24Ahead's Closing Argument is that we're all going to die from #covid19. So, polka, polka, polka! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@shiramstein: you have access to Trump officials. Will you *really press* a Trump official on the record to commit to a specific deliverable ("X number of ventilators in Y days")?
.@helencavallo: @mrichtel just blogs clickbait re lack of #covid19 gear, even though he can help get more gear. If he *really presses* a Trump official on specific goals (X of Y in Z days), the official will do it or be out of a job. When Matt won't, help me destroy his career.
.@CheeseLouise55: to make @AndrewJacobsNYT *really press* Trump officials on specific deliverables, pledge to help me destroy his career when he won't. When he sees his career is on the line, he'll finally do his job. @ProvAK can play good cop with him, or I'll follow through.
.@CheeseLouise55: @AndrewJacobsNYT & pals have access to Trump officials & can *really press* them on specific deliverables: "X masks in Y days". They refuse to do that. We're in what amounts to WWII & those like Jacobs are hampering the war effort. @ProvAK
.@CheeseLouise55: your efforts would be better spent using leverage to get the U.S. govt to get major manufacturers to do it. You could make a few suits a day, they can make thousands. I'll tell you how to do that. @ProvAK
"Coronavirus Live Updates: Senate G.O.P. Plan Includes Large Corporate Tax Cuts". Coyotes are going to rummage in your trash; it's what they do. The fault lies elsewhere. Likewise, #TheResistance is to blame for never listening to smart advice to show "Job Creators" wrong.
.@leahieme: FYI, #RedState banned me & stole my copyrighted content after ~75 posts (not comments) because I opposed GWB. Now, @sistertoldjah blogs a worthless Jen Rubin gotcha while I'm trying to shame JR into helping the U.S. get more ventilators.
.@KatyPerry: there's lots of empty land out in Nevada, not all of it radioactive. What do you say? I can go out and trap small rodents while you stay at home and knit.
.@kathrynbarger: "Small Business Insurance Fund" has to be spread around (avoid GoFundMe effect where someone gets $100ks more than they need while another equally-needy gets nothing). Everyone takes a hit. No grifting, favoritism, etc.
.@kathrynbarger: one idea is a "Small Business Insurance Fund". I buy $40 of credits at a small business. They get the $ now, use it for *bare min* of expenses (most to employees). I can use it when they reopen. If they don't, you guarantee it at another business. No skimming etc
.@brianrstill: upping ventilator etc production would've happened weeks ago if those like @jrubinblogger were smart & patriotic. All they needed to do was really press Trump officials on specific deliverables. Has JR been doing that, or has she just been throwing tantrums?
.@Bettie003: a related issue to low voter turnout is that citizens don't act like citizens. We're supposed to hold leaders accountable. Many treat pols & MSM like rock stars. Those leaders entertain people like you while never really doing anything.
.@fisher_tx14: @JRubinBlogger must demand those with access to Trump officials to press them on the record for specific deliverables: X ventilators in Y days, etc. They need to put those officials' careers on the line & demand performance. When she won't, help me discredit her.
JR's always had the ability to actually do something to hold Trump accountable, she just doesn't have the interest, the experience, the smarts, or the patriotism. MT @fisher_tx14 MT @JRubinBlogger [UK car mfrs might make ventilators + Trump bad man]
I've tried repeatedly to unpin my censorship tweet & pin my #covid19 tweet. No error messages. Now my logged-in account shows it as I want but non-logged-in doesn't. I understand propagation but this is ridiculous (and it might not be the cause). #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@SpacewaysTravel: has @Yamiche been really pressing Trump officials on how many tests and when? Or, has she been obsessing over things that don't matter like "Kung Flu"? More people are going to die from #covid19 because people like you enable worthless dreck like her.
.@11TimeZones: the U.S. desperately needs ventilators, masks, tests, etc. People are going to *die* without enough of those. Instead of demanding specific #s & dates, @Yamiche obsesses over what Trump officials call things, falling into a Trump trap. Corinthians 13:11 *now*.
.@marionravenwd: it's in the vital national interest to play Trump to get a better response, & also to demand your idols like @ChrisCuomo grow up & do that. Demand CC urges reporters to *really press* officials on specific deliverables. When CC won't, help me destroy his career.
