We must pursue all options to stop amnesty

It's not too late to stop or modify Obama's amnesty, and all reasonable ways to do it have to be on the table. We can't afford to put all our eggs into one basket. If we only pursue a limited number of methods to stop amnesty and they don't work, then Obama will get his way.

One method that needs to be used in addition to others is the Stop Amnesty Challenge. Even if you think impeachment is the best way to stop amnesty, you have to admit that getting the GOP to impeach Obama is going to be difficult and might not work. If your only plan to stop amnesty is to impeach Obama and the GOP doesn't do it, then Obama will get his way. Unless you want Obama to get his way, then to stop amnesty you need to pursue as many options as possible, and one of those is the Challenge.

How the Challenge will work is illustrated to a certain extent on the video below. It features Rep. Lou Barletta asking Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about the downsides of amnesty. Barletta did a good job, but he didn't press Johnson to answer his questions, and his questions weren't as tough as they could be. The Challenge includes five very tough questions that are designed to box politicians in and force them to admit the downsides of amnesty.

Imagine if Barletta had been able to force Jeh Johnson to admit how amnesty would harm Americans. Wouldn't that go a very long way towards stopping amnesty? It's not going to be easy for the Obama administration to continue with amnesty after they admitted how it would harm Americans, right?

Some people might think Obama is going to keep doing what he wants if that happened. That's very unlikely since other Democratic leaders would pressure Obama to scuttle his amnesty. Realize that other Democratic leaders will see what happened to Jeh Johnson and they'll be afraid the same could happen to them. Even if Obama isn't rational enough to change his policies, most Democratic leaders are and they'd realize that supporting or being associated with amnesty would harm their careers. Those leaders will pressure Obama to change his policies. As a lame duck, Obama will have little choice but to do what they want because if he doesn't they'll work to impede his other policy objectives. Recall that Democratic leaders were able to force Obama to hold off on declaring his amnesty until after the election. Obama's in an even weaker position now than he was before.

Other people might say that politicians won't admit the downsides of amnesty. That's why the Challenge questions are important: they're designed to force politicians to answer the questions, or to look bad for not answering them. If a politician is asked over and over to answer a question, you can always answer for them and thereby put them in the position of arguing against reality.

Others might think that really pressing politicians on tough question isn't a viable option. Thinking that is to deny the fundamentals of the U.S. Constitution, which is based on competing ideologies debating issues. The judiciary system is based in large part on asking questions in order to determine facts. If asking questions of pro-amnesty leaders isn't a viable option, then why did Barletta do what he did? Barletta opposes illegal immigration in Congress and before that opposed illegal immigration as mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Obviously his goal with asking Jeh Johnson questions was an attempt to do something about Obama's amnesty.

No doubt many others prefer more physical ways to stop amnesty, like marching on Washington. A recent such march, organized by top anti-amnesty leaders, only drew about 40 people ( peekURL.com/zgxkexs ). That had no impact on amnesty. All the Murrieta protests did was cause the DHS to send illegal aliens to other facilities. Other groups thought hanging signs off overpasses would stop amnesty, and it didn't. Certainly, one of these days something like that might do something about amnesty, but since all previous efforts like that have failed, it doesn't look like such activities will have an impact any time soon.

In any case, if you think marching on Washington, or waving a sign, or hoping that the GOP impeaches Obama are the best ways to do things, then continue that. All this post is suggesting is that you also assist the Stop Amnesty Challenge in addition to those other things. However you're currently trying to stop amnesty is not guaranteed to work. Therefore, it would be best for you to pursue all realistic options to do something about amnesty. Otherwise, by just using one method that isn't guaranteed to work, you'll have helped Obama if that method fails to do something about amnesty.

Since anyone reading this doesn't want to help Obama, then you have to pursue all reasonable methods to stop amnesty.

So, how do you do that?

You don't have to spend a lot of time to make the Stop Amnesty Challenge happen. All we need is for a top anti-amnesty leader to promote the Challenge and that will set things in motion. To do that, all we need is for enough people to contact top anti-amnesty leaders and urge them to promote the Challenge. If enough people ask, then some will feel compelled to get involved.

At the very least, please take a few minutes and tweet the following, urging them to back the #StopAmnestyChallenge:


I realize some might not like some of the people on that list, but that's not what this post is about. Some people might think some people on that list are fake, but simply discarding them as an option would not be wise. Instead, use that to your advantage: make them prove themselves. For instance, some might think of someone on that list as a "RINO". The person called a "RINO" probably doesn't like to be called that, and will be eager to show that they aren't. Use that to your advantage: give them something they can do that will show they aren't what some think they are.

To summarize, we have to pursue all realistic options to stop amnesty. Just relying on one or two will help Obama if those methods don't work. One other method that needs to be pursued is the Stop Amnesty Challenge, which is similar to what Rep. Lou Barletta did on the video below but uses tougher questions. You can spend as much time as you want making the Challenge happen, but at a minimum you can send out a few tweets that will just take you a few minutes. If you're going to spend 60 minutes on other ways to stop amnesty, then it won't be a problem to add on a couple more minutes sending out a tweet or two.

If anyone disagrees with that, I want to hear about it. Tweet your objections to @24AheadDotCom_ for a quick response.

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