I made it through 30 seconds of this absolute dreck. So, why close with it? To remind you yet again that there are few things worse than Trump. Horrid as this it, it's better than Trump. #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@CyndeVita: Trump wouldn't turn on evangelicals because he knows he needs their support. Think about @JxhnBinder, Breitbart, etc in that light. If Trump thought he needed their support, would he push amnesty? Binder etc are capons.
.@RoKeT_gal: all @JxhnBinder, @kausmickey, & Trump have ever had to do was make arguments that undercut the Dem base to their leaders. That's what would finally stop amnesty. Have Binder, Kaus, Trump, Coulter, etc done that or have they just used immigration for personal gain?
.@realjayberger: hey @Jay, when has the Hannity-style "hypocrisy!" that @FAIRImmigration & @JxhnBinder engage in ever worked, either when @MAGA does it or #TheResistance does it? Please list specific examples of it working. If you can't you admit they're just worthless. Which?
Want to feel old? Megan Lee Heart - who, despite her Southern accent & certain other things I always kinda liked - probably last tweeted & Facebooked (now gone) before the Trump Imperium. #Youtube #MAGA #resist
FAIR's argument is non-sequitur, plus it's never worked. Show me wrong! Give me example of "hypocrisy!" stopping an immigration plan. My plans are designed to actually work. MT @TheeJimmyWood MT @FAIRImmigration: Jeff Landry: Pelosi Opposes Wall Yet She Has One Around Her Yard
.@mikeyj4460: FYI, @RoyBeck_NUSA is just a scammer. Read this with an open mind, then ask them about it & allow me to answer (if they reply). It's great they speak out against Trump's amnesty. They just refuse to help stop it.
What happens to the illegal aliens at the end of their 3-year amnesty Trump is eager to give them? Do they get on flights and go home? MT @Michell01462830 [to Roy Beck] There is no amnesty in [Trump's amnesty] proposal
I don't like movies, but this looks like a good new movie: #MAGA #resist
Everyone knows where they stand. You're acting like a cultist. Just admit that Trump is pro-amnesty. Then be patriotic enough to oppose it. MT @HughGilmartinJr NO RoyBeck_NUSA this is a negioating ploy by Trump to detdermine just where EXACTLY Pelosi and Schumer stand
.@flightbomb: @TheToddSchulte is a Zuckerberg lackey, paid to help Zuck reduce labor costs. As a "Union Activist", you should oppose attempts by billionaires to reduce wages.
The Goodlatte bill included an amnesty. Did you know that & support amnesty, or did you get duped by the pro-amnesty Breitbart etc.? MT @tyoung444 [to the Numbers USA grifter, Roy Beck] Specifically blame Paul Ryan who did not support the Goodlatte bill...
.@mattsteinglass: hey Matt, @mattyglesias has a corporate-sponsored blog (GE!) He has lots of resources available. Have he or #Vox in general had any impact on Trump or his base? Changed their mind, forced them to change for the better, or anything like that? What use is he?
.@ProofBlog: Trump has repeatedly hinted at or outright pushed amnesty, going back years. His 2015 plan was a ripoff of the Flake/Gutierrez amnesty. I've opposed Trump since Day One, @kausmickey has constantly enabled Trump. Enabling Kaus & other grifters is enabling amnesty.
Dogs learn. Parakeets learn. Fish learn. Nothing shows that #MAGA & #TheResistance are capable of learning.
Hey Ed, over 2 years ago I pointed out Kaus enables Trump's amnesty plans. By continuing to enable Kaus & other grifters you enable amnesty. When are you going to learn, Ed? MT @Ed_Realist ...@kausmickey is probably smarter, though...
.@FrankBruni: hey Frank, have you & your pals ever not just *helped* Trump? Be honest now. MSM simply isn't smart enough - raw brainpower smart & street smart - to take him on. TRUMP SUPPORTS AMNESTY. Unless that's the first & last thing you say, you're opposing Trump wrong.
.@taraleecarlson: I'll leave your libel for court. In the meantime, thanks for helping me show yet again that Trump fans are truly despicable people. What makes you think I support what happened to the Cov Cath kids? Is there some specific tweet you can point to?
