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Jeff Gottfried
Washington, DC
Senior Researcher @PewResearch, focus on media/politics. PhD in comm @AnnenbergPenn. From CA, now DC. Foodie & dad to mini poodle Louie. RTS/links≠endorsements
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IOW, it was a gullibility test since the MSM constantly deceives about key issues like #immigration. MT @gottfriedjeff: NEW: Americans with a lot of trust in national news organizations have an easier time separating factual from opinion stories
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RT @gottfriedjeff: NEW: Republicans and Democrats are more likely to think news statements are factual when they appeal more to their side…
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.@JesseHolcomb: I could post 100s of examples of the MSM deceiving about #immigration: deceptive terminology, ignoring COIs, ignoring downsides, etc. You & @gottfriedjeff want people to trust in deceptive sources, like something out of 1984. #Pew #PewInternet