Pursuant to Trump Executive Orders #9034 ("Dress like Cossack"), #4045 ("Synchronize dancing") & #49223 ("Do not take samovar of me"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@PolitJunkieM @Rosie: when Trump's out of office, next admin will tear down/neglect his "wall". 10s of millions of his fans don't know that because those like RBReich won't mention it. They just act like cons did during Obama's presidency. Reich is part of the problem.
.@AlbertoMedinaPR: FYI, Grijalva is a proud former member of the extremist irredentist group MEChA (think League of the South). Even Villar has renounced his involvement with them. Grijalva hasn't had to simply because those like @michaelcdeibert will never call him on it.
.@larazarum: FYI, after leaving dozens of comments showing them wrong, @nymagPR basically banned me. Those are not the actions of a site that's printing accurate information.
You should be outraged at her completely worthless pastiches. Mark Sanford is a fiscal con & their ideology is toxic. Nuzzi lacks the smarts & patriotism to ask fiscal con tough policy questions to discredit them. MT @samsanders MT @Olivianuzzi [pastiche of Sanford]
.@JasonTselentis: I left dozens of comments at #NYMag showing them wrong & got brigaded. They made me change my name from what you see here, putting a nondescript name on my (c) content. They ghosted new comments. @nymagPR has zero integrity & their actions admit they're wrong.
.@LaurenEC1983: @janellefiona & @gwenfaviles ("Trans cafe worker fired after kicking out conservative activist") blame the victim; cons are no help against them. Your reply was censored by Twitter; cons only *help* that censorship by falsely pretending only cons are impact.
Nothing Steyer has ever said or done in the last 4+ years has had even the slightest impact on Trump. He refuses to hold Trump accountable by helping get his proxies asked tough policy questions. MT @PyurEnergy MT @TomSteyer [we have to stand up to Trump, he's not above the law]
On information & belief, #TNT will have two real football matches on Tuesday: * at 10am (Pacific), it's Inter Milan vs. Slavia Praha * at noon, it's Napoli vs. Liverpool If those are actually on the TV, 24Ahead might live tweet them. #football = #soccer #PHIvsATL
.@pll1942: much, much more important than typos is the fact that @nytopinion is covering up for Kamala over her enabling the murders of Bologna & his sons. Shouldn't they at least mention that, or are you OK with them only telling you what they want you to know?
.@cbuckser: Kamala Harris (& Newsom) have blood on their hands over the murders of Tony Bologna & his sons. Has @DLeonhardt ever acknowledged that when flacking for Kamala?
.@david_darmofal: you've "seen 23 of the candidates here in SC". Have you asked them tough questions about their policies? Or, did you miss the Question Authority theme underlying the USA's founding documents?
At first I thought that was satire [referencing Comet Ping Pong] then I saw your employer & I realized you're serious. I'll let those who take you seriously know. RT @pdacosta [to @eshugerman deranged conspiracy theories about Mnuchin] Holy shit there’s always a sub-basement.
For how many centuries has due process been one of the key parts of English/U.S. law? MT @DrHueyLi If [someone in the public eye with a name like Munich] isn't a pedophile, I don't know what pedophiles should look like.
Not only do you act like a child & thus help Trump, you can't do a simple search. She's Mrs. America quality. RT @yullady17 Take a good look at MUNCHKIN do you not agree he would need help getting laid.
He at least got a lot of help. But, one would have to be crazed to think Trump was involved: he'd have tweeted about it 10 times by now. Don't COINTELPRO yourself. RT @ttajhell The more that comes out and as days pass I continue to question Epsteins "suicide"
Don't worry, @eshugerman is going to follow up her Mnuchin expose by going to Mena and looking into that. It should result in impeachment any day now. MT @txpts777 no wonder barr had to murder epstein. imagine if he started to talk
Fa's want to quash dissent, incl using violence. Antifa wants to quash dissent, incl using violence. Both are totalitarians. RT @MisterReinking [to @TaylorTwellman re #DCU goal] It's almost like the MLS is bad at figuring out when things are crossing a line. #AUnitedFront
I & millions of others think of those like you two *and* @rpogrebin as just parasitic grifters. Ergo, tough sell. MT @politicalelle Placed at *very* end of book is a stunning detail, per @MZHemingway: [Blasey Ford] lifelong friend Leland Keyser [apparently doesn't believe CBF]
You know what America needs? Gregg Allman singing These Days by Jackson Browne. #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Cons always show how little patriotism they have by turning their backs on fellow citizens. MT @JazzShaw [demagoguery against CA] @Thomas93Lilah [California] should just leave the union and create the Socialist Utopia of California.
