Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #975634 ("First you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the four Georgian girls singing for you"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@GMSarli: @TomSteyer says - just like Trump - he'd try to go around Congress via executive orders. Given that Congress/Big Biz oppose Green New Deal, his orders would suffer same fates as Trump's. Point that out to his fans.
.@darksecretplace: my latest post has 2 gun questions for Steyer. #6 is just 14 words. It's a little sneaky, but asking him it would be the first round in showing those like him (i.e., most Dem leaders) wrong. Will you organize an effort to ask him it on video for Youtube?
.@darksecretplace: WWHD? Huell would call ahead & have the local historical society ready for interviews.
MSM has convinced asking the questions they won't is "trolling". Your question is valid; shame MSM into asking it. RT @KaylaPerrin4 [to Steyer] Is there any data on gun free zones being safer or targets? Not trolling legit curious it seems like those areas get hit?
.@tcunderdahl: see my latest post for questions Steyer would have trouble with; I added a couple about guns. Your leaders aren't going to ask him those questions unless people like you really press them to do it.
.@Dviddles: @AjitPaiFCC is doing something about robocalls. If you don't think it's right, then urge tour leaders to make valid arguments & challenge Pai to his face using them.
24Ahead close broadcast day pursuant to Trump Official Order #96875 ("Show video of my trip to capital. Is nice video. Dance! Dance for me!"): #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist @NowPlaying
.@proflevin: exiled to San Berdu, forced to CNN's late night show, & no fans. You're batting 1.000. An, you probably deceived re your claims "hate crimes" against Muslims went up ~13% post-ban. If you aren't confident with that figure, better correct it now.
I've pointed out since 2015 Trump is pro-loose borders. Did any of your leaders? Why do you enable incompetent grifters like Mark? MT @Marlow5001 Swamp got him... MT @MarkSKrikorian [finally (?) realizes Trump is pro-mass immigration]
.@jerome_barry_tx: notice how Breitbart only goes after the "progressive elite". Many elites are non-partisan on many issues, & con elites might prop up Breitbart a la Mercer. They're worthless at holding the elites accountable.
.@Youniverse2020: Cusack blocked me for showing him wrong, but you must realize @BreitbartNews suggesting he give away his millions for climate change is as much a logical fallacy as if they suggested Trump pay for the wall himself. Right?
"The forthcoming bombshell investigative book Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite contains 1,126 endnotes totaling 83 pages of source material, Breitbart News has learned". So it all must be true! #MAGA #resist
.@SCollin_UQAM: scroll back in my disqus to see me turning smears against the smearers 100s of times. @kurtbardella simply isn't smart enough to do that so has a passive-aggressive meltdown instead.
I've been smeared in 100s of comments/tweets, & I've always been able to turn it against them (my disqus is public). Evan simply isn't smart enough to do that. MT @emykat03 [not all bros are bros] MT @Evan_Rosenfeld [hypes Bardella weak whine re "Bernie Bros"]
Kurt should be able to turn personal smears against the perps; I've done it 100x & w/o his megaphone. Since he admits he isn't smart enough to do that, what use is he? MT @debrahendrix [cheers @kurtbardella blog re "Bernie Bros" & #MAGA being mean to him & making him cry]
.@Gilchrestsports: hey Grant, when you watch an @hrblock ad, reverse the races & genders. You'd find two blacks dancing crazy & a black woman walking into a wall for a white man's amusement. Lots of others have spotted how racist their ads are, perhaps even people you know.
Who is the fucking Cal Ripken Jr. of Twitter? I just broke my wrist & I'm tweeting. I AM THE FUCKING CAL RIPKEN JR. OF TWITTER!!!! #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #34560923 (aka 'The untitled order'), 24Ahead thus mysteriously close broadcast day with much intrigue: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BrianBe89026870: assuming you aren't one of the few MikeBots, here's just one example of him attempting to deceive. @MikeBloomberg has tried to deceive before, what makes you think he isn't deceiving now?
You're probably a bot, but since I can't find any other Bloomberg fans: Nutter is very pro-illegal immigration & thus very pro-Big Biz. MT @republicatrisk [cheers Mike2020 hyping their endorsement from a nutter]
.@cloud2013: if you *really* want to undercut @Mike2020, point out Bloomberg is very pro-illegal immigration in part to... make sure he has greenskeepers:
Warren's immigration stance couldn't be more pro-Big Biz if U.S. Chamber & Koch bros wrote it for her. She'd greatly harm workers to enrich billionaires. I'm recruiting people to ask Janet Petersen about that on video. MT @jasongacek [cheers @janet4iowa endorsing Lizzie Warren]
.@WLRadcliff: if Puerto Rico's emergency services director was selling warehouse items, he was doing it very, very slowly. Trump's too grossly incompetent to have taken charge after Maria (& yes, that's his job). @JoshuaHoyos is too grossly incompetent to have called him on it.
