"By my oath, I will drain the swamp!" Then, as the crowd cheered, Trump pulled the cord on the chainsaw & began his work as 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ShanDixy: @KellyannePolls & Mulvaney are extremely vulnerable because they're big amnesty fans. KAC even got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty! #MAGA would turn against them if they knew. Please explain why #TheResistance leaders aren't using that against them.
.@patgotweet: Dems, GOP, Trump all support amnesty. Trump's first #immigration plan was the Flake-Gutierrez "touchback" amnesty. If @charliekirk11 truly opposed amnesty he'd oppose it no matter who was pushing it, and use smart plans to undercut it. Is he doing that?
.@abandonedameric: FYI, @SalenaZito listed Kellyanne's lobbying clients, but - oddly enough - Salena completely forgot to mention the fact that Kellyanne got paid by Zuckerberg to deceive in support of amnesty. Would a real journalist reveal KAC got paid by Zuck, yes or no?
Picture Trump's extremely pro-corporate handlers (Kellyanne, etc.) They & their sugardads are smart enough to enable Trump making a mess of #immigration in order to *enable* amnesty. What Trump is doing makes amnesty *more* likely. Could his handlers be orchestrating that?
Talking about #immigration in the Trump (& now Tucker) way obviously does not work. Few buy it & it costs those who use it jobs & money. I'd say that was by design if I thought Trump was smart enough. His handlers, however, might be smart enough. #MAGA #resist
Plus, they're rapists. If Tucker had pointed out how Apatow etc side w/ the Koch bros, would he be in a better position. yes or no? You or @JohnnyB371 just answer that. MT @jjpalmer2015 ...[illegal aliens] also bring contagious diseases and illegal drugs in with them...
Taking a bold stance against the Twitter Language Police, 24Ahead tweets "Burcu Tatlıses - Geyikli Masallar" & urges Twitter/Bing to do their worst. Tucker has America's back! #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Macros1: Tucker, Trump, #MAGA, #FoxNews are intellectually powerless against intellectual heavyweights like... @JuddApatow. Cons always think they know better & reject smart advice, even as they go the way of Alex Jones & MIlo. Now, completely misunderstand this tweet.
.@HoddyHarrington: @peterjhasson doxxed Sleeping Giants way back in July, yet they're still at it. Think about things logically: if Peter were doing effective things, would SG keep succeeding at what they do? Instead of enabling him, demand he do effective things.
Here's a simple rule: the goal of r/w leaders is always to appeal to their base in order to grift, *never* to solve problems. *Unless* the goal is to enrich their benefectors in which they appeal to their base to trick them into helping those sugardads. #MAGA #resist
.@kitten__cannon: in July, @peterjhasson doxxed the founder of Sleeping Giants. SG is still trying to cost Tucker advertisers. I.e., Peter had zero impact on them. Turning *libs* against them using smart arguments would hurt SG & help Tucker, but Peter is too dim to do that.
Which is actually interesting since other languages sometimes unvoice voiced final consonants.. MT @SirajAHashmi interesting sidenote: since arabic doesn’t have the letter “p,” arabs have called ihop “ihob” since its inception.
.@mflynnjr: how do I get in on this whole unregistered foreign agent game? Can I be an unregistered foreign agent to Georgia? #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Guilty as charged! America doesn't regret electing Donald Trump as our president: #MAGA #resist
.@joinandrewdo: @SupvToddSpitzer & @JohnAndKenShow talk about the homeless like they were gypsies & this was 1938. What about you, Andrew? Like Todd, John, & Ken, do you too pine for 1938, Hutus vs Tutsis, etc. etc.? #OrangeCounty
All we need is millions of Tara P. Campbells to do the same all throughout the USA, & we won't need proper public policy that makes sure 86-year-olds don't need blankets. You're doing great! MT @tarapcampbell ...This year I gifted a blanket to an 86-year-old woman...
99% of those who eat #ChickFilA then have an inescapable obsession with finding out when the next episode of #CountingOn is on. They then land on this video with a brief flash of Jessa: #Duggars #MAGA #resist
.@nihonlights: Dem leaders do want loose (not "open"!) borders, because it means more power for them. Here's an example from 1993. Harry Reid was patriotic on #immigration, until the prospect of obtaining power was presented to him (details on request).
