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Twitter censors Jen Siebel Newsom (CA First "Partner") - 02/14/23

Hiding non-extremist content as "potentially sensitive" is one of the many ways that Twitter engages in censorship on a mass scale. And, they've now done it to Jen Siebel Newsom, the wife of California governor Gavin Newsom.

California Dept of Public Health deceives about Covid-19 vaccines - 03/04/22

[UPDATE BELOW] The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and others deceive regarding Covid-19, even as they try to silence their opponents by accusing them of spreading "disinfo". For one example, see the CDPH PDF "Busting Myths with the Facts" from their "Trust and Safety team". The PDF (last updated 11/3/21) is at [1] and is archived at [2] in case it changes. It includes this:

Ask Dr. Erica Pan this question (Reddit Coronavirus AMA) - 05/06/21

Dr. Erica Pan of the California Department of Public Health [1] did a Reddit AMA today [2] but didn't answer a tough question I posted for her. She did, however, get lots of weak questions and responded with a few weak answers [3]. If you realize how vital it is that policy makers are asked tough questions rather than fluff questions, go to one of her public appearances and ask her the question I posted: My question is about the vax tiers. Those 65 and older were included in the first tier because they make up about 70% of the deaths.

Newsom, California DPH and OES Public Records Act request - 02/23/21

The following is a Covid19-related Public Records Act request sent to California governor Gavin Newsom, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, and the California Department of Public Health on 2/23/21. See the Covid19 page for the background details.

California Department of Public Health Public Records Act request 1/11/21 - 01/26/21

The following is a Covid19-related Public Records Act request sent to the California Department of Public Health on 1/11/21. They've requested an extension and their reply will be posted when it's available. See the Covid19 page for the background details.

Letter to Gavin Newsom 12/18/20 - 01/26/21

The following is a Covid19-related letter sent to California governor Gavin Newsom on 12/18/20. See the Covid19 page for the background details. Dear Governor Newsom:

Carol Pogash fails at reporting (New York Times, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs) - 12/21/19

In the New York Times, Carol Pogash and Nicholas Bogel Burroughs blog "Democrats Sparred Over a Wine Cave Fund-Raiser. Its Billionaire Owner Isn't Pleased" [1]:

California Voter's Guide - 11/04/16

Welcome to the Official 24Ahead California Voter's Guide:

Ex-Village Voice CEO Michael Lacey charged with pimping ( - 10/06/16

Former Village Voice Media CEO Michael Lacey left to form Backpage dot com. an online site similar to Craigslist. He and others have now been charged with pimping-related charges [1]:

Jim Brulte harms California GOP with a far-left concept - 07/20/16

John and Ken of KFI interviewed California GOP Chairman Jim Brulte today at the GOP Convention.

"Operation Gonzales": Bryan Suit's dumb, racist, futile attempt to impact 2nd Amendment in California - 07/03/16

Bryan Suits is a radio host on KFI in Los Angeles, and he's launched "Operation Gonzales" to try to prevent California legislators from restricting gun use.

California DMV inconveniences citizens to help illegal aliens (walk-ins, appointments) - 01/27/15

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is now handing out drivers licenses to illegal aliens. They expect over a million illegal aliens to apply and have hired hundreds of new workers and opened four new temporary offices to handle the demand. The DMV is also inconveniencing citizens and legal residents in the process.

Neel Kashkari supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 09/05/14

At the September 4, 2014 California gubernatorial debate between Jerry Brown and Neel Kashkari, Kashkari admitted that he would have signed the same law as Jerry Brown that gave driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Scan forward to 3:40 on the clip below for the short version of what Kashkari said, then scroll back to the beginning for the full segment.

Neel Kashkari smears me for over a minute, still refuses to answer my questions - 07/03/14

California gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari guest-hosted the Chris Daniel show on KMJ Radio (Fresno) on Tuesday and spent over a minute engaging in ad hominem smears against me. That follows my campaigns to get Kaskkari to answer tough questions, mostly about his immigration policies.

California wins out against Texas' corporate socialism (Sriracha) - 05/29/14

Don't tell the Tea Parties movement, but Texas is a hotbed of socialism. Specifically, corporate socialism.

If you oppose illegal immigration, Tim Donnelly isn't on your side (California) - 04/08/14

Tim Donnelly is an extremely long-shot candidate to be California governor. The primary election is June 3, 2014 and then the top two vote getters (i.e., Jerry Brown and either Donnelly or Neel Kashkari) will face off in the general election in November.

Cowardly fake patriot Bill Whittle "jokes" that Texans should shoot Californians - 01/13/14

On the video below rightwing commentator Bill Whittle - occasionally affiliated with Pajamas Media - "jokes" that Texans should shoot Californians who move to that state. He spoke at an event featuring Ted Cruz, who's seated in front row center.

Tim Donnelly for California governor? How he'll waste everyone's time - 11/06/13

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is running to replace Jerry Brown as California governor in 2014. In its current form, his campaign is not at all a good fit for the state and thus he'll be yet another Republican who ends up wasting time and money in a pointless campaign.