.@penguinponders: re the #HotAir popup: "Will you fight to defend America and the Constitution against socialism?" Like Trump's socialism-for-the-rich moves & his socialism-to-paper-over-my-flaws moves? Where does the Constitution forbid socialism?
I got the margin right on two of my real football picks & if not for the Juve draw I picked all the winners. I got the point total right in the Liverpool match. Do I win something? #football = #soccer @garyandshannon #GaSFantasy4Play
How'd my real football picks do? * I said Liverpool 4, Newcastle 0; it was 3-1. * I said Fiorentina 1, Juventus 3; it was 0-0. * I said Roma 2, Sassuolo 0; it was 4-2. * I said Portland Timbers 2, D.C. United 3; it was 0-1. #football = #soccer #GaSFantasy4Play
.@GmiasWorld: "...often compared to Sadie Hawkins Day, in the Pro Bowl it's the *quarterback* who bends over and the *linemen* who come up behind him, slip their hands between his thighs, and start screaming about Omaha..." - from the NFL Encyclopedia. #NFL100 #PHIvsATL
.@H_Mc92: #2020Fund isn't a bad idea for #TheResistance, but it isn't enough. What @Alyssa_Milano should also do is help discredit Trump's proxies. Without them, Trump is toast. The way to do that is to ask them *tough* *policy* questions on video for Youtube. Help out.
Thank you. #Mets #DodgersDelendaEst #SNB MT @RealDonaldTrump ...or as I call him, "Jerko".
You & he will still be grifting by saying the same things long after Trump's been reelected. P.S. Reich isn't smart enough to figure out how to use the "wall" to undercut Trump. MT @v_zilber [to @RBReich doing a duty2warn]
.@Xtreme573: @greenhousenyt 's claim 'The US suffers from "anti-worker exceptionalism"' is a good line, and he's an example of that: he supports NeoLiberal immigration/trade/globalism policies. P.S. Twitter censored your reply to him. Find someone to cover my pinned tweet.
#DCUnited just got robbed: the ball went over the goal line but VAR either wasn't used or failed to miss an obvious goal. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #503 ("Play song in celebration of my glorious reign, while boating on river"), 24Ahead thus close broadcast day: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Pence is most vulnerable for being pro-amnesty. Katie can't use that huge vulnerability against him because she agrees with him. MT @Dreyfuss1959 [to @katierogers shocking discovery that Trump is petty enough to beat Elton's attendance figures] [Pence is bad man]
.@sequinpants: Trump was joking. @JulieZauzmer & @DavidNakamura hype the religion angle because all their other cheap shots have failed. Their goal is to undercut Trump not to help the USA but to help Bezos get even richer. I've opposed Trump since 2015 but I also oppose WaPo.
Dems need to campaign on that! RT @Zathras3 Blasphemy is a lot more vexing to the white evangelical crowd than groping women, abusing penniless migrants or diverting public funds for private use. But they will live with it, because they value most the things of this world
.@Judson4Congress: FYI, your reply was censored by Twitter. As "Brad Parscale is Wrong About Twitter Censorship" shows, Twitter heavily censors libs too (in addition to all other types of users). Will you speak out?
I predicted Liverpool 4, Newcastle 0, it was only 3-1. I predicted Fiorentina 1, Juventus 3, it was a nil tie. I hereby resign from the 24Ahead Official Sports Book. #soccer #football
.@kelicarender: if you truly oppose mass/illegal immigration & aren't just grifting, there are smart things you can do right now. I have questions that'll discredit Dem leaders to their base. I'd like you to encourage your fans to go ask them. Will you help with that?
.@kelicarender: MSM recently Garofalo'ed Teaparty again, in effect smearing all non-SJW whites. Where were you? Did you intellectually engage them & help show them wrong? (I can show you how on request). P.S. If you truly oppose mass/illegal immigration (cont'd)...
Good news if, like 10% of the USA, you're a con. What about the rest of us? As a surgeon you must be smart. Are you smart enough to engage opponents in Socratic debate & show them wrong to their base? MT @DrMannySenate I am the only conservative outsider in this Senate race...
.@ChrisKelleyMN: undercut both Ilhan *and* Trump by pointing out the huge flaws in Trump's Muslim ban. Either he ramped up screening enough to keep USA safe (& his ban wasn't needed) or he made USA less safe. Targeting one religion is bad & ineffective; keeping USA safe isn't.