#ChickFilA gives you a fairly big portion of chicken, although they might marinate it to increase the size. It's bland. The waffle fries aren't crisp. I got a plastic straw so I know they aren't commies. Now I feel like attending a Dallas MegaChurch. #OrangeCounty #MAGA #resist
I spent $9 - *nine fucking dollars* - at #ChickFilA, just for their #1 Deluxe Combo (differentiated from the non-Deluxe Combo by having lettuce, tomato, & cheese). I feel as much a sucker as if I'd put 36 quarters into a Vegas slot machine. #OrangeCounty #MAGA #resist
24Ahead reviews #ChickFilA! On my way out of the commercial jungle of #HuntingtonBeach, I made a point of stopping at the Chick-Fil-A I'd spotted on the way in just to try it out. And.... #OrangeCounty #MAGA #resist
#SFV sprawl is bad enough, but #HuntingtonBeach along Beach Blvd south of the 405 is like that on speed. It's a lot cleaner & a fair bit more upscale than the non-ghetto parts of the Valley, but my gosh it's like a mall exploded. #OrangeCounty
24Ahead reviews the portion of #HuntingtonBeach along Beach Blvd south of the 405: remember "pixel ads"? Everything is flat & seemingly every square inch is covered with someone hawking wares. Right down to a "Pieology". There were probably trees somewhere. #OrangeCounty
~BREAKING~ after verifying Samoa was one of ours, Trump has announced a small expeditionary force of peacekeepers to pacify the angry Samoans. 24Ahead closes with this live feed: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@tostenburks: Jack Dorsey, other Twitter execs lie to millions of users via ghosting. E.g., Twitter censors 20% to 50% of the tweets to Trump officials, & many of those censored tweets are from liberals. See the real data at my top tweet. When will you call Twitter execs on it?
Discussing #immigration in the Trump way only works for Trump, & only for ~30% of the USA. It's a huge fail for everyone else. There are smart ways that'd greatly reduce mass/illegal immigration, but r/w grifters are too dumb & too insincere to use them. #MAGA #resist #FoxNews
"Advertisers Ditch Fox News' Tucker Carlson for Saying Immigration Makes U.S. ‘Dirtier’". Let's say he went after growers for enabling illegal immigration, then Western Growers stopped advertising on his show. Wouldn't his position be much stronger? #FoxNews #immigration #MAGA
Trump isn't just our President, he's also a member of our family! Enjoy this patriotic song celebrating our great leader! (Note: Сталин is how Trump is spelled in Scottish). #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@brianchunter: I can't recall a time when GOP cared about facts, and being fiscally conservative is a really bad thing from the USA POV. Most Americans want to be more like Sweden than backwoods Wyoming. #MAGA #resist
When I saw this on MTV, I'm pretty sure they edited out her nips or something because that's one of those things you don't forget: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@nihonlights: very few want "open borders". Dem leaders want *loose* borders, but that doesn't sound as bad as "open" so Trump/ #GOP / #MAGA lie. There are lines of questioning that'd expose their lies, but the MSM refuses to use them.
.@houseboatbob65: the way to undercut Trump's "wall" is to point out that when he's out of office, the Dems will move to neglect or tear it down. Trump fans will no more be able to stop that than they got the "wall" all during the last 2 years. Use that to undercut Trump.
Correct my terms here, but isn't Margaret Sullivan of #WaPo a "Betty" (or maybe a "Wilma")? A girl the cool girls don't really like but invite anyway just to be nice. Then they ignore her & try to ditch her. MSM = #HighSchool #MAGA #resist
Has Margaret Sullivan (now #WaPo, ex #NYT) ever said anything worth anything to anyone? Our elites' helpers almost assuredly don't care what she says: she has nothing to say, has little real power, doesn't set any agenda. She's not a good saleswoman to WaPo audience. Who else?
.@notthefakesvp: 12/12 to 12/26, ESPN only has three (3) soccer games on network. Two of them are early morning. I realize ESPN suits [insert colorful phrase here], but can you please ask them to put some Plus games on network? Soccer >>>>>>> cornhole.
