59 counts of sexual assault or rape involving women between 14 and 27 [1]. The number of charges was recently raised from 46 in June, and he's now in jail. His lawyer says it's all fabricated.

Immigrant march en route to Hastert's digs - 10/07/06 Don Babwin / Associated Press As with other immigration reform marches in the metro area this year, Friday's [9/1/06] featured plenty of Mexican flags and signs with slogans written in Spanish. But there also were flags from the Philippines and people like Sally Chung holding signs in Korean...

"Hundreds of thousands of protestors burn effigies of Bush, Blair in Meerut" - 03/25/03

New Delhi, March 26, IRNA -- Hundreds of thousands of protestors in a demonstration against the US war on Iraq in Meerut on Tuesday declared that they would boycott products made by American or British companies and burned effigies of the American president and British prime minister in protest.