.@StoneRicharde1: over week later, small teams got to each #PuertoRico town to handle triage/comms/food/water/etc. It would've taken 2 days if Trump was competent. @joetorresABC7 has access to Trump proxies, has he ever challenged them on that in order to hold Trump accountable?
North Korea, Iran, al Qaeda, Putin, etc. etc. see how incredibly incompetent Trump was on #PuertoRico. If it takes the USA over a week to get small teams to a friendly, easy environment, we aren't much of a threat in actual ground hostilities. #MAGA #resist
ICYMI the first 100 times: #PuertoRico is smaller than CT & lower than L.A. *City* (over 2x lower than L.A. *County). It's not a hostile env. There's no snow etc. Getting small teams to each settlement should have taken 2 days. Instead it took over a week. #MAGA #resist
.@makeart: to prevent future Maria responses, it's necessary to hold Trump accountable. Obviously, those like @JoshuaHoyos aren't capable of that. If they were, they would have pressed Trump on how grossly incompetent he was (as I've outlined dozens of times).
.@JeffreyKeck: the buck stops at Trump. He can't make excuses if those down the chain are incompetent, he has to work around that. And, he completely failed at his job. We got small teams to each #PuertoRico settlement, it just took a week longer than it should have.
I couldn't stand Anthony Bourdain, but on this show he pointed out healthy, gourmet school lunches in France cost less than the slop American kids get: #MAGA #resist
From the GAO, here are sample lunches available under Michelle Obama's school lunch program. #FoxNews wants you to think it's all tofu & pasteboard, but... pizza? #MAGA #resist
Check out "These are the 10 most obese states in the US, report finds" at #FoxNews. What do they all have in common? I'll give you two guesses: - No, they aren't all in the South, Alaska is one. - But, *all* of them voted for Trump. #MAGA #resist
Once again, the Tigers are attacking America, but Simon Garfunkel Jr. - now calling himself "Memo Ochoa" a la Chris Gaines - is holding down the fort. If you're ready for some real football it's on Univision right now. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
Not being a lil Honecker like you, I want him to be able to speak. Plus - unlike you - I could engage him in debate & show him wrong. You're no better than an SJW. MT @GillCohn should have been left suspended. MT @TonyDLeonardi [Twitter suspended Farrakhan in "error"]
Correct me if wrong, but KC Star "investigative journalist" Steve doesn't seem to realize how 'Rossiya Segodnya' translates. Look that up then reread his blog. MT @Russ_Burgos [outraged at RU propaganda that doesn't help the Dems] MT @SteveVockrodt [hypes his blog re RT & KCXL]
.@Cornstock_99: you know how the "you said MX would pay for the wall!" talking point has always failed? If you want to undercut Trump for real, avoid things that have failed. Makes sense, no? So: point out to MAGA that Congress will neglect the "wall" when Trump's out of office
Hey Christian Barnard, Tony asking Trump an extremely weak question that led to Trump free associating isn't "cool". I'd ask him very tough policy questions, but I'm patriotic unlike you two. RT @CBarnard33 Very cool! MT @TonyDLeonardi [asked Trump a la 3rd graders asking Obama]
Thank you! #MAGA #resist MT @RealDonaldTrump Pursuant to & abiding by the powers granted unto me & only me, I hereby declare that the letters 'h' & 'w' are pronounced funny & different from other of our wonderful letters. Henceforth, all shall pronounce them 'ha' and 'wa'.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #340523 ("I've had enough of DC! I'm going to go to a bridge in W-e-s-t-V-i-r-g-i-n-i-a Tennessee & play my bongos!") 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@SafetyBrett13: at the time, @JerryZremski asked Collins if he supports Trump's policies... & that's it. He didn't really press him on the huge flaws in Trump's plans which I saw in 2015 & which have now become apparent to most. Like how his "wall" would fail.
Smart questions I repeatedly posted would have forced Collins to drop Trump in a way that would've greatly undercut Trump to his nascent base. Why didn't Winter ask them? Why do you enable those who didn't ask them? MT @JORGE_C_NY MT @Tom_Winter [Chris Collins gets 26 months]
.@elisefoley: long time no chat! @PaulBlu blogs "Chris Collins, First [pol] To Endorse Trump, Gets 26-Month Prison Sentence". At the time, I repeatedly posted questions that would've forced him to drop Trump, greatly hurting Trump. Why didn't you/Paul ask those or similar?