.@Toobad86888516: I've written 1000s of immigration posts; I oppose illegal & massive legal. Illegal is worse, but that doesn't mean mass legal immigration is any good either. @GovGaryJohnson would flood USA w cheap foreign labor, reducing wages to world levels. @jerodmcdaniel
#Popeyes Tuesday Specials used to be $1. Then they were ~$1.29. Last time I went they were up to ~$1.69. Now they're up to $2. If they're passing this on to their employees I can live with it. Otherwise, that's nuts. #LosAngeles #EagleRock #MAGA #resist #FightFor15
.@IanDarke @juliefoudy: thank #ESPN execs for showing #USWNT today. #soccer #MAGA #resist
Remember the teens? Boat bands, stroking rabbits, & walking through fields of sunflowers were common during the late Trump Era. 24Ahead thus close broadcast day: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@RoKeT_gal: the solution to illegal immigration & amnesty is simple: just turn enough of the Dem base against it. That'll make Pelosi etc back off amnesty. @kausmickey, Coulter, & the other scammers refuse to help with that even tho it'd work. Ask why they won't even try it.
.@RoKeT_gal: #GOP leaders have always supported amnesty: they've captive to Big Biz. The real problem lies with grifters like Coulter & the Venice dumpster diver, @kausmickey. They enabled Trump every step of the way rather than trying to nudge him away from amnesty.
.@riwired: Trump pushes amnesty *despite* @NumbersUSA. If they were a threat to Trump's amnesty, Trump wouldn't push it. NUSA is toothless because they refuse to use smart tactics that I've begged them to use:
.@daisie_blasie: @DanielDenvir says "the establishment" pushes border security to "placate nativists". In fact, they do that to get a very pro-Big Biz amnesty. Look at Trump: he pushes amnesty but uses the "wall" to distract his fans. Trump's a POS, but Danny sides with Big Biz.
.@watinsky @PanderHandy: FYI, @4US_Workers is part of the problem. Read this with an open mind. Don't just reflexively react, ask her to explain what she didn't do:
.@hrothenb - yet another MAGA lil' Honecker - has blocked me for opposing amnesty:
.@EmmettMiche11em: Trump shot someone on 5th Ave & is getting away with it. He supports *amnesty*. That's like if Bernie supported bump stocks. @CharlesPPierce @HeerJeet @EricLevitz etc simply aren't smart enough to take advantage of it by helping separate Trump from his base.
#TheResistance gathers in local forests & parks to protest Trump's efforts to roll back regulations that keep America from being great again! #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #EmploymentPreventionAgency
.@rickyj915: @CortesSteve & other Trump proxies get away with it because of all the people like you. Trump IS PUSHING AMNESTY. Either Cortes supports that & wants to destroy his career, or he'll actively oppose it (separating him from Trump). How about just concentrating on that?
I'm going to try something new: I'll pick three Dokuz Sekiz chick singer videos at random & choose the best one. Then, you'll have to watch it. Ready? Let's go. #MusicMonday #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist
Today's PCs have the computing power of rooms and rooms of supercomputers from decades past. Today's people, OTOH, have gotten a *lot* dumber than people from decades past. #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
The 24Ahead Dokuz Sekiz Music Fest random runner-ups are "Aydilge - Gece Uyku Tutmazsa" (perky, bf) & Dilek Kavraal - Yazıp Yazıp Sildiklerim. However, the winner is Merve Yavuz - Sol Yanım: #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@Maureen_OHara: help force @CortesSteve to either openly & actively oppose Trump's amnesty (separating him from Trump) or anything else (& destroying his future career for being pro-amnesty). Trump put Steve in a terrible spot but if no one else forces the issue Trump wins.
Unlike Trump, he didn't suffer from "bone spurs". MT @CortesSteve Good morning and happy angel birthday to Aristotelis “Telly” Savalas, born today in 1924. Actor, singer, Columbia Univ graduate, and a decorated war veteran
Both Newt Gingrich & Gary Johnson have come out in support of #ChildLabor. MSM slightly went after Newt on it, didn't really go after GaryJo. As with #TheResistance, nothing they did had any lasting impact because they're such incredibly stupid people.