You show know by now that whatever TF said, Trump won't listen. Trump is motivated by self-interest, smart ppl like Putin know how to use that. Fredo can't conceive of it. MT @marionravenwd [to @ChrisCuomo] TY for having tomfriedman on. I dearly hope Trump will listen to him
.@xrpizzle: all the millions harmed by globalism don't pay @ChrisCuomo 's wages. If he ever even slightly opposed the Big Biz NeoLiberal agenda, he knows he'd be out of a job.
I have spotted a curious incident on #DocMartin. Specifically, ep where Al & Mark go camping. One would think those who live in rural areas - of which Port Wenn is one - would be more adept at pathfinding. Esp in the flat, riparian areas common in #Cornwall. I hope this helps.
The U.S. desperately needs more ventilators, masks, tests, etc, etc. You - *yes, you* - can help get those right now, right here on Twitter:
Sorry, I mistweeted. The #covid19 death that happened in a #Pasadena hospital was of someone from #Glendora, not #Glendale. That wasn't intentional, just a lapse.
.@GladysAyes: are you going to think what @ChrisCuomo says is "well said" if you end up on a non-existent ventilator, because he was screaming "wacist!" like a 4-year-old Fredo rather than really pressing Trump officials on getting more ventilators?
One of the 2 L.A. County deaths was in #Pasadena from #Glendale. He'd visited #DisneyWorld and flown back through #LAX. He was only 34, but he had bronchitis and asthma. #covid19 #MAGA #resist
Thankfully I've got packets of Chicken Vindaloo so the jar of ghee might come in handy. #covid19 #MAGA #resist
Neither #Ralphs nor #Vons had any delivery or pickup appointments. So I used a delivery service: a royal PITA. Constant back and forth about things not being in stock. I didn't get the eggs I really wanted, but I did get a jar of ghee (!) I didn't order. #covid19 #MAGA #resist
24Ahead thus close broadcast day with Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (Live at Woodstock): #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@ShaneHarding: as long as people enable @maggieNYT & @Yamiche "silly" clickbait, they'll keep doing it. Take the gloves off. Demand they really press Trump officials on how many masks by which date, etc. When they don't do that, help me destroy their careers.
.@a_humphrey23: I'll take you thinking "Kung Flu" isn't trivial compared to lack of tests/beds/ventilators/masks/etc/etc out on @MercyCorps. I'll contact their donors & hold Mercy Corps responsible for you. Good luck, Alex.
Compared to masks/tests/beds/etc, it's submicroscopic. MT @a_humphrey23 and then her colleague says "switching gears to a larger question" as if @Yamiche 's [question to Trump about others calling #covid19 "Kung Flu"] was a trivial and invalid point
.@orrickle: Trump has a lot of street smarts. He tricks you into enabling @katierogers obsessing over what Trump calls #covid19, distracting from lack of masks & tests. By enabling her, you help Trump & greatly harm 1000s of Americans. Stop enabling her & Trump.
.@williamagush: when @EricLiptonNYT won't really press officials on specific deliverables, help me destroy his career as a message to the others. I'll put up sites about him, SEO him, & talk him down to his fans (as I'm doing now). Force him to finally do his job.
.@williamagush: if you want to actually do something right now, realize @EricLiptonNYT isn't your pal. He could've easily pressed officials on specific deliverables (X ventilators in Y days) weeks ago but didn't. Put his career on the line. Demand he finally asks tough questions
.@GBrianSJackson: NYT obsesses over "Chinese virus", they're part of the problem. @EricLiptonNYT has access to Trump officials, has he ever really pressed them on specific deliverables (X masks in Y days)? Stop enabling those like Lipton. Put his career on the line.
Not my test. Neither of you have the smarts/experience/patriotism to figure out how to make Trump better *right now*. Demand MSM really presses Trump *officials* on specific metrics (X new beds in Y days etc). Stop being worthless. MT @gcaw @glcarlstrom passes the test
.@gcaw blogs "The ‘Chinese Virus’ Is a Test. Don’t Fail It / You should be more offended by Trump’s incompetence than his attempt to racialize the pandemic". It took you 4+ years to figure that out? Were you demanding Trump be asked tough policy questions 4+ years ago?
.@celinegounder: stop playing partisan games & hyping your podcast. Read your oath and start demanding reporters really press officials on *specific* metrics: how many tests & when. Shame the reporter who asked Trump to rank his response. Once again: read your oath.
.@cstmoore: right now, urge/demand that @Laurie_Garrett urges/demands MSM reporters to really press Trump officials on specific plans to bring more ventilator production online. Lives are on the line, take the gloves off. Demand they do that or stop enabling them.