.@KarenWh8: so, what's "good"? Trump's very temporary troll that will have zero impact and - if he does anything - would be reversed? That kids eat unhealthy food & get fat, causing huge problems? What in the @RedState / Trump clickbait is "good"?
How so, Karen? You can't think something is bad just because M.O. thinks it's good, because that's a logical fallacy. You can't think American diet is good. RT @KarenWh8 Good. MT @RedState ["Pro Level Trolling: Trump Admin Rolls Back Michelle Obama Lunch Rules On Her Birthday"]
.@Bismarkdells: it's hilarious to see #RedState reduced to a barely-warm Breitbart, full of clickbait & sub-Hannity cries of "hypocrisy!" P.S. I was banned by them after ~75 posts (not just comments) for opposing their idol GWB's amnesty:
"USDA proposes changing school menus to allow more fries and fewer vegetables, reversing a Michelle Obama effort". Because proper, non-grits nutrition is a liberal thing. Them thar libruls in California want to take away your bacon!! #MAGA #resist
Simple peasant women of Alabama sing praise of Great Leader Trump: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
There are very powerful arguments that'd undercut Dem leaders to their base over the issue. Vaughan had Trump's ear & never urged him to use them. She's just a grifter. MT @kimmiefultz MT @JessicaV_CIS [hypes libs opposing mass immigration]
.@mcclure_phil: @AnnCoulter joked about Trump replacing M.Obama's garden w/ a putting green. Just a "joke"! But, appealing to yahoos who - due to justified dislike of M.O. - reject self-sufficiency & good nutrition is serious. At least she knows her audience.
.@AdamStillman206: @AnnCoulter joked about running down protesters shortly before someone did it. Is that funny too, Adam?
Coulter's plan to reduce illegal immigration was to act as a Trump fangirl, never demanding better until it was too late. She thinks the easily torn down "wall" would be "forever". AC = worthless. MT @drsistrunk MT @JesseWooten18 [Coulter correctly says immigration is top issue]
DERPMT @PhilosopherSto6 [re Coulter quote correctly pointing out immigration is top issue] The two million member administrative state is a bigger detriment to your freedom and happiness TODAY. If illegals ever get a chance to vote, different story. But today it’s not the case.
.@flashbaked21: on Tucker, @drdrew ignored the main cause of homelessness: anti-American NeoLiberal policies (greed is good/free trade/loose borders/globalism). All the things *both* Dem & GOP leaders (including Murdoch) strongly support. Pinsky's part of the problem.
.@drcateshanahan: @drdrew blames CA homelessness on mental illness. That's major, but it doesn't explain the increase in last several years, now does it? The real main cause is anti-American NeoLiberal policies (free trade/loose borders/globalism). Why didn't he mention that?
.@jakebonfante: if @EthanBearman were smart, honest & patriotic, he'd mention the main cause of CA problems: anti-American NeoLiberal policies (loose borders/free trade/globalism). Both Dems & GOP strongly support those. Murdoch even testified for amnesty. Did Ethan mention that?
Those who turn their backs on CA are unpatriotic; EB is too useless to call TC on that. Most CA problems are due to anti-American NeoLiberal policies both Ethan and Murdoch support. MT @BDOH MT @EthanBearman [I'm the designated liberal stooge while Tucker smears California]
.@BadJohnBrown: it's great to see a warmonger who pushed the Iraq War like @MaxBoot sticking up for the military against Trump's supposed comments. Imagine a smart Trump proxy. (Smarter than Boot, so set your sights low). Could Boot hold his own in a debate with them?
.@austinruse: as the author of "The Catholic case for Trump", is Trump's ban the smartest way you can think of to keep terrorists out of the USA? Hint: many ISIS embeds would come from W EU. Imagine me really pressing you & other Trump superfans on that on video for Youtube.
Rampell illustrates yet again that those like her are only good at helping Trump. Trump & his proxies no doubt have anti-FCPA arguments. She lacks the will & ability to engage them & show them wrong. MT @mariootsa MT @crampell [Trump's opposition to FCPA is just self-interest]
And, @maggieNYT has always been there to help Trump. It's always been incredibly easy to show *his base* that his plans are vaporware. Haberman lacks that smart & patriotism to do that. Enabling her = helping Trump. MT @fetchmesomecopy [Trump's trying to avoid real issues]
.@lauferlaw: FYI, @AshaRangappa_ got taken in by a fake Trump admin mole. He was actually a Trump fan who tricked her. Imagine what would happen if she'd similarly got taken in by a fake mole while working for the FBI.
