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NFAP misleads on skilled immigration (Stuart Anderson, Frank Sharry, National Foundation for American Policy) - 05/25/11

Stuart Anderson of the National Foundation for American Policy offers "The Impact of the Children of Immigrants on Scientific Achievements in America" [1], which comes to a highly misleading conclusion based on a very small sample. It's also promoted by Frank Sharry's AmericasVoice [2].

American journalist Roxana Saberi charged with spying by Iran - 04/08/09

From this: Roxana Saberi, an American freelance journalist who has been in Iranian custody since January, has been charged with spying, Tehran's deputy prosecutor, Hassan Haddad, said Wednesday, according to the ISNA news agency. "Her case has been sent to the revolutionary court. She, without press credentials, was carrying out spying activities under the guise of being a reporter," Haddad was quoted as saying by the news agency. "The evidence is mentioned in her case papers and she has accepted all the charges. She has been arrested under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran." He said...