When are you going to realize your model is wrong? Clearly, being a fanboy for Garrett/reporters/etc didn't do you any good, did it? You have to start demanding performance from your leaders. MT @jlmfbe [we're #covid] steerage passengers MT @Laurie_Garrett
.@rkhamsi: officials need to be really pressed on & held accountable on specific deliverables: X masks by Y, X more beds by Y, etc. That's what really matters. Officials need to see that their jobs are on the line if they don't deliver. The same with reporters who won't help.
That's a trivia question that has no utility to the current situation. MT @rkhamsi If you are a reporter attending White House or WHO press conferences, PLEASE ask officials to comment on this: A 35-year old man once exposed 1,600 people in an ER to MERS, infecting 82
.@SolarCycle_25: on the wider issue, Trump got better when he saw #covid19 as threat to his reelection. @NYTHealth responds to the same incentives. If they see not asking Trump officials tough questions as a threat to their careers, they'll finally do their job. Help with that.
.@DocMary75: @NYTHealth is very pro-globalism. Relying on Italy for testing swabs is a tragic side-effect of their policies. NYT reporters have easy access to Trump officials. Have they been really pressing those officials on more supplies since Jan/Feb? Demand better.
.@pamrichva: those like @neeratanden are part of the problem. For years I've been trying to get MSM to ask pols very tough questions about policy. If they'd done that in Jan/Feb things would be different now. Instead of demanding they do that, she enabled their fluff.
.@richsin603: Amazon/UPS/etc getting sick would be bad. What exactly has Olya done besides clickbait? There are smart things she could do, like really pressing govt officials for specific #s of tests on specific dates & urging/shaming others to do it. Has @olgakhazan done that?
Lots touch packages after they're shipped. See my OCD tweet for what to do. MT @InsipidTwaddle Coronavirus can linger on cardboard for 24h+. Might be a good time to lay off the overnight shipping option.
.@moderate2severe: if those like @DanaBashCNN had really pressed officials on tests in Jan/Feb, we'd have them now. Reporters are part of the problem. Get tough with them: either they start really pressing officials on specific deliverables, or help me destroy their careers.
She's never asked that & probably won't. MT @moderate2severe Pence guaranteed 1 million test kits were complete and being shipped out Sunday. Please have one of your journalists, somebody, anybody @DanaBashCNN get a list of delivery times, places and numbers of test delivered
.@WMagic24: if you have #covid19 and can't get tested, look up the incredibly weak questions WH correspondents were asking in Jan/Feb. If they'd really pressed Trump officials then, we'd have many more tests. Start urging/demanding reporters really press officials on specific #s
A shop bills itself as a "Curated Medical & Recreational Marijuana Shop". In a non-potheady move, they now only have curbside pickup. A very lucid idea.
.@KathyJGoodman: holding Trump officials accountable is in the job description of @brianschatz & the media. You admitting Trump officials are not being held accountable means they aren't doing their jobs. Lives are on the line. Don't enable them. Demand they do their jobs.
One great use for tests would be to find out those who've had #covid19 but who are now non-contagious. They've got immunity so could work jobs with high public contact. #CoronaVirus
.@rosie: here's how to pin Trump officials down on specific numbers of test kits, ventilators, etc. Everyone can help with this right now, right here on Twitter.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #203231242342949132901249131 ("Ich Will"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
You have to *force* those like Kliff to ask such questions by putting their careers on the line. Stop enabling clickbaiters. Demand they ask real questions or help me destroy their careers. MT @PatrickBlackard [could TX reopen closed hospitals?] MT @sarahkliff [clickbait]
.@CarlosdelRio7: is @sarahkliff demanding WH correspondents really press Trump officials on specific milestones, or is she just blogging clickbait that those like you enable? As Emory health official you have fiduciary duty to demand she does that. Are you going to do your duty?
.@CarlosdelRio7: since you obviously aren't smart enough to realize it, I don't know how to convince you of the fact @sarahkliff is *part of the problem*. Trump officials need to be really pressed on how many beds & how soon. Trump considering it isn't enough. What's Kliff doing?
The how-to I promised yesterday will be delayed. It's hard to figure out how to convince people used to doing dumb things to do smart things for once.
.@rch371: @genebsperling is trying to freeride extremist AOC ideas on a #covid19 bailout. Can you figure out how that will fail the USA & how he'd harm millions? Can you figure out what he could help do to make the covid response better, if he were smart & patriotic?