Trump's released various official plans over the years. I've accurately described how they'd fail. As you show, your leaders didn't. RT @Notonesecond Further proof that [Trump] has never had an official platform or agenda. His only concern is votes and green in his pocket
.@MrMokelly: *never* trust fiscal cons. By definition they're venal. @thethomasguide wants to lower taxes & regulations to help the wealthy. He'd enrich those whose anti-American NeoLiberal policies (greed is good/loose borders/free trade/globalism) have led to mass homelessness.
.@gopaulblair: hey Paul, did Trump's response to Puerto Rico result in an exodus of Dem voters from PR to FL? That's a simple yes/no question. Imagine someone asked you it on video for Youtube. what would you answer?
MT @gopaulblair [Trump] was misled [re vape ban & those] he should have trusted to fully brief him neglected to include all relevant information. In fact they probably purposefully omitted some information that may have impacted his decision making. They are absolutely to blame
#CNN BREAKING NEWS: #CRampell is still wearing fake eyelashes, like she's on her way to a bu**a*e shoot. #MAGA #resist
"That's right, Tucker, there's no physical reason why rats can't be 8' high. It's just the breeding. Their brains will be much larger so they'll be really smart. But, we'll put collars on them to make sure they don't take over. Who on earth will dare defy me then?" #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #90342 ("I had to sit through a Mike Bloomberg ad, just to see Rammstein with Du Hast? OK, that's it I'm closing the broadcast day & shutting down the internet"): #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@poli_sil_: everything @williams_paige says about Trump reflects very badly on her. Trump's a buffoon with joke ideas. Those like Paige Williams lack the smarts & life experience to undercut someone as low as Trump. Enabling them is helping Trump.
.@SoCalVillaGuy: your team keeps talking about how the other team is horrible. Your team is 0-47 against the other team. Isn't your team worse than horrible? Likewise, everything @brianstelter says about Trump sticks to him: Trump's X? Then Stelter isn't smart enough to stop X.
.@CharlesDignam: all the candidates are extremely pro-Big Biz (their bluster aside). If @jmartNYT were a real journalist he'd call them on it. Instead, he just blogs worthless soap opera in order to distract people from what really matters.
Those like Sydney Ember are one of the main reasons Trump won. He proposed obviously unworkable plans & those like her never called him on it. Instead, Sydney etc obsessed over trivia. MT @Vox_Democracy [chides @melbournecoal for obsessing about Bernie/Lizzie schoolyard spat]
Tidy is what you people fought against in WWII (& we had to save you): a totalitarian who wants to quash dissent. Those who use "islamophobe" are either the far-left, or any critic (80%) of SJWs like Joe MT @SunnySkyes53 MT @joetidy [blogs Twitter lets ads target "hate groups"]
This is all about $ ("far right" = brexit = costing billionaires money) & power (SJWs want to forbid dissent). MT @anomalyuk [points out such phrases get opponents] MT @BBCdandamon [hypes BBC Honecker-level blog trying to restrict ad target phrases]
"Thanks, Ainsley! And, yes, that's correct. Me, Mick, Rick Perry (he's still around), and Rudy will broadcast our version of Quadrophenia in primetime next week. I'm playing Bellboy". #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BonettiESPN: I was able to create an #ESPN account but they wouldn't let me pay for #ESPNPlus, apparently because I'm on #Linux. Of course, what do you expect from a company that hides the world's most famous athlete away on a channel few bother to sign up for. #Ubuntu18
.@TaylorTwellman: I gave in & decided to tithe to Disney over #ESPNPlus. They wouldn't accept my $5, twice. Their chat thinks it's because I'm on Linux. Disney has *two* platform requirements, one says Linux is supported, the other says it isn't. What a pathetic company. #Ubuntu
1. You have to feel sorry for Priscilla having a panic attack during #Jeopardy. 2. What J calls "misunderstanding schizophrenia" we call artistic license. 3. We aren't huge Who fans , but Quadrophenia is a classic. Fie on them all for not getting it. 4. Get off my lawn.
"Yes! We've finally got Trump!", #TheResistance shouted in unison before going back to their echo chambers. Yes, that's the 24Ahead Closing Argument. #MusicWednesday #MAGA #NowPlaying
"Putin and Assad caught on video mocking Trump". In other news, Putin is the latest #TheResistance leader, now that Avenatti has been arrested again. The mail fraud charge - which some might ignore - is the kicker. Smart criminals know to avoid USPS. #MAGA #resist
What's ironic is... he won. He won because of how those like Parker do things. He'll win again *because of* them. They're completely unfit to hold Trump accountable, as reality shows. MT @Sassy_Miss_T Color me shocked. MT @AshleyRParker [new Trump book claims he's "erratic"]
.@Bencjacobs: hey Ben, @daveweigel lied about me on his blog. Then he refused to approve a comment were I detailed how he lied. Real journalists give those they write about a right of reply. Weigel isn't a real journalist.