Now, see 4:35 et seq. Or, just watch the whole thing & compare it to Trump. MT @ChrisKelleyMN ...In America, nobody should fear to practice their Faith in public!
.@croixmom: @TPPatriots is & always has been just a grifting org. The "Stop Socialism Choose Freedom Rally" is just the latest grift. They had one smart, patriotic idea but they never put any brains or money behind it:
Per @tppatriots, "Democrats have become DeMAOcrats". #teaparty = #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
It says a lot about their loudest opposition: if they were patriotic & smart, they could marginalize antifa instead of marginalizing themselves. MT @CSPNational How can a group of people that act like fascists be called anti-fascists (Antifa)?
For sheer entertainment delivered daily in your inbox, you can't go wrong with subscribing to @tppatriots lists: "...It’s chilling to look through the Chinese communist dictator’s quotes and see the ideas of the Democrat party staring back at you..." #teaparty #MAGA #resist
.@gary_adshead: @EuthanasiaPC hypes citizens acting like children & throwing tantrums. He isn't urging citizens to act like citizens & engage their employees - politicians - in Socratic debate. As California's euthanasia law & countless other examples show, tantrums do not work.
.@gary_adshead: @EuthanasiaPC hypes a victim throwing a tantrum at ex-doctor Philip Nitschke. Did it work?
.@StewardshipAmer: @GOPChairwoman is acting exactly like an SJW by assuming "Hispanic Americans" are a unified bloc. The GOP has bought into far-left Gramscian concepts as much as the Dems have, they'll just always lose at it.
No surprise here: MAGA snowflake @christiec733 - a thing that complains about being censored by Twitter - has blocked me for showing it wrong:
.@MikeyDog: @GOPChairwoman is right that the "2020 Democrats need to be asked if they agree with this insanity [Bernie Sanders just endorsed a complete ban on deportations]". For very tough immigration questions, see my site. They'll make Dems look *very bad*. Help out!
.@LisaFraley7: actually, encouraging people to come here illegally as you & Dem leaders do *increases* border deaths. No illegal crossers = no border deaths. Large #s of border crossers = large numbers of deaths. Be a real liberal.
MSM is partly trying to box out competition, but it's mostly about preserving the establishment's power (which is non-partisan). MT @JasonHornbuckle [to @sarafischer] the media resent it when mindless bots take over their job of shilling for one candidate over all the others
The Hunt For Bots is an example of the establishment not letting a good crisis go to waste. They want to restrict what people can see & hear. Those like Fischer are trying to hurt, not help, the USA MT @CoolQuotz [to @sarafischer blog about "bots" sharing links after Dem Debate]
.@johnedwinmason: @campbellnyt 's boss is one of the world's richest men & not unsurprisingly she pushes the NeoLiberal agenda (loose borders/free trade/globalism) that Dems used to oppose. She's not a journalist, she's just a propagandist for Slim.
.@denisewu: as reality shows, it's not just GOP that doesn't care about all these #TheResistance scandals, it's most Americans. There are smart ways @RonanFarrow could have undercut Trump to his base, but he's only about getting on TV to sell his books.
.@RobertPriceTV: as you can see from my site, I've been opposing amnesty & mass/illegal immigration for several years. At the Koch's own #Reason, @andylevy smeared me then ran away when I challenged him on his smear. He's a lightweight with little integrity.
Hey, Burbank-adjacent @AlexNowrasteh:
.@GwenAustin6: Trump's horrific, but @nytopinion is owned by one of the world's richest men (Slim) & they push his billionaire agenda (loose borders, free trade, globalism). Letting in large #s of refugees papers over the real problem & makes things in sending countries worse.
Are you ready for some football?? And, by that I mean real football: here's Norwich's shocking upset of Man City: #football = #soccer #MCFC #UFvsUK
As always, 24Ahead thus close broadcast day with Great Trump Official Executive National Anthem! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@mosfriend1: @CortesSteve is extremely vulnerable for many reasons. His boss is a strong amnesty supporter. His ban wasn't needed or made USA less safe. His "wall" would be easily torn down. Steve skates *because* those like Cuomo won't ask him real questions. Demand they do.
.@ChrisGarciaUSA: hey Chris, did Trump ramp up screening enough to keep USA safe? If he did, his lunkhead ban wasn't needed. If he didn't, he endangered the USA (eg letting in ISIS embeds from Belgium). Imagine someone asking you that on video for Youtube. Have an answer ready.
.@susaninpahrump: Pahrump! Did you ever see Art Bell's antenna? Also, aren't you sick of the Dems dividing citizens by race & gender? Like "Meteor To Hit Earth, Women & People Of Color Hardest Hit." Isn't @TommyHicksGOP acting exactly as the Dems & MSM do?
Isn't slicing & dicing citizens as Tommy does the same thing the Dems do? Exactly how is he an alternative to their Gramscism? MT @amysuds MT @TommyHicksGOP [Dem debate didn't extol] the record-low unemployment for women, African Americans, Latino Americans, & Asian Americans
Join us now for a trip to a magical land far away from Trump, #DemDebate, & all the rest - let's call it "Portugal" - where, instead of gaffes & talking points, the sound of the concertina fills the air: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Suggest you act like an adult & a citizen & work to have both Dems & GOP asked tough policy questions. MT @beinlibertarian To be fair [Dems] could also simply air unedited footage of Trump talking. MT @TheBabylonBee [GOP could oppose Dems just by airing them talking]
.@MandyGoode69: hi Mandy, can you direct me to any #TheResistance calling Cuomo etc on their complete inability to show a simpleton like @CortesSteve wrong *to his base*? Doing that would undercut Trump - he needs proxies like Steve - yet Cuomo etc obviously aren't up to the task
.@tabartis: hey Tab, @Briteeye777 got RT'ed by Giuliani. What do you think of Rudy helping the Trans Texas Corridor? Rudy's a big fan of amnesty & a national ID, are you? Have you seen this video of him extolling David Rockefeller?
.@Gingelle77: @RudyGiuliani RTed Briteeye777 (use a private window in such cases). Also, Rudy's extremely vulnerable to MAGA over Trans Texas Corridor, amnesty, national ID card, etc. None of his leading opponents have ever used where he's most vulnerable to Trump's base.
Here's a cheery thought: in about 5 years, Messi *might* be doing a Zlatan and playing for #MLS. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@RudyGiuliani was hip deep in Trans Texas Corridor (which #MAGA should hate), he supports a national ID (ditto), he strongly supports amnesty (ditto). Explain why no anti-Trump leaders have ever used that. MT @ErnestStewartjr [Trump as mythical figure of eeeeeevil]
.@Patta47cake: @DavidCayJ is just about getting on CNN to sell books. There are smart things he could have done - all the way back in 2015 - that would have stopped Trump. He refused to do them: Trump is good for his grift.
.@CVH000001: @WalshFreedom could easily undercut Trump *to his base* right now by really pressing Steve Cortes, etc on this: "Either Trump ramped up screening enough (& his ban wasn't needed) or he didn't (& he endangered the USA). Which is it?" When'll Joe Walsh do that?
Speaking about Joe Walsh, here's Meadows: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@BaergOS: FYI, never trust a fiscal con on anything. Those like @MarkSanford are venal by definition. They're only about money & they'd sell themselves out to the highest bidder.
If you want to have an actual debate about that, then shame/discredit those who have access to pols but just ask them fluff questions. I.e., #DemDebate. MT @bekinlaw [it doesn't work that way] @TrafficMac [UHC] means people can be treated sooner at less expensive locations
.@Hat3James: FYI, @purduemitch sold part of #Indiana - the U.S. state - to foreign interests. Look up the history of the Indiana Toll Road, and wonder what else he'd sell off if - heaven help us - he had the power. #Purdue
"MyManMitch 2" isn't in it to win it, he's in it to get a sinecure from Adelson etc. MT @EricTheRed76 won't win presidency on the debt crisis... MT @MarkSanford I do believe a financial storm is coming our way if we do nothing to affect our debt, deficit, and spending...
.@awnaves: @GovBillWeld could easily undercut Trump to his base - Trump's greatest fear - by really pressing Trump's proxies on *policy* using *tough* questions. Like how Dems will just tear down the "wall"; or his ban wasn't needed or made USA less safe. Why isn't he doing it?
Even better: an eating contest! #idiocracy MT @ProfessorLou1 [to GovBillWeld whine] Challenge [Trump's] manhood. Tell him if he's not afraid of the challenge for the nomination he should demand the States hold their primaries. But he won't do it because he's not a man.
.@minakimes: can you direct me to real football players or baseball players having the same issues - on field & off - that kneeball players have? Aren't kneeball players mostly big, violent babies? Any cases from real football/baseball like O.J., Ray Lewis, Al Davis, etc. etc.?
Judd is a disgrace. Instead of asking *all* pols - GOP/Dems/etc - tough policy questions, he goes extremely easy on pols. Liberals used to demand Question Authority. MT @piptiegirl MT @DJJudd I jokingly asked Pete Buttigieg about @TOMFORD’s suggestion he tailor his suits...
.@BogusDickGrimm: @Olivianuzzi has access to r/w leaders, even to Trump. All she's ever done with that access is write anodyne pastiches that have had zero impact on anything. She's never once tried to press Trump proxies on the huge flaws in Trump's plans. She *helps* Trump.
News to me: perhaps America's most cherished chemical company - #Monsanto - is now part of #BayerAG - perhaps the world's most cherished conglomerate. #Bayer isn't just about aspirin & never has been! What a wonderful matchup! #MAGA #resist
.@jennlind72: your GIF is from football (a real sport), while @KU_Football plays kneeball. Kneeball is a pathetic attempt at a sport: tight ends, wide receivers, & dudes bending over. #NTTAWWT #Kansas
.@Kaelikyear: FYI, Trump's been hyping amnesty since at least August 2015. Amnesty is toxic to #MAGA, but Trump used tricky language. @jonathanchait could have easily stopped Trump by explaining to MAGA how pro-amnesty Trump is. He's a nobody but he could've done it. Did he?
.@garyandshannon: * Liverpool 4, Newcastle 0 * Fiorentina 1, Juventus 3 * Roma 2, Sassuolo 0 * Portland Timbers 2, D.C. United 3 #football = #soccer #GaSFantasy4Play
MT @RealDonaldTrump Space is Time.
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #2340 ("Try to top the #DemDebate, go ahead, I dare you"), 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with Rick Wakeman - Guinevere. Prog rock + ice dancing. #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@boltsfan850: @MarcACaputo cheers Rendell's weak, logical fallacy charge of "hypocrisy" on Warren. Point out to those who think he's a journalist that he won't call Warren on how incredibly pro-Big Biz she is on immigration.
As always, this is an open book exam. Kelly Ayotte once "wrote" a pro-Big Biz #immigration editorial that was one hoary talking point after another. Instead of simply using the same talking points, @AndrewYang *rewrote* them to make it look like he thought them up. #YangGang
Pretend Yang is a witness. How would you show him wrong to the jury? Hint: "intellectual plagiarism" is a start. MT @JLownLaw [Yang is basically paying people off]
.@anomeniss: Trump won because no one ever really pressed him on the huge flaws in his plans. I pointed them out 4+ years ago, but the MSM just pushed fluff like #DemDebate. If you & @BarbaraRansby want to stop Biden, then start demanding *tough* questions about *policy*.
Wajahat is paid by one of the world's richest men to push the pro-Big Biz NeoLiberal line (loose borders, free trade, globalism). Warren & Kamala are pro-Big Biz & might as well be working for his boss. MT @nerdypursuit MT @WajahatAli [Warren & Kamala are better because gender]
.@EbonyApplePy: Trump has been incredibly vulnerable *to his base* *on his plans* for 4+ years. Instead of using that against him to cut Trump's base of support, the only thing @TomSteyer has ever done is distract people like you by pushing things that will never happen.
.@MomForProgress: you know how Drudge/Fox/etc/etc/etc harp on things like Al Gore flying or snow during a "climate change" conference? @sunrisemvmt can't show them wrong. Their fellow travelers can't either; some even want to criminalize dissent. I suggest fixing that first.
There's no real football on #ESPN until Sunday: at 9am Pacific it's Roma vs Sassuolo, then at 12:30pm it's Portland Timbers vs. D.C. United. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist #AnnCoulter
.@HTAaron2: your biblical concerns about Buttigieg are certainly interesting, yet they only play with those who'd never vote for him no matter what. To undercut Pete to those like @thesethbishop, point out how incredibly pro-Big Biz Pete is on immigration. #DemocraticDebate
.@caribqueen_11: @PeteForAmerica is extremely pro-Big Biz on immigration. Trump is horrid & also pro-Big Biz, but Buttigieg would give U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, sweatshops, exploitative growers, etc. etc. all the cheap labor they crave. Pete's no liberal. #DemDebate
.@H2OEcologist: machine guns - full-auto *machine guns* - were freely available in the U.S. for at least 13 years. Besides the mob, how many mass shootings were there in all those years? @ChrisCuomo can't figure out that it's not the guns, it's the culture. #Fredo