.@moralesjo80: @cristinafortx wants a Hillary dictatorship (where she makes all decisions) as much as MAGA wants a Trump dictatorship (where he makes all decisions). That's what got us into this mess: citizens aren't demanding leaders do a better job.
Never let a good crisis go to waste! MT @genebsperling Honorable people may have differences on exact details of [AOC's fantasy demands], BUT..[$ important], they MUST be part of a BROADER emergency package... that could also lay groundwork for key permanent reforms
.@rumpolesghost1: @BeachChairNY doesn't tough questions. Watching Kellyanne toy w @ChrisCuomo = watching an orca toy with a sick seal. Tragically, if he'd *really* pressed her on anything she wouldn't have dare monkeywrench the #covid19 response. Cuomo has blood on his hands.
.@ChrisBEsq: what state are you in & what's your last name? If you want to finally be worth something, demand @AliVelshi *really* presses Trump officials on specific deliverables (how many ventilators etc & when). When he won't, help me destroy his career.
.@ChrisBEsq: if you were smart, you'd realize the @AliVelshi timeline of Trump's #covid19 statements is an indictment of both of you. All during that time he could've pressed Trump officials in a way that would've made the response better & you couldn't demanded he do that.
.@windscribecom email to me subject line: "We have the cure..." Hard unsubscribe. Apparently I demoed their #VPN once. I'll remember not to do that again.
.@Debbie51351: in Jan/Feb, were @DanaBashCNN or anyone else at CNN *really* pressing Trump on more tests/supplies/etc? They've always made it incredibly easy for Trump to be as bad as he can be, they've never helped make him better. Stop enabling them. Demand performance.
The 24Ahead #SHTF plan is to just go out to the desert or mountains. There are lots of strange people already there & it'll get worse. So, maybe more NP than NF/BLM. Obviously, that's not an option for most. #covid19 #MAGA #resist
The Greatest Generation. MT @byrneslikefire The unfortunate truth about this is that the majority of us can not afford the time off. Me hunkering down for 3 weeks isn’t gonna put food in my child’s belly. Unless the feds are gonna give us $1000 a week, we have no choice.
.@DavePerrino: actually, Dave, Trump & Fox couldn't have done it without people like you. You enable @DanaBashCNN. In Feb, was she really pressing Trump admin on more tests? Or, was she just vlogging nonsense like horserace & the scandal of the day? Answer those questions, Dave.
.@PATRIOTIST: for 4+ years, those like @JuliaDavisNews have had the ability to stop Trump or make him better. Instead, it's been 4+ years of clickbait about nonsense. Is she demanding MSM really presses Trump on specific numbers & dates for more tests? So, why enable her?
Here's a rundown of which sports have been cancelled due to #covid19, right down to darts & netball: #MAGA #resist
.@Caitlnn: like Trump, all those like @DrewGriffinCNN grok is their careers. Threaten their careers & they'll wake up. Keep enabling them & you're just helping Trump (and helping kill people). If Drew doesn't ask tough, specific questions re supplies, help me destroy his career.
.@Caitlnn: actually, those like @DrewGriffinCNN are as guilty as Trump. They ask exceedingly weak questions he can dance around or fluff like "how would you rate your response?" DG has access to Trump officials & could have really pressed them on tests/supplies months ago.
~BREAKING~ Still on home quarantine, it is reported that Ronaldo fell down 10 seconds after being brushed by his cat, then looked around for a non-existent ref to give the cat a red card. (24Ahead Special Note: this is just a lame joke. We mean him no ill will.) #soccer #MAGA
.@DrPhillipsMD: your idea is good, but it relies on Trump's whims. The MSM has *never* made Trump better in any way. By enabling Don Lemon, you're part of the problem. MSM - incl you - must start *really pressing* Trump right now. I'll make it a CLM for those who won't.
MSM recently asked Trump to rank his response. If you're smart enough to be an MD, you know what he said & you know that question is worthless. MT @DrPhillipsMD It's time for fed govt to use its powers to convert factories over to PPE/Medical Supply/ventilator manufacturing...