.@trailertrashmop: 1. You're making a mistake that helps the pro-amnesty side. You're concentrating on the illegal aliens themselves instead of Big Biz, Dem leaders, etc. 2. Did Trump tell Daily Caller he wants to work w/ Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform", yes/no?
.@MImi_TheSound: you punted. @kurtbardella thinks he's "Asian-American". Would China & Chinese citizens submit to a larger entity than themselves (other than as a way to obtain power from dim Americans)? Do CN leaders say "we're all Asians, including Filipinos & Dravidians"?
Cam Newton is no Tom Brady. (As a negative comment, this tweet does not violate our "only say bad things about kneeball" official policy.) #MAGA #resist #NOvsCAR
"To just mellow out, shall be the first law", Trump intoned as 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Upon request of comrade D. Trump of Queens sektor, we play video of Messi beating up on the Soccer State in the Levante: #MAGA #resist
Trump has consistently pushed amnesty (just recently to the Daily Caller). He & @dandrezner are actually on the same side, but neither want to admit it to their base. MT @Samhale72 every immigration proposal Trump has made entails cutting *legal* immigration
Speaking about Shaqiri and real football, here are highlights of Liverpool vs Manchester United: #soccer #MAGA #resist #MUFC
Says the tool from Koch U. MT @JeffJMason The restrictionist cause would've been better served in the long term if Congressmen no one had ever heard of and CIS/FAIR types had been the ones leading the charge
I'll work to tricking you into siding with an Eduardo Saverin, harming your grift. Good luck! MT @tedfrank Immigration, eto good for CSHA. Our current immigration policy that makes it easy for low-skill immigrants to take spots that should go to high-skill immigrants, is not.
Do you see Levant calling for any of them to engage their leaders in Socratic debate about policy? MT @wallrad MT @ezralevant: 100,000+ nationalists took to the streets in Paris against a carbon tax
Actually, no they don't. Trump's WWE handling of #immigration has made things incredibly easy for the Dems. He's done nothing that would undercut them to their base. MT @mimiinftworth MT @ColumbiaBugle: Stephen Miller says "[Dems nada choose between US workers & illegal aliens]"
To ~70% of the USA, cons being censored is a feature, not a bug. Because cons are truly despicable, dim, & deranged dolts, they can't figure that out. Their solipsism & all their many other mental & emotional issues are their undoing. #MAGA #resist
.@Paisano: the real data at my top tweet would put Twitter in a world of hurt. @LibertarianBlue knows about it but refuses to use against them. He lies, falsely pretending Twitter only censors cons. That helps Twitter because few care about cons. ADL/SPLC are similar.
.@remperanch: hey Andy, see the reports produced by the open source app at my pinned tweet. @LibertarianBlue knows about them but lies about what Twitter does instead. He *helps* Twitter censorship by falsely pretending only cons are censored. Maybe start by correcting that.
Let's "pretend" you just got here from Antares. If you wanted a fake opposition to SJWs, Dem leaders, ADL, SPLC, pro-amnesty groups, etc. etc. could you do any better than the opposition they have now? #MAGA #resist
There's a bear in the woods, and only Trump is strong enough to collude with him for personal gain: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SusaMorgan: @JRubinBlogger, as always, offers a false choice. Her NeoCon/NeoLiberal nightmare & Trump's WWE nightmare are just two options. Another is a Red Tory done right, a smart/sane/patriotic/big tent alternative to both SJWs & libertarians. An @MLP_Officiel for the USA.
Which extremely pro-wealthy policies does the Dem leadership push? MT @weprotect_truth ...Rightwing billionaires have figured out how to use propaganda to enact their pro-billionaire agenda. And they’ve captured the GOP...