#Apple, #Nike, & Ivanka workers gather to march in support of the Trump tax & regulation policies & in support of NeoLiberal policies! #MAGA!!! #resist #libertarian #libertarians #LetKidsDecide
.@jerodmcdaniel @Toobad86888516: several years ago, @govgaryjohnson held a Twitter Q&A. I asked him several questions & he wasn't able to defend his anti- and un-American #immigration ideas. I might have asked him about his support for child labor too. #libertarian #libertarians
The racism aside, @American3rdP was originally a Third Way group that was more like where most Americans actually are on economics (like the Dems) & on Kultur (like Buchanan). Then, they glommed onto the #Teaparty movement & now on economics they sound like #Koch. #MAGA #resist
Going #Teaparty has warped what little mind you ever had. How about a Third Way between #MAGA fascistic, deranged idiocy & #TheResistance fascistic, deranged idiocy? MT @American3rdP Socialism rising: Universities and ‘radical’ profs helping steer leftward shift in politics
I think I vaguely remember hearing about that in passing. Not like #CovCath. Why, it's almost like you & @american3rdp are completely incompetent. MT @JackPosobiec Horrifying video showing Instagram user CashBently harassing teenagers for wearing MAGA hats
"I opposed SJWs for being lying, smearing lil' fascists so I became #MAGA then I found out they're lying, smearing lil' fascists so I went back to #resist but I got sick of them being lying, smearing lil' fascists so I went back to MAGA but I got sick of them being lying, smearin
How about #MAGA stops revealing how close they are to SJWs, locked at the hip in their support for Alinsky "principles"? How about MAGA admitting they don't oppose censorship, they just want to be the censors? MT @KKitt2u @ali 2020fight How about Kathy Griffin's account
.@tedfurthur: @ali is working to suspend dissenting accounts, exactly like SJWs do. He & SJWs really aren't that far apart: both follow Alinksy's anti- and un-American principles. Want to undercut him? Point out to his base that he's not that far from Sarkeesian or Valente.
.@ABPatriotWriter has, of course, blocked me after pointing out Trump's wall is just a scam. He must love Trump's amnesty.
While both are Alinskyites fully adhering to Alinksy's principles, there are key differences between #MAGA & #TheResistance:
.@JayZeeCincy: you blog "I Failed the Covington Catholic Test". How about actually doing something? Get @adamtomforrest to publicly admit how heavily he rewrote his #CovCath blog, & get @fparises to finally tell the truth. Call their editors tomorrow. Clean up MSM or Trump wins.
.@2020fight - a #TheResistance account that spread the #CovCath tale - was suspended by #Twitter. It's avatar was of someone else & it sounds partly automated. Even so, the answer in such cases is more speech, not quashing dissent as #MAGA & #resist want. #censorship
It simply is not possible to understate how intensely stupid & deranged #MAGA p-e-o beings are. Exhibit 1: President Donald Trump. Exhibit 2: The Donald Trump Amnesty Plan. #resist
.@Barnes_Law: @HoustonCourant calls @fparises a "Far-Left Activist". Really think thru if that's helpful. The smart thing would be to turn the NPR base against her *in a big tent way* for *helping* Trump by proving his #FakeNews narrative right. Do smart things.
.@taraleecarlson: obviously I'm not going to disclose such info because deranged partisans on the left & right - such as apparently yourself - are truly deranged people. If you want to chat policy, go ahead. Is the goal of @AnOpenSecret & other Alinskyites to quash dissent, y/n?
.@hellcatrydr: I missed your response, try again:
Then, on Sunday at 5pm Pacific, it's the U.S. Men's National Team against Panama on ESPN. #soccer #USWNT #USMNT #MAGA #resist
Allegedly, #ESPN will show the U.S. women's soccer team vs Spain tomorrow at 11:30am Pacific. #soccer #USWNT #MAGA #resist
And thus, 24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this video of Melania walking through the wheat fields that, for some unknown reason, are now owned by a company linked to Putin: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
"Top D.C. lawyers couldn't understand what Rudy was trying to achieve with today's TV interview". M-a-u-r-i-c-e A-p-p-l-e-w-h-i-t-e Trump works in mysterious ways. #MAGA! #resist
"The history of Canada explained in 10 minutes" assumes anyone has 10 minutes worth of caring. #Canada #MAGA #MCGA #resist
.@MCOptiks: if you really want to undercut @AndreBauerSC, force him to choose between Trump & his career. Force Bauer to either oppose Trump's amnesty (alienating himself from Trump) or support Trump's amnesty (destroying his future career).
