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Letter to Eric Garcetti aide 1/24/21 - 01/26/21

The following is a Covid19-related letter sent to an aide for Los Angeles City mayor Eric Garcetti on 1/24/21. See the Covid19 page for the background details. It's hard to find a Garcetti supporter on social media. Even the LAT has admitted how bad the rollout has been.

Eric Garcetti responds to Charlotte Unite The Right violence - 08/13/17

Los Angeles city Mayor Eric Garcetti - as much a mealy-mouthed empty suit dim bulb as his predecessor Antonio Villaraigosa has spoken out against the violent incident in Charlottesville,

Los Angeles ID cards for illegal aliens: follow the money and power (Alarcon) - 09/11/12

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to consider turning the L.A. Public Library card into an ID card that illegal aliens can use. No matter how the plan is spun, it all boils down to one of two things (or a combination): money and power.

Hidden irony: Occupy L.A., Antonio Villaraigosa, and the Federal Reserve mural - 12/02/11

Lots of things about the Occupy Wall Street movement are ironic.

Allysia Finley doesn't tell whole truth about LAUSD spending binge (WSJ) - 09/04/10

Many fiscal conservatives live in a fantasy world where we can have massive immigration combined with low spending, despite there being absolutely no evidence of that ever happening and despite there being countless examples of how massive immigration leads to increased spending. The way many of those people get around this massive flaw in their policy proposals is to simply ignore immigration's impact.

Janice Hahn just makes things up about Arizona immigration law (L.A. boycott) - 05/12/10

Earlier today, the Los Angeles City Council showed their far-left, corrupt seekers of race-based power side (link): The Los Angeles City Council, protesting Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration, on Wednesday voted to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state... During a morning-long debate on the resolution, council members compared Arizona’s action to Nazi Germany and the beginning of the Holocaust, as well as the internment and deportation of Japanese Americans during World War II. A new Arizona law, which will take effect July 23, will require...

Antonio Villaraigosa won't run for California governor - 06/22/09

Antonio Villaraigosa - mayor of Los Angeles, a former racial separatist leader, and a very strong supporter of illegal immigration - has just announced that he won't be running to be governor of California. Per the Los Angeles Times (a paper that's covered for him for years): the mayor told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he wanted to devote his full attention to Los Angeles, which is facing its worst fiscal crisis in decades. The fiscal crisis isn't all his doing, but he's certainly played a major role by supporting massive illegal immigration and various other moves. And, a recent study showed that...

"Bank on Los Angeles": city helps corrupt banks profit from illegal activity - 03/25/09

The City of Los Angeles recently announced a new public-private partnership called "Bank on Los Angeles" (bankonla.com) that's designed to help 10,000 low-income residents who don't have bank accounts ("the unbanked") open up accounts. It's also open to illegal aliens [1], and that means that Los Angeles City will be encouraging corruption by helping major banks profit from money that was earned illegally.

Stimulus boondoggle: Los Angeles wants $7 billion for largely worthless projects (GOP stupidity) - 01/29/09

See this list of "shovel-ready" projects on L.A.'s wish list for the stimulus plan: link. That's helped reify for me just how much of a boondoggle it's going to be. Find your own city here: usmayors.org/mainstreeteconomicrecovery For one small example, $800,000 to retrofit lights on the L.A. River, when a) the current lights seem to be working just fine, b) few people go there at night unless they're heavily armed, c) it can probably be done for much less, and d) it would only employ six people. While some of the other projects listed would employ large numbers of people, none of them...

"Declaration of Los Angeles" (city council-approved pro-illegal immigration resolution) - 12/13/06

The Anti-Defamation League, their Latino-Jewish Roundtable, and several other groups have convinced the Los Angeles City Council to sign the "Declaration of Los Angeles", a far-left resolution that claims to support human rights for "immigrants", but which is little more than a resolution in support of illegal immigration, couched in the expected doublespeak. Next year they're going to try to get the California legislature to sign on, and the Mexican partisans in that body will probably trip over themselves to comply. The press release quotes Amanda Susskind, Director of the ADL Pacific...

Will Chicago's surveillance cameras come to Los Angeles? - 02/19/06

Guess what: they already have. As detailed a year ago, L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti - consistently an idiot - together with then-mayor Jim Hahn welcomed Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley to the rollout for new security cameras which were placed on Hollywood Boulevard. Chicago now has a proposed ordinance to require bars to install security cameras. Who exactly would monitor those cameras is uncertain, but I have no doubt that the government would eventually assume that role. If Daley's advocacy for cameras on the street lead to Los Angeles installing them, have no doubt that our own...

Special Order 40: "Jack Dunphy", Daryl Gates, Mike Carona, Police Commission - 01/30/06

The pseudonymous LAPD cop "Jack Dunphy" gives an overview of Los Angeles' sanctuary city policy here:

To protect, serve, and constantly monitor - 02/04/05

Last October, the L.A. City Council, lead by Councilman Eric Garcetti, proposed installing five surveillance cameras on Hollywood Blvd., with 59 more to follow on Hollywood, Sunset, Santa Monica, and Western. According to an LAPD spokesman at the time: "people are ready to feel more secure in their communities. I think they are willing to give up a little bit ... for more security." On January 24 2005, the cameras arrived [PDF version]: Mayor Jim Hahn was joined today by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, and City Councilmembers Eric Garcetti and Tom...

"Old, and rude, habits die hard for L.A. City Council" - 01/05/05

From this: It was the Los Angeles City Council's first day back in session since an appellate court chastised it for failing to pay attention to the public during its meetings. But so far, it didn't look like a whole lot had changed. As they discussed tsunami relief and rewards for crime victims, council members Tuesday continued their practice of walking around, using cell phones and talking to aides while they carried out the public's business... "It was like the first day back to school after Christmas break." [Janice Hahn said.] ...Indeed, as Councilman Tom LaBonge was asking the city's...

L.A. City Council: Stop "multitasking", start paying attention - 12/31/04

From this: A three-judge panel ruled Thursday that the Los Angeles City Council must hold a new hearing on a controversial strip club because its members were too busy eating, talking on the telephone or doing other activities to listen to the public's testimony... ...Neighborhood activists from across the city have long complained that council members -- as well as the county Board of Supervisors -- show a lack of respect to them at their meetings. The issue surfaced repeatedly in 2002, when community leaders in the Harbor Area, Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley tried to break away and...

"An Education in Expansion" - 11/23/04

The LAT has a 1726 word article about Los Angeles' answer to the Big Dig. From "An Education in Expansion" (link): Using a combination of aggressive real estate negotiations, political gamesmanship and eminent domain, the Los Angeles Unified School District is scooping up hundreds of acres of land in a $14-billion campus building program that will result in enough new classroom seats to fill Dodger Stadium three times over.

Illegal alien drop house busted in Watts - 04/23/04

The LAPD and the BICE busted a drop house in Watts in which over 110 illegal aliens were held captive. The house is 1100 square feet, and the doors were chained shut while the smugglers demanded more money. 88 of the aliens are now in BICE custody awaiting deportation. The smugglers escaped, and the aliens are out thousands of dollars. While we can occasionally bust drop houses, the more intelligent way to reduce the number of such incidents is to make it unprofitable to hire illegal aliens. The backstory is the most interesting part of this: Local law enforcement officials say the only thing...