.@meganmckinley23: now, @bkamisar blogs about... something on Steyer's hand. Compare my latest post with questions about his ideas. That's the grown-up way to hold politicians accountable. It's time to put away childish things & that means not enabling those like Ben Kamisar.
.@mrv1921: you claim to have known Bernie since the sixties & call him a "freeloader". Challenging him on ***policy*** (not personal junk) would deflate him, yet your leaders (Breitbart/Fox/etc) never even try that, thereby helping him. Are you getting after them or not?
.@HannahRKeyser: why does ESPN play ~100 Ball in Hoop games per day? When will you ask them why they won't cut the easy, cheap deal to get Caribbean baseball or foreign, offbrand real football (aka soccer)? Why isn't Yahoo doing the same? They've got the bandwidth.
In 2015 I accurately detailed how Trump's selling points - the reason he got votes - would fail miserably. Those like Annie distracted with dreck instead, *helping* Trump win. MT @cadetinpanama [I don't care] MT @AnnieLinskey [sub-tabloid post-debate spat btw Bernie & Lizzie]
"Correct, Ainsley. 'Bone spurs' are just a cover for my four top-secret tours of 'Nam with The Company. I won every medal we have. I spent six months impersonating a Cong general & that helped win the war." #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump's a dim preschool bully. Despite that, those like Rebecca have *never* failed to do anything other than just help him. MT @mumblyjoe Trump doesn't believe in international law MT [WaPo hypes @becingber blog that Trump might've killed the Iranian terrorist illegally]
.@PamelaBookman: now, @becingber blogs Trump might've killed that Iranian terrorist illegally. Those like her are socially autistic in a way: they're only used to their bubble & thus completely unfit to oppose Trump (a bad boy who plays by his own rules). How am I wrong?
With all due respect, there's lots you & @jgeltzer don't understand & little you do. You don't grok Trump's appeal & huge vulnerabilities. Don't let that stop you from opining. MT @Out5p0ken I don't understand how anyone can watch maddow and not remove and indict trump [etc] NOW
Here's John Wayne playing Genghis Khan. This - together with The Green Berets - form the grist in the mill of an upcoming *hilarious* tweet about Trump. Watch for it! #MAGA #resist
Austin: after Trump's reelected, I'll use your tweet to discredit you to your audience. MT @AREvers [of WeAreOversight] I don’t understand how anyone can watch Maddow interview with Lev Parnas & fail to conclude Trump should plead guilty in exchange for a lighter punishment
#NFL put Ray Lewis - implicated in a double murder - in their Hall of Fame. Your guy is lucky to be excluded from Murderer's Row. MT @KyleKing13 [that guy is a victim of what time zone he played in] MT @MaseDenver [put some guy in the #NFL100 Hall of Fame]
.@Patwtweets @therealNFLguru: kneeball is culturally toxic. Pete Rose is out of MLB Hall for betting on his own team, #NFL100 put someone implicated in a *double murder* in their Hall. It's also a joke of a sport: 30s to 10m between each lame play, players who aren't athletes...
.@CreacyChris: maybe you should stick with real football. Worst crimes by real football players are tax evasion. Worst crimes by kneeball players are murder (Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, O.J...) #NFL100
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #4633112 ("Close broadcast day by defying Twitter language Polizei by playing Aiumeen basoa - Akelarrearen sua"), 24Ahead does as ordered: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@jewelstweeeets: Twitter apparently paying U.S. astronauts to put on a show at their confab isn't great, esp given that @vijaya heavily censors millions around the world. It's not just cons: she censors about half the replies to Rouhani. She helps him & others hide from dissent.
.@realdarkromance: @nedsegal ghosts & thus lies to millions worldwide. All non-verified accounts need to worry. Eventually the media is going to cover the real, easily reproducible data at my pinned tweet. When 95% of Twitter users are worried about censorship, whither $TWTR?
In your case it certainly pays to lie. You lie to millions around the world by ghosting their replies. You help Rouhani, Medvedev, etc hide from dissent. When that comes out, good luck. MT @nedsegal Doesn’t pay to cheat. Great teaching moment [Astros fire Hinch...]
.@Parax: nowadays, @Astro_TJ appears to have been a paid speaker or similar at a Twitter confab. Twitter heavily censors dissent around the world. They censor ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani; see my pinned tweet for reproducible data about dozens more. Ask TJ to oppose that.