Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #44 ("Close broadcast day with something medieval, with a bagpipe and a harp or something") 24Ahead does as suggested: #MusicSaturday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@stephaniequilao: Amy Goodman could have done a lot more against Bloomberg if she'd asked him truly tough questions. Instead, she spent most of the video talking about asking a question, & what she asked was extremely weak. @johncusack isn't doing you any good.
.@fret4yourprozac: the smart, easy way to undercut Trump has always been not to boo him like kids, but to act like adults & engage him & his proxies in debate. @IronStache is too much of a child to do that. P.S. Randy's immigration stance is also very pro-Big Biz. He's fake.
.@mediadiscounter: @rafaelshimunov hypes Amy Goodman trying to ask Bloomberg a question & getting rebuffed. Amy does most of the talking on the 2 minute vid. She could've asked 10 actually tough questions in that time, instead it was just 1 very weak one. Don't be fooled.
Name the toughest question Shuham - or non-blogger reporters - has ever asked anyone. Zeleny's "enchanted" question perhaps? MT @UberFrood MT @mattshuham [blogs Ivanka only took puffball questions from employee in Qatar rather than tough press questions]
"Representative Jeff Van Drew, Anti-Impeachment Democrat, Plans to Switch Parties". #TheResistance = #idiocracy
.@ChamberlainDr: Thunberg could have greatly undercut Trump to his base if, instead of wrestling in the mud with Trump, she had just demanded a debate & pointed out he's too weak to agree. Now, SJWs like @nancyjosales also just help Trump by acting like snowflakes.
.@redwardprice719: what'd really help the USA is encouraging real debate. That's what Thunberg should have done: she could have really put Trump on the spot by just demanding that & pointing out Trump's too weak to do it. @joncoopertweets can't figure that out.
.@nancylevine: if @joncoopertweets were smart, he could turn Trump's Thunberg smear around on him & show him wrong to his base. I can figure out how to do that, Cooper simply isn't smart enough. Instead, Cooper gives the (supposed) bully what he wants. Pathetic.
.@benfluencer: Trump's Thunberg smear was a great opportunity to undercut Trump to his base, if handled correctly. Instead, those like @B52Malmet just play the victimization card. At the best, that just helps Trump portray his opponents as fragile snowflakes who play cards.
"Under past presidents, we sucked at the Olympics. We came in last against Germany, Ukraine, even countries I've never heard of. Well, all that's going to change, Ainsley! I'm taking over as luge coach & captain... There isn't much to it, just sitting." #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #2390423 ("Rudy to me Lev told me Vlad told me to strongly suggest you close broadcast day with Arkona - Rus'") 24Ahead does as strongly suggested: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@94c2500: @PrisonPlanet has consistently - up until just recently - pretended that Twitter only censors "alternative voices". That divides & helps Twitter conquer, shrinking the possible opposition to their censorship. Paul Watson in effect *helps* Twitter censor millions.
.@dhanuraashi: if @dbessner really wants to undercut billionaires controlling the media rather than just shutting up opponents, here's the plan for him. Ask him when he'll help with it. If he doesn't, he's on the wrong side.
Sad. MT @dbessner sad to see knee-jerk journo neg hits to my tweet calling for the regulation of media and the envisioning of alternative information orders in which billionaires don’t totally control the means of communication...
Speaking about David Gilmour - Wish You Were Here (Live At Pompeii): #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@sunnydeveloper: idea that @vijaya believes in an open anything is ludicrous. Vijaya censors about 1/2 the replies to Iran's dictator Rouhani. See the real data at my pinned tweet (you can easily reproduce that). She lies to millions via ghosting. How can you trust her?
.@RobertGabrielA5: @RevDrBarber strongly supports mass immigration. That's exactly what Big Biz wants: they want to increase the labor supply to lower wages. That'd be great for them (cheaper labor) *and* for Barber (more poor people). He's corrupt.
.@mcclure111: FYI, Twitter heavily censors millions around the world, including dissidents replying to everyone from Ajit Pai to Medvedev to Rouhani. See the real data at my pinned tweet. You can easily reproduce that data manually as described at the link.
.@Fegan: FYI, Twitter heavily censors replies to leaders around the world. Everyone from from Ajit Pai to Medvedev to Rouhani. See the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet. @vijaya is about as credible as Trump.