There's an explanation for that you can't figure out. Our entire political class - including Trump & Bauer - enables illegal immigration for personal gain. Is that an example of political corruption, yes or no? MT @fearpete [to andre bauer] I live on the border [and it's safe]
.@ACommonSenseWay @JCalvinEsquire: Scott Adams & Trump both support a massive, Dem-friendly amnesty. Unless you specifically & actively disavow that, you're both amnesty fans too. I'll let everyone know.
Gidget is #MAGA! #MusicSunday #resist #NowPlaying
.@WhosFibbing @robertjones3575: plus, Scott Adams supported a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens long before Trump supported a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Way ahead of the curve! #Dilbert = #MAGA!
.@EagleThrust007: did Trump tell Daily Caller he wants to work with the Dems on "comprehensive immigration reform", yes or no?
There is something *great* about #MAGA: just like #Teaparty, their vile tactics turn off normals. TPers went from 34% approval to 17% in large part due to those tactics: lying, smearing, etc. It's just taken MAGA longer but it'll happen. #resist
.@taraleecarlson: thanks for showing yet again how close the far-right is to the far-left, as - just like SJWs - you follow the Alinsky playbook. Let me try to raise the bar. Does @AnOpenSecret want to quash dissent just like SJWs, yes or no? If no, explain the differences.
.@hellcatrydr: chto? What do you mean by "people like you"?
.@gpork: you've probably never heard of Tony Bologna because those like @briebriejoy won't call @KamalaHarris on how her policies led to at least three murders. Why don't you look it up now so you can get a preview of the *extremely* effective ads the GOP will run. #TheIntercept
Seven pillars of Trump: 1. A higher DJIA. 2. USFL 2. 3. Slats. 4. An end to offshore wind farms 5. A triple Big Mac on every table. 6. No more dissent. 7. A Shortcut To Nirvana courtesy of Suburban Lawns: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
Way back in the 80s - long before #Apple turned to Chinese slave child labor - Wall Of Voodoo predicted that every weekend would be a lost weekend of Trump tweets: #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@IndyMarisaK: @kristinegwp hypes leaving water out for migrants crossing the extremely dangerous desert. She's a sociopath. She'd give them a false sense of security, urging them to cross knowing that 100s will die trying. All to help her bosses save a few $ on domestic help.
Actually, they'll come in through the big doors in Trump's slats, or via Trump's massive Dem-friendly amnesty, or illegally after Congress tears the slats down. MT @Arborsierra77 ...The Wall will keep most of the anchor baby mommies out...
.@mboorstein: due to their racial prejudices, MSM got completely hosed on the #CovCath tale. Maybe it's time to reevaluate what your actual job is & your own learned prejudices. Alternatively, keep on proving Trump right. #WaPo #MAGA #resist
So, you're trying to portray Pence as gay and as something bad. Do your likely publishers know you think gay = bad? I'll help them learn that's what you think. MT @lesleyabravanel You get the number one fangirl award, @VP Pence, you pitiful closet dweller.
.@HUnsustainable: Trump, Pence, & MAGA don't care about your concerns. If you want to force them to change, you have to undercut Trump/Pence on things MAGA cares about. That means pointing out to MAGA how incredibly pro-amnesty Trump & Pence are.
.@Paisano: imagine if 1/3 of the Dem base was vociferously against illegal immigration like they're against child labor. Would Pelosi & Shumer keep pushing amnesty? Please list all the things @AnnCoulter & Trump have done to make that happen. Here, have some space:
Brrrrr! Later in the week it's going to be in the mid-70s. I walked 15 minutes yesterday & I was a bit sweaty & a lot hot as usual. #LosAngeles #MAGA #resist
.@RealAJBenza: @AnOpenSecret wants people to report someone who disagrees, exactly like SJWs do. They want to quash dissent, just like SJWs. #MAGA aren't an alternative to SJWs. MAGA doesn't oppose censorship, they're just peeved they aren't the ones doing the censoring.
.@ThaddeusRussell: check out the @JustinRaimondo LAT OpEd of a few years ago. Justine enabled Trump & thus he enabled Trump's slats. I want much less legal/illegal immigration but even if you support open borders it's malpractice not to try to get Trump to back off his slates.