It's not cold enough for Michele Tafoya to finally answer my pleas & dress like Snegurochka. But, there are one or two #SNF games left this year & I'll sit through the end to see if she's finally complied. #MAGA #resist
If you were smart & pro-American, you'd a) oppose Gramscism, b) hold accountable those who push it, & c) oppose personality cults. When do you expect to do that? MT @Doranimated Hillary writes to an 8-year-old girl who lost her election for class pre to a boy [pro-Trump joke]
From the POV of someone who wants Trump to finally put USA first, why? List all the things TWS writers & other con grifters have done to stop Trump or at least hold him accountable: MT @StephenGutowski [Con media outlets & MSM] should hire writers from The Weekly Standard
Question: what % would Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Shaqiri, etc. etc. have as NFL kickers, assuming NFL teams could afford them? They consistently make kicks NFL kickers miss even tho NFL kickers don't have to work around a keeper. #kneeball #Rams #PhillyTeam #WGAFF #MAGA #SNF
.@maurt42: "journalists" like @costareports have never once asked Trump or his proxies anything remotely approaching a tough policy question. Instead, their "journalism" has been on Drumpf after another, all the way down. They've constantly *helped* Trump. #MAGA #TheResistance
.@RealSkipBayless: amidst all the week to week victories, it's necessary to pay tribute to those who made the NFL what it is today. 60s adman Frank Packer had the brilliant idea to show NFL Films after gladiator movies, helping spread NFL to the wider culture. He made the NFL!
While 10s of millions of Americans suffer from food insecurity, @rachaelray sells specialty pet food to cat/dog ladies who think their barely-sentient pets GAFF. OTOH at least her pet food isn't longpig-flavored, forestalling the day when Fido eats its owner. #MAGA #resist
.@dog_feelings: dogs are barely sentient creatures who only respond to creature comforts. Like cats, they'd eat their owners given the chance. You're only slightly smarter than hamsters. Just admit you're hoes & move on. #MAGA #resist
F yeah!!! "You have a payment of $1.5M USD that has been confirmed and approved to you by the United Nation and Western Union Malaysia (UN/WU/MY).This Grant was promoted and sponsored by United Nations Trust Fund -UN, Malaysia in conjunction with the European Council". #MAGA!!!
.@courtneyfriel: @therickchambers cheers a deported MX nurse who got an H1B. 1. Rick can't figure out how incredibly weak Trump is on immigration; he probably got tricked by GWB's shtick too. Trump loves worker visas! 2. MX nurses moving here means fewer for MX. Justify that.
The field of the new #Rams / #Chargers stadium is 100' below ground level. Thankfully we aren't in a quake zone prone to flooding. But, I'm sure they thought of that. On the plus side, Tom Brady will be closer to his Eternal Master. #MAGA #resist #kneeball
.@mexicoworldcup: ESPN only shows 3 soccer games on network from 12/12 to 12/26, 2 of them early morning. They're more likely to show spikeball or cornhole on network than soccer. Good for spikeball, bad for soccer. Please urge ESPN suits to move some games from Plus to network.
.@Bartholomew1154: you can do real damage to reputations of @trish_regan & @RepMattGaetz if you find a reporter to cover the Twitter censorship data at my top tweet. The data shows that everything they say about Twitter censorship is wrong. Help undercut them to their audience.
Either due to a Firefox or Twitter update, Twitter is starting to auto play videos. Extremely annoying, but don't tell them that: the more who are annoyed the fewer active users they have. #MAGA #resist
If he says it, it must be true & all the socialistic countries like SE must be wrong! MT @trish_regan [I haz lerned] Venezuela [is] on brink of COLLAPSE! The American man VZ owes the most $ to says SOCIALISM is to blame. You hear that, #BernieSanders and #AlexandriaOcasioCortez?
.@marthamaccallum: for @TheUntoldStory, please interview those who were smart enough to realize Trump is 100% fake from Day One & who, unlike all those on Fox, were patriotic enough to oppose him or at least try to hold him accountable rather then helping him harm the USA.
.@Dan_Shaughnessy: Brady forever! Say, can you hilite how much adman Frank Packer helped the league? In the 60s, Packer had the brilliant idea to show NFL Films after gladiator movies. Soon the NFL had spread to the wider culture & the rest is history. Please tell his story!
Has Trump started referring to himself as "The Trump" or "The Great Trump" yet? #MAGA #resist
RT @RealDonaldTrump: we did it! America has won the Mexican #soccer championships a record 13 times (except under Obummer)! Together, we're #MAGA!!!!
