Tori Otten deceives about a mass shooting (TNR)

At the New Republic, Tori Otten blogs "Gavin Newsom Says Second Amendment Is “Becoming a Suicide Pact” After Yet Another Mass Shooting" (link) about a recent shooting:

The Half Moon Bay attack is California’s third mass shooting in just three days. A 67-year-old gunman opened fire on a mushroom farm and a nearby trucking facility. The victims were primarily Chinese laborers.

The "Chinese laborers" at the end links to another TNR blog, "The American Victims of Washington’s Anti-China Hysteria/The “Yellow Peril” tropes that may pave the way for a new war abroad have historically fueled anti-Asian hate on these shores."

Otten is trying to make it sound like the shooting was the result of anti-Asian animus, basically trying to pin it on a white guy (preferably a Trump supporter).

In fact, the shooter was a 67-year-old Asian male, Chunli Zhao. He had some sort of work association with the two locations involved and this appears to be a case of workplace violence. In any case, it's not motivated by anti-Asian animus as Otten tries to deceive her readers into assuming.