.@marknadal: @vijaya claiming support for a "free and open internet" is beyond ironic. She silences half of those replying to Iran's dictator Rouhani. See the reports from the open source app at my pinned tweet. You can easily reproduce them manually. She's lying to you.
Speaking about David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Live At Pompeii): #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Here, have a meltdown: MT @supercyle [ballless; he's endlessly apologized] MT @finneganLAT [ballless; gets learning panties in a wad over Cenk Uygur's] "crude sex ratings of women"
.@JustWhatNowWhy @olgaNYC1211: if you really want to undercut Rudy to MAGA - not just to those who agree with you - then hype this:
Speaking about Steely Dan - The Royal Scam: #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Ray_man20: as @Chris_SactoCA points out, if only Cenk would enter a reeducation program he could be rehabilitated.
He got hoist on his own SJW petard. Bernie wimped out, now Cenk wimps out by wishing Bernie the best. MT @EmmaVigeland [@cenkuygur] has been best boss and has only ever been empowering and lovely... These attacks [that caused Bernie to drop him] are in such grotesque bad faith
On Sunday, ESPN has another few U14 soccer matches and at 11:30am (Pacific) it's Florence vs. Inter Milan. Stock up because there's NO REAL FOOTBALL ON ESPN UNTIL AFTER JANUARY 11, 2020. #football = #soccer @TaylorTwellman
In real football news, ESPN on Saturday from 8am to 5pm (Pacific) has 5 - count 'em, 5 - real football matches. The kicker is they're all U14. Hey, better than nothing. #football = #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@AllanSchlosser: Rudy is about as un-MAGA as you can get: he's pro-national ID (despite an advisor admitting its huge flaws), he's pro-amnesty, he profiteered off TTC, he extolled Rockefeller... Those like @kenvogel don't even know about that. If they did, they wouldn't use it.
IA_Forum wants to run the world, but they aren't smart enough to figure out how to undercut simpletons like Trump. MT @Leslie_resists MT @IA_Forum [hypes MaxBoot admitting he doesn't know how to undercut Trump]
Oh man. MT @endo_nos [Boris Johnson/Trump/etc are] raw demagoguery that owes its success to white fear and loathing of a borderless, multi-ethnic, multicultural West
.@DanODonnellShow: congrats on the @MaxBoot shoutout. Re his blog "Populist nationalism is on the march. No one seems to know how to stop it." he admits he & his circle simply aren't smart enough to undercut it. IOW, he admits he's worthless to his fans. Point that out to them.
"On impeachment, Democrats can put Republicans on defense. Here’s how." In the #WaPo... by... [wait for it]... Greg Sargent & Paul Waldman. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
Speaking about barbers, I waited & waited & waited for a haircut, just because it was on sale. Speaking about Becker, here's Steely Dan with Kid Charlemagne: #Trump2020 #MAGA #resist #MusicFriday #NowPlaying
.@KarensComebacks: plus, what @isaacstanbecker will never tell you is that William Barber/Poor People's Campaign would *increase* poverty by increasing immigration. That'd increase the labor supply & lower wages. Both Becker & Barber are, despite their bluster, Big Biz lackeys.
The establishment/establishment lackey silos those like you try to build beat them 7 days a week. Your circle are cossetted low-watts who've never been able to undercut a simpleton. MT @agearan Trump supporters gathered in social media silos to cheer on the president...
.@MediaActive: @isaacstanbecker blogs "Fact-based impeachment can't penetrate the pro-Trump Web". Some of his facts are disputable or at least his take on them. More importantly, no one like him has ever been able to come up with something that'd work. Don't enable dolts.
The #Trump2020 ads practically write themselves. @HouseJudiciary might as well collect a salary from Trump. Not only would they silence 10s of millions of voters, they've *never* shown Trump wrong to his base. MT @bcScience_ The "I" will be on Trump's permanent record.
.@apaladino: also, in his latest ad, @TomSteyer admits that his bank engaged in racial and gender discrimination. Point that out to both his fans & opponents. Also point out to them that he & all those he's hired aren't smart enough to keep him from admitting it on TV.
