Twitter censors Jen Siebel Newsom (CA First "Partner")

Hiding non-extremist content as "potentially sensitive" is one of the many ways that Twitter engages in censorship on a mass scale.

And, they've now done it to Jen Siebel Newsom, the wife of California governor Gavin Newsom.

See the attached before/after images from one of my accounts [1]. I had to click the button to see her tweet. My tweet is at [2], hers is at [3]. The California Globe article is at [4].

This is a good test for partisan hacks: will GOP/MAGA partisan hacks oppose or celebrate her being censored? Will Dem partisan hacks only oppose her being censored but not those they disagree with?

[1] I'm using that account due to heavy censorship. Censorship has actually gotten worse under Elon Musk. Note also that JSN recently started disallowing replies to her tweets. Hopefully me constantly showing her wrong in her replies motivated that decision.
[2] twitter · com/UpWithLiberty/status/1625372613659820032
[3] twitter · com/JenSiebelNewsom/status/1624967872933142528
[4] californiaglobe · com/articles/californias-first-lady-produces-gender-justice-films-sells-to-state-public-schools/