Freedom in the 50 States: freedom has a big cost (Koch, Mercatus Center, GMU) - 03/28/13

The Koch family-funded Mercatus Center at George Mason University has released their "Freedom in the 50 States" report [1]. According to them, the freest state is North Dakota, followed by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the least free state is New York, followed by California, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

Libertarian Steven Greenhut welcomes California's far-left overlords that libertarian immigration policies created - 03/01/13

You have to hand it to libertarians: they'll try to profit by setting your rivers on fire, then try to profit by selling you fresh water.

Why Conn Carroll has no credibility ("California in Crisis", illegal immigration) - 02/26/13

For over two years I've been collecting posts by supposed conservatives who complain about the problems California faces but ignore the key issue facing the state: massive illegal immigration. See Fiscal Con for several examples. However, so far none of those "conservatives" have been bold enough to admit that they weren't going to discuss immigration: they just ignored it completely. That is, until now.

How can "conservatives" help California if they support or ignore the root cause? (Conn Carroll) - 11/19/12

Here's yet another entry for the Fiscal Con page (see the link for an explanation and past examples). This one comes from Conn Carroll in the Washington Examiner ("Can conservatives prevent the U.S. from becoming California?", link):

Hot Air readers still turning their backs on millions of Americans in California - 11/11/12

Alternate title: "Yet Another Example of How the "Patriots" in the Tea Parties as Represented by the HotAir Readership Aren't Really Patriots at All". See this for a previous example.

Jerry Brown vetoes pro-illegal immigration Trust Act (AB1081, Tom Ammiano) - 10/01/12

It's not as good as it sounds, as you'll see below. From [1]:

Jerry Brown gives drivers licenses to illegal aliens in Obama's amnesty (Gil Cedillo, AB2189) - 10/01/12

California governor Jerry Brown yesterday signed AB2189, a bill that gives drivers licenses to the illegal aliens who'll be admitted into Obama's amnesty program.

Elizabeth Emken on immigration: weak, GOP boilerplate (amnesty, California, Feinstein) - 09/10/12

Elizabeth Emken is the GOP challenger to Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, a state that's been greatly harmed by massive illegal immigration.

Do red states give more to charity than blue states? - 08/20/12

Reuters says, "[r]ed states give more money to charity than blue states, according to a new study" (link, [1]). Just one problem: that's not true. In fact, blue states gave over twice as much in dollar terms than red (depending on the blue/red definition).

Walter Russell Mead blames the victims of globalization, mass immigration (California, The American Interest, Kotkin) - 07/15/12

For a while I've been tracking the "Fiscal Con": examples of fiscal conservatives deflecting blame from the impacts of the policies they support or ignore. Now, Walter Russell Meade ("WRM") offers what might be called the "Global Con". From '"Green" Energy Bias Killing California' [1]:

Hot Air readers, Erika Johnsen turn their backs on millions of Americans in California ("anti-Arizona" immigration bill) - 07/06/12

The California state senate recently passed a bill called the TRUST Act which seeks to prevent localities from contacting the Department of Homeland Security about all but the most dangerous illegal aliens.

US cities with highest unemployment have something in common. What is it? - 06/28/12

Per the Associated Press, these were the U.S. cities with the highest unemployment in May, 2012:

What City Journal doesn't want you to see (Troy Senik, "Worst Union", California, immigration) - 06/14/12

Former George W Bush speechwriter Troy Senik [1] and the Manhattan Institute publication City Journal don't want you to see the following comment.

Robert Reich misleads about immigration, Arizona, Mitt Romney - 04/28/12

At the Huffington Post, UC Berkeley professor and former Clinton official Robert Reich shows a decided lack of interest in getting his facts right (link). He writes:

Joel Kotkin, Allysia Finley grossly mislead yet again ("The Great California Exodus", Wall Street Journal) - 04/21/12

Allysia Finley offers "The Great California Exodus" (link) in which she and Chapman University urban studies professor Joel Kotkin grossly mislead about the problems that state faces.

Poll: 61% oppose California driver's licenses for illegal aliens (51% of Hispanics & Democrats oppose) - 02/28/12

California state assemblyman Gil Cedillo has yet again introduced a bill to give drivers licenses to give illegal aliens.

Teaparty Nation: break California, Illinois into smaller states (Judson Phillips) - 01/09/12

The latest example of a harebrained, anti- and un-American idea from the Tea Parties comes via email from Judson Phillips of the Teaparty Nation group: ...Illinois and California are poised to become America’s Greece. Both have out of control spending problems. They have raised taxes and regulations to the point where businesses and the wealthy are fleeing those states as fast as they can. ...We need to break up both California and Illinois into smaller states.

Will California declare state-level immigration amnesty? (Opportunity and Prosperity Act, illegal aliens) - 12/03/11

No, California won't be declaring its own, state-level amnesty for illegal aliens. While Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes and others are trying to put an initiative on the ballot ("California Opportunity and Prosperity Act") that would attempt to declare such an amnesty (link), such an initiative has nearly zero chance of passing.

Occupy Wall Street is failure: three examples in one story (Occupy Davis, California, tuition) - 11/28/11

Most stories about groups in the Occupy Wall Street movement only contain one or two dissimilar examples of failure. However, here's a story (link) that contains at least three different types of failure. First the story then the needed explanation for those in the Occupy movement:

Jerry Brown signs anti-American California DREAM Act - 10/08/11

California governor Jerry Brown has signed the second, even worse part of what's called the state DREAM Act (AB 131).