I can guarantee that 99% of America has no idea what a tough question is, they're so used to the puffballs that CNN/Fox/MSNBC/MSM gently lob at politicians. Many think something that only confirms what they already believed is a tough question. #MAGA #resist
.@01_remme: you can take @Shakespeare527 advice & march (making lots of contacts for the pity parties after Trump's reelected), *or* you can decide to do smart things. Re the second: shame those like Don Lemon (whose weak questions helped Trump) into finally asking tough ones.
.@RANTINGtheBLUES: o/c impeachment is a loser. It'll just help Trump. @donlemon also asked Rapinoe if she was watching the hearings & what she thought. What could anyone expect her to answer? Why ask such an incredibly weak question? He also doesn't know Lavelle was the key.
Maybe I'm just smarter & more experienced, but I don't fully reject "MAGA politics" (very broadly defined) If we made you president, how many more/fewer workers would there be in the USA 4 years on? MT @NewGopforUSA Maybe it’s my age but I’m GOP and fully reject MAGA politics
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #34204763 ("I hereby decree that we will build the wall and send the Space Force to the stars using Van Der Graaf Generators!"), 24Ahead close broadcast day: #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@AlevyCamson: hey Alevy, @AndrewYang intentionally plagiarized his immigration stance. He took the same boilerplate other candidates say (given to them by DNC/RNC/Big Biz) but slightly changed the wording hoping people like you wouldn't notice. That's like something Trump'd do.
Sorry, I'm going to take a moment. I'm still broke up about the #Newseum closing. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@MannRomano: Trump's horrific, but here's a tangible example of how the media - despite their constant self-mythologizing - can't be trusted. Challenge @pbump to look into these & dozens of other cookie cutter propaganda pieces, see what happens.
As any poll shows, it's not just GOP. Few trust people like you because you tend to lie a lot. RT @pbump Republicans who strongly support Trump think journalists have low ethical standards, have lower trust in the media and don't think the media acts as a check on the powerful
"Bill Weld: As many as six GOP senators privately support convicting Trump". Wow!!!!!!! Just 16 short of the necessary number. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
.@GPerfPBS: no thanks. I prefer your Michael Buble show. Now that's what I call a Great Performance! #MAGA!
.@drz5: if @Haleaziz were a real reporter, he'd follow the money on mass immigration. Who wants to profit from it and what do they hope to gain? Trump's horrific, but Hamed pushes the Koch/NeoLiberal line: loose borders, free trade, and globalism. Those like him only help Trump.
How many billions around the world are poorer than Mexicans? How many would you be OK with coming here? Does Big Biz strongly support/support/oppose/strongly oppose mass immigration and why? MT @MyLadyBrownDog ...maybe stop locking up desperate people seeking refuge...
- BREAKING - #Trump2020 - fleet of #MAGA starships - the comet - castration - black Nikes #DIYJokeKit
.@TheSharkPunch: Trump's horrific, but the policies those like @Haleaziz push has resulted in hundreds of deaths. And, all to help corrupt Big Biz & corrupt politicians.
.@TassinCharles: so, your main & only argument against @RepMattGaetz appears to be a mug shot, much like the main & only GOP argument against Hunter Biden. Name a specific Gaetz *policy* you disagree with & explain to me why you think he's wrong.
.@jch2407_girl: Dems want to silence 10s of millions of Americans who voted for Trump & they've never once - not even about something minor - been willing or able to engage Trump on the ginormous flaws in his plans and show him wrong. Impeachment = cheating due to low-wattage.
A self-hating racist should be a big fan of Steyer supporting reparations. He'd have you pay not for anything you did but just for your skin color. MT @the79show [to #TomSteyer] Your ilk has created these problems... step aside so that a woman or person of color can rise up.
.@HudsonAndrews1: point out to Steyer fans that he supports reparations. Point out to them that he thinks one group should pay another group not for anything they did, but simply for the color of their skin. It's an inherently racist and un-American idea.
.@DrJeremyTeuton: impeachment = silencing 10s of millions. Steyer's as much a wannabe dictator as Trump. He could have easily stopped or greatly undercut Trump if instead he'd helped efforts to engage Trump & his proxies in Socratic debate about the huge flaws in Trump's plans.