On the plus side, the #RhodeIsland governor is a MILF. #MAGA #resist
#MAGA = anti-censorship! MT @AnOpenSecret Hey TwitterSafety - @Jack_Morrissey locked his account, so we can’t report the tweet itself He tweeted this image advocating lethal, bloody violence against KIDS According to your TOS, this is an offense which should result in suspension
.@MarkyMarkDC: @JackPosobiec's had 3.5 years to try to get his idol to back away from amnesty. In all that time, has Jack given his idol smart anti-amnesty arguments that'd make amnesty politically toxic? Has he cajoled/discredited Trump proxies to back off amnesty? Anything??
I was chatting up a Syrian girl until she said "I'm glad they killed him" referring to some Syrian or nearby leader. That kinda cooled my ardor. #MAGA #resist
.@Free_Media_Hub: how about we let every Syrian come here? Wouldn't that solve everything?
.@RyanHillMI: Trump is very pro-amnesty. He's been hinting at amnesty for years & just recently he's sounded like GWB or Obama. Any sentient being would use that to undercut Trump to his base. Can you explain why #TheResistance isn't doing that?
.@jonrosenberg aka internet tough guy: please name any one thing #TheResistance has ever done that has had any negative impact on Trump.
.@TimberJoey @TimbersFC: more soccer on ESPN or network - even obscure foreign games - makes it more popular & that helps you. Over the past month, ESPN has shown almost no soccer. They have shown lots of basketball, tennis, wrestling, & cornhole. Plus, they've got the Pro Bowl.
.@jayrosen_nyu: @adamtomforrest heavily rewrote his "'Black Muslims' to blame for high school students' confrontation with Native American man, mother claims", look it up on a diff site. Those like him *help* Trump with his #FakeNews campaign. Help Adam twist in the wind.
.@Buccigross: ESPN is now a sports backwater. The only post-season kneeball you have is *Pro Bowl*. You show endless basketball, tennis, xgames, tiddlywinks, spikeball, & cornhole instead of soccer or winter baseball. They have the rights on Ronaldo but show cornhole instead.
.@JarrettBellini: we're always 5 nanoseconds away from #TheResistance self-medicating & helping Trump with their smears. None of them have ever been smart & sane enough to understand Trump's appeal to his base & to make arguments that would undercut him to his base. Sad.
.@jonrosenberg: Trump has repeatedly promoted amnesty, including massive amnesties for millions of illegal aliens. That should be toxic to his base. Instead of using that against him, tweets like yours just help Trump. Not only that, Trump isn't paying you to help him.
.@SauterRory: Trump thinks big! He wants to work with Pelosi & Shumer on a "much bigger deal" to give amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in exchange for his wall. Yes! 10 to 20 million new Dem voters is exactly what we #MAGA voted for. We're so blessed to have Trump!
.@grittygreeny: your tweet won't do anything to undercut Trump. If you pointed out to Trump fans just how strongly he supports amnesty, you could have a real impact. Are you smart and sane enough not to do nothing of any importance to anything?
#NYT: "Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video Between Native American Man and Catholic Students". Translation: "the media lied - animated by their racist prejudices - and got caught. Now we're giving them cover to back off their lies." #FakeNews #MAGA #resist #NPR
.@MALovesTRUMP: @charliekirk11 is great, plus he has an answer to all those who talk about "amnesty". Just point out how the Trump/Pelosi/Schumer/Soros amnesty is different from the Obama/Pelosi/Schumer/Soros amnesty & the GWB/Pelosi/Schumer/Soros amnesty! #MAGA!!!
~BREAKING~ The Archdiocese of Boston has approved the beatification of Tom Brady. #AFCChampionship #NEvsKC #MAGA #resist #Boston
.@JonChampionJC: #ESPN hardly shows #soccer any more. They prefer the Pro Bowl, basketball, spikeball, basketball, lumberjack, basketball, wrestling, basketball, poker, basketball, & cornhole. Please subtly urge those not connected to ESPN to speak out against that.
Real football players don't need timeouts: they have to do things on their own, unlike kneeball they can't rely on a committee of assistant coaches to design their every move. #AFCChampionship #NEvsKC #MAGA #resist
.@jmanziel2 was banished & forced to learn Canadian because he wasn't clean enough for a dirty, sociopathic sport. #AFCChampionship #NEvsKC #MAGA #resist
Fruits of #idiocracy: #CovCath walks into a trap, giving big victory to SJWs. They couldn't just show the Indian leader wrong about his "stolen land" claim. They & pals won't be able to show deceptive MSM wrong to their base. All horrible for USA, all preventable if not for Trump