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WaPo admits: Maryland driver's licenses are incredibly insecure, open to fraud (advocating two-tier system?) - 03/29/09

When even the Washington Post notices a problem relating to immigration, you know it's a real problem. Thus it is that NC Aizenman and Lisa Rein offer "Easy-to-Get Licenses Expose Md. to Fraud/Out-of-State Illegal Immigrants Exploit Rules" (link). The WaPo appears to be trying to get Maryland to pass a Real ID-compliant two-tier licensing scheme under which illegal aliens would get a license to drive but not to do much more. However, while there is some PC beating around the bush, there also isn't the outright advocacy we've come to expect from the WaPo: Maryland ...has become a magnet for...

Assignment: is Daniel de Vise/WaPo telling the truth about "ESOL Students in Md., Va. Leaping Ahead of U.S. Peers"? - 03/01/09

Daniel de Vise of the Washington Post offers "ESOL Students in Md., Va. Leaping Ahead of U.S. Peers" (link), which is the latest in a sub-genre of American-demoting, immigration/illegal alien-promoting articles from the mainstream media.

Maryland moves to give ID cards to released inmates, including illegal aliens - 02/24/09

The Maryland Senate has passed SB 186, which would give identification cards to those released from state prisons (link). That's not necessarily such a bad thing, but what is bad is that those prisons don't check the immigration status of their prisoners and an amendment to require that was quashed.

Halt immigration raids, say local leaders - 04/26/07

Washington Examiner/Scott McCabe/[[April 26, 2007]]/ link

Fearing Backlash, Some Immigration Activists Aren't Backing Boycott - 02/20/07

Washington Post/April 20, 2006/Darryl Fears/ link

Gustavo Torres/Case de Maryland refuses to say Pledge of Allegiance - 11/22/06

Casa de Maryland is a government-funded organization that strongly supports illegal immigration and that's been involved in organizing immigration marches. Earlier this year, Gustavo Torres, their executive director, threatened to picket not just the residences of Minuteman Project members, but the schools of their children.

Gustavo Torres - 11/22/06

Executive Director of Casa de Maryland.

Jessica Alvarez - 09/07/06

This is a common name and the following may refer to one or more persons: Appears to be IDed as an "organizer" with the National Capital Immigration Coalition at this page. That CSPAN "vignette" (ID: 192294) discussed May 1's "National Day of Civic Action for Immigrants".

Gramscians demand ouster of Maryland comptroller - 07/17/06

The WaPo's Ann E. Marimow offers "Rights Groups Say Schaefer's Run Must End" about far-far-lefties opposing Maryland's former governor and now comptroller: A far-reaching collection of Maryland's Asian, Latino, black and women's rights leaders denounced Comptroller William Donald Schaefer yesterday for what they called a series of intolerant public statements -- and they told the former governor that it is "time to go." Wow, sounds serious. Except, the provided remarks don't exactly rise to any sort of questionable level that I can see. Rather, it appears to be a power play by far-leftie,...

DC Metro bilingual signs and illegal alien advocates - 06/25/06

The DC Metrorail system is considering adding signs in Spanish to their stations (via this; satire about this here). While the cost is fairly high ($500,000 to $900,000 per station), this is seemingly a minor matter. Until you read that they might add these signs under pressure from "immigration advocates".

Casa de Maryland: funding - 03/01/06

Casa de Maryland is a government-funded organization that strongly supports illegal immigration. And, they recently threatened to follow around not just members of the Minuteman Project but their children as well. Where do they get their money, and what can you do to help shut them down?

Casa of Maryland helps illegal aliens get driver's licenses - 02/26/06

As previously discussed, Casa of Maryland is a state-funded group that not only supports illegal immigration, but they're threatening to picket the jobs of Minuteman Project members and even the schools attended by their children. The article "Maryland group helps immigrants get driver's licenses" may even describe illegal behavior on their part, but whether it actually occured as described and whether this behavior is in fact illegal is not known at this time. Hopefully someone will look into this: At 5 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, dozens of Spanish-speaking immigrants gather inside the...

Casa de Maryland might soon get big surprise - 02/25/06

The Casa de Maryland is a state-funded group that supports illegal immigration. Gustavo Torres, their executive director, recently said this about the Minuteman Project members who've been monitoring illegal labor hiring halls:

"[Maryland] delegates seek cost of illegals" - 02/22/05

ANNAPOLIS -- Maryland taxpayers deserve to know how much the state is paying to subsidize education, housing and health care for illegal aliens before it breaks the budget, two Republican delegates from Baltimore County say... What's more, Mr. McDonough and Delegate Richard K. Impallaria said, they agree with immigrant-advocacy group CASA of Maryland's claim that Illegal aliens are being exploited by local employers, but said the problem goes deeper... Earlier this month, CASA asked the Montgomery County Council to crack down on people who neglect the immigrants they hire by establishing a...