.@UrbanDoulaPro: why is Bloomberg giving $10 mil to help Dems facing GOP attacks over pushing impeachment, & why do you want @AaronTBurgess to get Steyer on board? I thought impeachment was an unqualified winner, at least based on Steyer's spiel. Are you saying it helps Trump??
.@ScottK1575: if you really want to undercut those like @AaronTBurgess, help find smart people to come up with very tough policy questions for him. Then, ask him those questions at his events & upload video of it to Youtube. I'll even pay for the videos: ifwdus/yahoo.
.@RavensNation57: as you watch @Ravens, bear in mind that many of their players support BLM. Those players want you to pay reparations not for anything you did, but just because of the color of your skin.
.@NFL: that's kneeball aka NFLBLM. This is real football:
.@perezed: ESPN suits have SAD + OCD. They can't conceive of showing baseball now, even though they could pick up Caribbean ball cheap and give millions of viewers a real alternative (cornhole doesn't count).
"I am the Crown Of Creation!" Trump bellowed on the National Mall as he led millions of Patriots on the March Against Congressional Witchhunts. "Close broadcast day with Jefferson Airplane, I decree you!" #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@morgfair: @vermontgmg claims "Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security". I'm no fan & I don't watch it. But, isn't that exactly like something Trump would say about CNN? Trump's a totalitarian who'd shut down CNN if he had a chance. Graff isn't any different about Fox.
.@mkguliford: hey Meg, @dandrezner claims Trump was convicted of a very serious violent felony. Is that the case, or is Drezner a liar?
.@loosebricks: @dandrezner says Trump has a "history" of "sexual assault". Drezner is naming an actual, unambiguous crime and claiming Trump has been convicted of it. When did that happen? (Note: I'm hoping you aren't as hazy & dismissive of the Constitution as Drezner)
Trump has lost yet another battle: he appears to have given up on dissolving the Office of Personnel Management. Mulvaney has been working on the plan for 18 months. #MAGA #resist #idiocracy
#Angels signed Anthony Rendon. They've squandered Mike Trout for years & now they're finally getting serious.
.@oscoopie: on the View today, @govchristie said it's "awful..time when you are allowing folks to be able to express these kind of views [and that we need to] drown their voices out". That's exactly what SJWs want. Christie is as much an anti-First totalitarian as the worst SJW.
.@CarlPerspective: Chris Christie said something extremely un-American today. What are the chances of #TheResistance ever using things like that against him, rather than making pointless attempts at jokes that don't do anything?
.@DellKennedy4: @JoyVBehar tried to blame the Jersey City shootings on "white nationalists". Was that an accurate assumption on her part? Should newsreaders make inflammatory, racist claims before having all the facts?
.@Lorraine_Bracco: hey Lorraine, @JoyVBehar said this about the Jersey City shootings: "You will concede that the nationals - these white nationalists have been let out of their holes". What group did the main Jersey City shooter used to belong to? Is Behar credible?
.@3Disruptor: @JDiamond1 catches Trump in a lie (or misstatement). He doesn't have the guts to ask Trump to retract his claim. Warren's UHC would greatly increase labor supply of lower-waged workers, increasing costs/decreasing income. @JDiamond1 is too corrupt to mention that.
#TomSteyer has to be the dimmest self-made (allowing great leeway on the use of that term) billionaires I've ever heard of. He's obviously dimmer than Trump: he's never been able to undercut him to his base.
.@dadofccx3: wait, you agree with Steyer on reparations? Have blacks in general done things that have cost whites in general money or worse? Will that be factored in? P.S. In an ad, Steyer crows about engaging in racial & gender discrimination. Do you support that too?
RT @TomSteyer African Americans are long overdue for equality and equity in this country. Reparations are only the tip of the iceberg.
.@PattyThomas: hi Patty. In an ad, @TomSteyer crows about favoring giving loans to women & minorities in some kind of bank he had. Steyer admits he engaged in racial & gender discrimination: "no white males need apply" in so many words. And, Steyer admitted that in his own ad!
What "trend" is Steyer referring to? Is it really a "trend" [back it up with reproducible facts]? P.S. In an ad, Steyer *crows* about engaging in discrimination. He's very dim. MT @CRS8765 MT @TomSteyer [denounce this disturbing trend in our society [eg, Jersey City shooting]
Is anyone who's *on the fence* taken in by the Dem dissemblers & their pleas to silence tens of millions of voters "for the children"? The #GOP reps make a much better case, & my follower knows who much I dislike Trump & GOP. #impeachment #MAGA #resist
Pursuant to Trump Official Executive Order #2135913 ("Close broadcast day with Anne Briggs - She Moved Through The Fair as a sign of defiance against the Deep State Witchhunt of Me. Me!") we do as suggested: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
How can Norwegians understand Scottish when I practically need subtitles? #Shetland
.@EvelynT56526319: full auto machine guns were available in the U.S. for over a decade with few if any spree shootings, and CA/CH/etc have plenty of guns without spree shootings. @megomatz isn't intellectually honest. If she were she'd admit it's a cultural/economic issue.
.@megomatz: 8 hours later after you blog about dangerous Floridian kids. No likes, 2 RTs, this the first reply. Did you ever imagine you're doing it wrong? Full auto machine guns were legal for over a decade. How many spree shootings were there in that time?
.@OKCUAlumni: have you seen "Student expelled by law school after posting ‘It’s OK to be white’ flyers: report" by @jenniferkabbany? No one expects much from the "Oklahoma City University" esp its "Law School". E.g., none of alumni could figure out the problems with that.
.@AtotheOD: obviously, you & Henshall weren't case for your running abilities (joke). Not a joke: Brexit & Trump (at least per his bluster, albeit not his pro-Koch policies) would cost the elites money. That's why #Shetland has a far-right storyline. It's about $ not drama.
The Saudi Pensacola terrorist appears to have entered the USA on Trump's watch, notwithstanding his Muslim ban. That seems like something #TheResistance could use to undercut Trump to his base, if they weren't so incredibly, unbelievably stupid & deranged.
.@LegionBobo: @Will_Bunch admits ("With GOP certain to acquit Trump") impeachment is futile. It'll just help him like all the other "Resistance" stunts. My plan is to challenge Trump proxies on how Trump's plans are unimplementable, undercutting him to his base. Which is smart?
.@AngelWest: have you seen "Federal judge blocks use of billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build border wall"? In hindsight, which is smarter: @AnnCoulter relying on vaporware, or just making smart anti-amnesty arguments targeted *to liberals* designed to undercut Pelosi?
.@LoaphMeat: @kendallkarson blogs that Yang is now "lone candidate of color". How does Yang's skin tone reflect itself in his policies? Is his, for instance, tax stance imbued with the lessons from his skin tone? Should Persons of Pallor vote for him or just Persons of Color?
.@dajmeyer: re @quinnscanlan blog that Yang is now "lone candidate of color", how does his skin tone reflect itself in his policies? E.g., he plagiarized his immigration stance from others who were given the same stance. What other policies are influenced by his skin tone?
He doesn't have to, because r/w leaders only make arguments that appeal to ~5% of Bay Area's population. Arguments targeted *to liberals* would really hurt him. MT @JacksonBockus [to @sliccardo] remember when you tried to get the county to weaken its sanctuary policies?
.@DickieV @DShulman_ESPN: Dominican Republic is 20F warmer than NYC right now. Wouldn't you rather be there? (Note: that assumes a fantastic parallel universe where ESPN suits realize that people would watch baseball in the winter & realize they could pick it up for cheap.)
If MB were a leader - or even just a good salesman - he'd realize 10s of millions disagree with him on that & he'd attempt to make persuasive arguments to them. Has he done that? MT @coachegge @MikeBloomberg thanks for taking a leadership role on climate change
Ditch the ad homs. Seek help converting your concerns into tough Socratic questions. Start an effort to ask @Mike2020 those questions on video at his events (I'll even pay people to do it). MT @NotReallyaDr [policy concerns flawed by ad homs]
Jennifer on #Jeopardy is very attractive in a lot of ways.
Bloomberg ad crows that he took on "Big Coal" & closed plants. How many PA/WV workers were harmed by his actions, Stu? MT @stuloeser Mike2020 is hard at work in Pennsylvania
"I've got a special project I've been working on, Tucker. You know the Moon, right? Well, in my second term we're going there. For real this time!" "Wow, thank you, President Trump!" #MAGA #resist