"Bbbbut... you killed three people!" "It just sort of snowballed." - Midsomer Murders #MAGA #resist
.@KinzieBill: ultimately, who wins Osceola County is less than trivia. What really matters is forcing govt officials to build more hospital beds etc (rather than waiting months for Trump to do it). @Phil_Mattingly needs to refocus on that. If he won't, help me destroy his career
For raw veggies like from supermarket bins, we - not MDs & this is not medical advice - expose them to boiling water or steam for at least several seconds to prevent fomite transmission of #covid19. Who's handled those veggies before you? #MAGA #resist
24Ahead - like Trump - is a germaphobe - and - perhaps like Trump - has mild OCD. We help prevent fomite transmission of #covid19 by assuming everything from outside is infected for 3 days. Before then, wash hands after opening, or repackage it. #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead close broadcast day with Arkona - Rus: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Tomorrow I'll post how to make the Trump admin response to #covid19 better by putting the careers of MSM reporters on the line. Like Trump, they'll only change behavior if they're personally affected. I'll put the screws to MSM reporters via SEO, undercutting them to fans, etc.
.@reustis: tough questions in Jan/Feb would have forced Trump to take #covid19 as seriously then as he does now. @tamarakeithNPR had the means to ask those questions but posted clickbait instead. She & all others like her are part of the problem. Stop enabling her; demand better
Open your eyes & think things through. Keith alone could have forced Trump to take it seriously months ago. She just blogs clickbait instead. Enabling her = more covid19 deaths. MT @orangeowl18 MT @tamarakeithNPR ...Trump's shift over the past few days [on #covid19] is notable
NYT/WaPo/etc very, very strongly support censorship. Does this mean you oppose attempts by @cwarzel etc to silence opponents? MT @paulmozur You couldn't script a better parable of censorship's dangers: China tames the internet, which helps blind it to a dangerous new virus...
.@GeopoliticalCen: that's comforting. Here in the U.S., those like @yarotrof have had the ability to force Trump to do a better job by demanding specific goals (X ventilators in X days, etc). Instead, Yaro etc just post clickbait. They're grifters & parasites.
.@TomasDaubner: yarotrof is just another clickbait artist. He could have helped make Trump better back in Feb, if he had things would be different. Enabling him = more #covid19 deaths.
.@daniela10_10: I hope those like @TJQuinnESPN & esp his MSM pals realize the old clickbait days are over: they have to do real work now. They need to demand specific #s/dates from admin officials for beds/ventilators/tests/etc. If they don't, help me destroy their careers.
We need the feds to commit to specific #s/dates for more beds/ventilators/masks/etc. If a "reporter" won't ask/demand that, help me destroy their career. RT @I_Tiresias This is going to be a disaster if there are so few resources MT @RosalindZAdams [hypes its clickbait]
.@BobbyBigWheel: you & esp @michelleinbklyn have always had the means to make Trump better; if you were smart & patriotic you could have helped make Trump take covid19 seriously a month ago. I think I can convince many of your fans of that. Would you like to do better now?
Ed is admitting he's incompetent: if he were, Trump would've been concerned long before now. All those like Ed have never impacted Trump in any way. Urge others to stop enabling Ed. MT @BannedintheUSA_ MT @ewong Why'd Trump shift tone on #covid19? [maybe UK 2 mil report]
Virusism! #MAGA #resist #idiocracy RT @dontchadovoodoo Also why they jumped to otherize the virus. Calling it a China virus or foreign virus to make it look like an attack. These people are deplorable.
.@ThreeBusyDebras: write what you know, which in your case obviously isn't much. The types of people who can relate to your stories are leading the #covid19 response, and we see how that's working out.
I forget what it's called & I'm tired of searching for it, but there's some #libruhtarian principle used to support outsourcing claiming it's better to import products like steel, pharma, masks, etc leaving us free to sell life insurance to each other. #covid19 #MAGA #resist
.@NordBob: when @Yamiche refuses to ask *tough* questions about *real* issues but persists in weak clickbait questions, help me destroy her career via SEO, undercutting her to colleagues & her fans, etc.
That's OK, but only USG has the $ needed. What *you* can do right now is shame Yamiche into finally asking *tough* questions: "How many more ventilators & when?" MT @NordBob Bloomberg [etc] could lead an effort to create a fund for devastated wage workers and elderly..
.@BErickson_BIO: @Yamiche only knows to play cheap partisan clickbait games. We need Trump officials to be pinned down on specific #s/dates for more beds/tests/ventilators. Demand she concentrates on that. When she won't, help me destroy her career as a message to the others.
.@mrfphd: @Yamiche asks weak questions knowing those like @tomcolicchio will hype her clickbait. She gets clicks, he gets RTs, & Trump continues to skate. Help make the next month clickbait-free. Demand leaders ask Trump officials *tough, specific* questions. Or discredit them.