"Trump! Trump! Trump!" the crowd screamed as one as America just went up 2-0 against Mueller's Blue Cross in real football on Univision. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Mueller's forces have just attempted a coup d'etat at the Mexican Super Bowl. #soccer #MAGA #resist
If Blue Cross manages to tie it up against America in the next 15 minutes, the two teams will form a caravan and march to the border. Then, President Trump himself will take a penalty kick to decide the winner. #soccer #MAGA #resist #NEvsPIT
"Win this for Trump!" and "USA! USA! USA!" the Mexican crowd cried as America went up 1-0 against Blue Cross on Univision in real football. #soccer #MAGA #resist #NEvsPIT
"In Cameroon, journalists are being jailed on charges of ‘fake news’". That's how you MCGA!!! #MAGA #resist
.@MImi_TheSound: like kurtbardella, did you also embrace your "Asian-American identity" when you left the GOP? What exactly is that "identity" given huge differences between all those countries? Which party should those who want to embrace their "White Identity" join?
.@kurtbardella blogs about transforming into a Dem, saying "I've finally embraced my Asian-American identity". Which party should those who want to embrace their White Identity join, Kurt?
Are you ready for some real football?!?!? The Mexican version of the Super Bowl is now starting on Univision. #MAGA #soccer #resist #NEvsPIT
.@johnnydioso: Mick Mulvaney & Trump are extremely vulnerable because both are big amnesty fans. @jonathanchait can't even conceive of using Trump's most vulnerable issue to undercut Trump to his base. Instead, he just tries to entertain in a small echo chamber.
.@Normsmusic: hey Norm, I'm still wondering when you're going to admit your mistake:
This is one of the ways Obama won. Twice! #MAGA = #Kamala2020. MT @HarveyStaub1 1) Kamala Harris is not eligible to be President of the United States. She doesn’t qualify as a “Natural Born Citizen”...
Megan McClure is legal. #NCAAVB
An #NCAAVB professional is reviewing the challenge....
As the Trumps Dodged Taxes, Their Tenants Paid a Price [yet another Trump scam that harms those in his base] #MAGA #resist
Cadet Bonespurs was the only one there with an umbrella. It's OK: bots hyped GWB too, in the same way. MT @4EverPatriot1 MT @5babies4nana: @LisaMei62 President Trump is a man's man. He does not expect a marine to hold his umbrella.
It's going to five!
.@TIMENOUT: unlike Obummer, Trump held his own umbrella at Arlington! Despite bone spurs, he volunteered for four tours in 'Nam. Risking the rain today was almost like a fifth 'Nam tour! #MAGA!!!
.@sookie1_: it's great to see Trump overcome his bone spurs to take a quick walk in the rain. We are so lucky he decided to use the only umbrella, water might have mussed up his hair and we need a president who's perfectly coiffed. #MAGA = patriotism, unlike #TheResistance!
And, yeah, I'm p-ed about #Stanford being ahead of #Nebraska in this set, or game, or whatever it is.
.@sportsiren: I don't mean to be "that guy" although I often am. However, "homey" is gang/criminal speak. Please subtly push a less loaded term.
.@jerome_corsi: GWB pushed an extremely un- & anti-American Koch bros #immigration plan that would've reduced U.S. wages near world levels. Did you call GWB on that & Kerry on ignoring that, or did you just smear Kerry in order to help the anti-American globalist stooge GWB?
.@jerome_corsi: Trump's a sleazy businessman & a sleazy person overall. John Kerry actually served. Trump had "bone spurs". Visiting Arlington, he and he alone have to have an umbrella. He's a low-energy, pro-amnesty wimp that will do no lasting good & might do great lasting harm
In his bravest moment ever, Trump visited Arlington today. The reason he's the only one with an umbrella & he refuses to share it with anyone else is because he's just so important to the USA & also so he doesn't melt. #MAGA #resist
Are you ready for some volleyball?!?!? ESPN has Stanford vs #Nebraska in the girls NCAA championship. #MAGA #resist
And thus 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this documentary of Trump driving Mueller across the steppes into the sea: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@JMoravetz: FYI, @adamcbest is hyping deceptive, extremely pro-Big Biz propaganda. What he pushes would lower wages on American workers & enrich those like Bloomberg, Murdoch, & Koch. Don't get fooled by fake "liberals". #TheResistance #immigration
"Wlll you, penultimately, play BraAgas - Dobříš?", the multitudes ask. And, tho I have more to play and more to say, I respond thuslike: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying