And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day in a mellow way with this feel-good, bucolic, pastoral video about Trump's audience of Real Americans in red states: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #Arcadian
#Brewers & #Dodgers series is now tied 3-3, with final game tomorrow. Of course, millions won't see it or even know about it since #MLB is just trying to exploit #baseball for immediately profit rather than trying to grow the sport.
.@AndrewBerkshire: strike back smart! Point out to @ConradMBlack fans he thinks Trump "wall" is a viable plan. In fact, if Trump gets funding he'll have to trade amnesty for it. Then, Congress will neglect/demolish it when Trump's out of office. Black can't figure that out.
.@dseetharaman: pro-censorship sheeraf blog about RWN was heavily rewritten & even after that she was still obviously lying. noUpside said "This is going to be miscast as censorship. It isn’t", parroting every dictator ever. Real reporters should strongly oppose censorship. You?
And, that's how we know it's working. Lil' Honecker @NoUpside - who said "This is going to be miscast as censorship. It isn’t" - has blocked me. #censorship
.@pagemagen "did grade 9 math 4 times" per his bio. Do you think there's a correlation between that & being a Trump fan? Eg, how Trump "wall" is bogus should be obvious: Congress would neglect/demolish it when he's out of office. Do you think it's a viable idea?
Trump body slams reporters *for us*, real Americans in red states! #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
#Dodgers now have just 3 outs left and they're down 7-2 against the #Brewers. #DodgersDelendaEst
One of the holdups after #Katrina was #FEMA was waiting for air-conditioned buses. Paraphrasing a FEMA spox: "Americans need air-conditioning". For those with health issues, yes. For others: tough it the f up. USA today isn't exactly the Greatest Generation. #MAGA #resist
.@ericspillman: there's using your expense account, & then there are issues that have horrible complications for USA. Reporters - national or local - who think of Motel 6 as something they might "have to" do can't relate to those harmed by NeoLiberal policies (who elected Trump).
.@CrimeDefense: there are few Motel 6's I would be concerned about staying at (due to mold issues, possible crime, etc.) P.S. Your tweet was put into Twitter's "LowQuality" section, see my top tweet. Find a reporter to cover that if you don't like being called low quality.
This tweet seems to be missing an addressee: #idiocracy #doh #MAGA #resist
If I had to rank the most powerful groups that have helped Trump, it'd be: 1. #MAGA, of course. 2. The owls. 3. Celebs like Alyssa Milano, Rosie, DeNiro, etc. etc. 4. The MSM. For the last two groups it wasn't intentional. It's just a perfect storm of incompetence & corruption.
.@sbg1: you blog '“Trump Never Handles Anything Right”: The President Is Acting Like Saudi Arabia's Lawyer in the Khashoggi Affair'. You forget the key subtitle in everyone MSM story about Trump: "...and there's nothing we can do about it. In fact, we're going to *help* him."
.@brianstelter: hey Brian, even as Saddam was disappearing countless people & using chem weapons against his own citizens, CNN went easy on him in exchange for access. I'd say that's a good example of "moral compromise" at the very least. How about you, Brian?
In re #Dodgers vs #Brewers, it's still 5-2 Brewers in the bottom of the 7th. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@MooPersists @AmericanMousa: Khashoggi was just a troublemaker, working to make our President look bad and trying to cost the USA *billions* in jobs. Saudis did the world a favor & "got him outta here" for good! #MAGA!
.@InSpiteOfTrump has blocked me despite never tweeting it. (For those wondering what variety it is, t's a #TheResistance snowflake, not a #MAGA snowflake).
In May I told you about the data at my top tweet showing how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users. Not only that, they lie to all those users via ghosting. When will you call out Twitter for lying to millions *and* Trump/Parscale/GOP for lying about what Twitter does?
Like #InfoWars, I really hate the Un: #MAGA!
I hate the Un! However, I don't think Trump has helped by consistently hinting at amnesty. Migrants can figure out what he's saying even if you & #MAGA can't. MT @InfowarsReports #WarRoom LIVE!! National Emergency: Un Launches Invasion of United States Using #MigrantCaravan!
.@LisaMoraitis1 @EdKrassen: Saudis just got Khashoggi "outta here", literally! You liberals just don't get it. Khashoggi was just a troublemaker causing problems for a close ally & President Trump. Only snowflakes like you will miss him! #MAGA!
.@AndrewSimonMLB: check out Gallup's polling on baseball esp the demographics. Then, think about the fact that MLB consistently makes it *more* difficult for #baseball to get new/casual viewers by consistently hoeing out to Murdoch. Your employer greatly harms the sport.
.@RonniLaurie: *if* #Khashoggi was killed, the Saudis did the world a favor! He was a troublemaker making one of our close allies look bad & making things more difficult for Trump. Saudis did a good thing! #MAGA
One thing I've been consistent in is opposing Murdoch. That goes back even before I started my site. I like #FamilyGuy, #Simpsons, etc. but Murdoch should have never been given citizenship. #NLCS #Fox #MAGA #resist
.@AdamMcCalvy: Fox affiliate in #LosAngeles is showing a Big Bang Theory rererererererererun, while the Dodgers game is hidden to millions. Murdoch treats baseball like a specialty sport, greatly harming it. How can @MLB justify selling out to someone who harms the sport?
In tentatively good news, #Brewers are up 5-2 against #Dodgers in the 5th. #DodgersDelendaEst
.@bryanhoch: can you ask @MLB to explain how selling out to Murdoch who then hides the semifinals of a major sport on a channel millions don't get or know about, is good for the sport they unfortunately administer? In #LosAngeles, Fox affiliate has a Big Bang Theory rererererun.
.@askjillian @DorothyLucey: #KTLA can't show @Dodgers highlights due to rights. #Dodgers game isn't visible to millions. It isn't even trending! Please speak out against @MLB & Dodgers for selling out to Murdoch. They greatly harm the sport.
Greenbelt National Park is just 13 miles from #DC and they allow camping there. Here's my possibly outdated warning about NOT camping there: #NationalMall #ParkService #NPS #MAGA #resist
.@ericspillman: the Motel 6 in Framingham is a relatively cheap $72/night. There's also tent camping. That might do you some good.
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day with a peppy, upbeat, jazzy march celebrating the #GOP becoming Trump's party! #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@lisitzas: Trump's "wall" & his other #immigration ideas are horrible jokes, but @BetoORourke would help U.S. Chamber, Koch, Tyson Foods, Western Growers, WalMart, etc flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming U.S. workers. #TexasTownhall
.@wd5jlr: consider @MichaelAvenatti 's #immigration ideas in light of the fact that he's consistently helped Trump. Trump's a joke, but Avenatti would help Big Biz/U.S. Chamber/Koch flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming everyone except the wealthy.
Obviously, how U.S. cons oppose them doesn't work. See the real data at my pinned tweet & oppose censorship in a big tent way. MT @haloefekti: @JohnnyMcGarrity @TimNels97606557 @Emwold1 @WonderDeyan Both twitter and Facebook now partnered with Atlantic Council
.@bitingfriends @internetfreedom: FYI, Twitter censors about 20% to 50% of the replies to Trump officials whether elections are coming up or not. They probably heavily censor replies to Indian politicians too. Want to stop it? Get a reporter to cover the data at my pinned tweet.
Meanwhile back in a parking lot somewhere in Georgia: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Trump Believed His Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ Tweet Was Politically Brilliant". And it was! His owls got it right yet again! #AltRight #MAGA
.@Well1la: #CNN went easy on Saddam in exchange for access. They aren't interested in getting things right, questioning authority, etc. Try it out: challenge @DanaBashCNN to really press Cruz on how Trump's "wall" would be easily torn down. That's the last thing she'd do.
Good idea. MT @Catch767 [to Dana Bash] Make sure you straighten your hair nicely, I am sure your make up artist will take care of mascara, lipstick etc. Iron your cloths specially sleeves if you’re wearing long ones. Eat heavy lunch now & later light snacks! Best Wishes!
.@CeeReedy: the last thing @DanaBashCNN or anyone on #CNN does is ask tough questions. At #TexasTownhall, she only asked them to recite things easily found on their sites or in their stock speeches. CNN went easy on Saddam in exchange for access. They don't rock the boat.
Other than the #WorldSeries, the next real sport on real TV looks to be a #soccer doubleheader on Sunday. Atlanta United FC vs. Chicago Fire followed by Minnesota United FC vs. LA Galaxy. That starts at noon & I assume that means noon Pacific. #MAGA #resist
"Rihanna Declined Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Offer in Support of Colin Kaepernick". Good, keep us informed. In real sports news, the #WorldSeries starts Oct 23. It will *supposedly* all be on Fox. Although @MLB might decide to put it on PPV or something. #MAGA #resist
.@BillCorbett: Jason Miller (blocked me when he couldn't answer my policy questions) has sued @willmenaker for (allegedly) lying about him. At the least, Will'll spend $1000s on a lawyer. Which is better: that, or helping challenge Miller on how Trump's plans are unimplementable?
.@willmenaker: hey Will, there's one key detail that Ford should have mentioned if things had happened as she described. She remembers a related detail, but didn't mention that key detail. Can you figure out what it is?
It'd be better for USA to concentrate on how fake #TexasTownhall is: stooges asking Qs that just lead to canned replies. MT @PaulConservativ MT @GusParera: I choose tedcruz for #TXSen because betoorourke's "Medicare-for-All" plan would bankrupt Medicare for those who need it!
Price is now 13-1 in the postseason. #RedSox #Astros
In other news, the #RedSox stand a 99% chance of winning this game and the #ALCS. #Astros #MAGA #resist
As I've noted many times, 9/11 was a huge win for OBL. The attacks were minor compared to the changes he forced on the U.S. (TSA, surveillance, etc) enabled by those already keen to impose those (Poindexter, etc.) The hunt for "bots" & "trolls" is likewise a huge win for Putin.
.@justinhendrix: Khashoggi relied on free speech. Explain why anyone who supports free speech should side with lil' Honeckers like @swodinsky who try to quash dissent by using force against "bots" and "trolls"? You & her aren't that far from "get 'im outta here!" #TheResistance
.@Alkofide: the "troll"/"bot" hunt lil' Honeckers like @oneunderscore__ engage in is a far, far greater threat than propaganda. To undercut them, highlight the data at my pinned tweet showing how heavily Twitter censors all kinds of users. ~100 million users need to be worried.
There are only so many hours in the day! I'm too busy looking for Communists/Jews/Gypsies/Dissidents/Anarchists/Counterrevolutionaries/Antidisestablishmentarians/etc/etc. After that I'll help you quash those bots/trolls. MT @benimmo Anyone looked for other IRA accounts on Gab?
#Twitter says 1 person replied to this, but I can't see it logged in or logged out. #censorship
OK, for the first time, I was wrong. #Astros #RedSox
He looked out to moi. #Astros #RedSox
Happy Houstonian with a 25ozer is happy for homer. #Astros #RedSox
Of course you keep your autonomy and privacy after getting the #Google operation! Say, have you gotten the #Google operation yet? It only take a few hours & you get search results *much quicker*! Plus, Google can track your movements even closer to keep you safe! #ALCS #resist
Look: #Google knows where I am and what I'm doing at all points during the day already. Why not get the implant so I can get their search results with the links to #Wikipedia quicker? I mean, really, what's the harm? #ALCS #MAGA #resist #succulents
.@NRafter: that's a cute saying, but you'll never figuratively drown Trump in mud: mud is his element. The only solution - which also happens to be smart, sane, & patriotic - is the stump site in my bio. How about asking those w/ megaphones why they refuse to help with it?
.@GlenBikes: at the end of the day, there's no significant difference between the #immigration stance of U.S. Chamber, the #Koch bros, Tyson Foods, etc & @SierraClubSEA, @SierraClubCA, etc. Would you publicly side w/ the Koch bros? Why do Koch etc want mass immigration?
.@GlenBikes: this happened a decade before Trump's run & has 0 to do with Trump. If you spent 10 seconds reading my feed you might see I really dislike Trump. This is about the best policies. @SierraClubSEA, @SierraClubCA, etc side w/ USChamber & Koch against workers.
#Astros fans know to stay away when Betts tries to catch a potential homer. #RedSox #MAGA #resist
3 run homer off Verlander, #RedSox up 4-0. #Astros #MAGA #resist
.@IanMBrowne: I heard on TBS (basic cable?) that @MLB RTs nice tweets but doesn't want "mean" tweets. Is it mean to point out that MLB greatly harms the sport they're a caretaker of by hoeing themselves out to Murdoch, who hides it on a channel millions don't get?
Saving some bile for zaftrak, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this tale about Trump, all alone against The Swamp. Who will win? #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@EntheosShines: @PrisonPlanet has consistently *helped* Twitter censorship. The data at my top tweet shows how incredibly vulnerable they are, but PJW has *helped* them by falsely pretending only cons are censored. He shrinks the tent, reduces the opposition to their censorship.
Do you think that might be due to choosing extremely flawed leaders like Farage, a Col Blimp knockoff who's now a Fox fixture? MT @AnnBank41695841 MT @just1ncredible4: @GerardBattenMEP @Robbo1992x The will of Britain’s people is being ignored
.@BrianKolfage: your pals are no help against censorship: they only oppose censorship of those who agree with them & that doesn't count. They *help* the censors. Eg, @GetOnGab knows about the data at my top tweet but refuses to use it against Twitter. You have false friends.
Everything both #MAGA & #TheResistance whine about is an admission of guilt. They could solve all the things they whine about, if only they were competent. Ironically, the more they whine & thus admit their own incompetence, the more popular they get.
That seems like a layup, a gimme. Something you could easily stop if you were competent. What's keeping you? MT @MarkDice Are you guys aware Facebook just shut down a triple amputee Iraq veterans' page which had over 3 million followers as part of their latest purge?
Meanwhile back at Stonybrook in 1968 while Trump was on his 4th 'Nam tour, it's Soft White Underbelly - Buddhas Knee: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Trump cultist & snowflake @HopeReeder has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
Further daring the Twitter translation gendarmes, 24Ahead tweets "Yasemin Mori - Aslında Bir Konu Var": #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@gran4702: Jared Polis got the "Quisling Award" from the MX govt for enabling illegal #immigration (the "Ohtli", see my site). You'd think this'd be a layup for @WalkerStapleton but since the #GOP won't let him go after Polis where he's weakest & he can't think for himself...
.@barris4congress: hey Roger, @jaredpolis is a quisling. He helped a foreign country enable massive illegal activity for foreign gain. Read through this with an open mind, then be a patriot & oppose the quisling:
Darning the Twitter transliteration & translation Polizei, 24Ahead dares tweet Arkona-Po Syroi Zemle: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
The thing about #California propositions is you hate one side with every fiber of your being, but you hate the other side *even more*. There are never good guys. #MAGA #resist
How do I weigh that against the fact that you support same #immigration stance as the Koch bros & your brilliant ideas to oppose Trump consist of childish screaming? Explain. MT @CAStateStrong Voters should reject Prop 3 on both principle & substance - sfchronicle #NoOnProp3
Unhappy Trump is unhappy: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@glennbeck: lil' Honeckers like @OliverDarcy are a much, much, much bigger threat than Farrakhan, Alt Right, etc. etc. The way to undercut them is to highlight the real data at my top tweet showing Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. Over 100 million need to worry.
Meanwhile, Trump proxies are out on the taiga being pursued by wolves: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@GlenBikes: @SierraClubSEA, @SierraClubCA, etc. used to oppose mass #immigration. That was before a billionaire showed up & changed their minds. They're as venal & corrupt as Trump.
Yasemin Mori - Nolur Nolur Nolur: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
**chambers of commerce**?? You realize that's a huge red flag, right? #OfficialVoterGuide MT @CAYesOnProp2 #Prop2 will build housing connected to mental health svcs -- & we’re proud to have support from hundreds of labor organizations, business groups, and chambers of commerce
Trump's #RedSox win on a great Benintendi catch after Kimbrel walked two! #Astros #MAGA #resist
This is October baseball: bases loaded, 2 outs. #Astros #RedSox
Great Reddick catch. #Astros #RedSox
Trump's #RedSox have bases loaded, 2 outs. #Astros #MAGA #resist
.@FreeWildHorses: @ToddGloria is mired in identity politics: without things he had no control over, he'd be nothing. He's not his own man. Not only that, he stands with the Chamber of Commerce in supporting #Prop1. I suggest finding better allies.
.@ToddGloria is "California’s first Native American-Filipino-Puerto Rican-Dutch-LGBT Assemblyman". He really won the sperm lotto, didn't he? #Gramsci #SJW #NPC #MAGA #resist
#Prop1 seems like an easy no for our #OfficialVoterGuide given the sleazy Chamber & thus obvious graft. Yet, the OCRegister opposes. TODO: research. MT @CAYesOnProp1 Proud to have your support, @LAAreaChamber! #Prop1 will build housing, create jobs, and support local economies.
Betts throws out Kemp. I wouldn't call that a mistake, just being aggressive and losing. You takes your chances. #Astros #RedSox
#RedSox go up 8-5. #Astros #MAGA #resist
Q. What *is* with all the wild pitches and passed balls? A. Trump. All the players are worried about what he's doing to the USA. #ALCS #NLCS #MAGA #resist
.@benboychuk: can you answer the question Mytheos blocked me over, or are you as intellectually weak as he is? Either Trump ramped up screening enough (& his bans weren't necessary) or he endangered the USA. There's no middle ground. Which of those is it, M-y-t-h-e-o-s Ben?
In addition to being an obscure Internet joke, Mytheos has never been able to answer basic questions about his idol. If he were capable of "sage advice", wouldn't he be able to show me wrong? MT @benboychuk Sage advice from @MytheosHolt. Read it all-only at @theamgreatness
Simple minded r/w grifter @mytheosholt has blocked me, after never once being able to defend his "ideas":
Fiscal cons do incredible harm in many ways: their policies harm most Americans when enacted and even when not enacted they distract from opposing SJWs. They've actively worked to harm #California. #MAGA #TheResistance
Despite everything else, @noprop6 is also a very easy call. Supporters are the ultra-sleazy @voteyesonprop6, @carldemaio, @JohnAndKenShow, etc. Fiscal cons are completely scum & no use on things that actually matter. They need to be completely trounced. #California
Aside from picking up Osuna - which does not seem to have worked out too well for them - I'd be OK with #Astros in the #WorldSeries. However, before DSes I picked #RedSox to win it all and I'm looking real good so far. #ALCS