Twitter tries to censor a critic of Elon Musk's censorship: me

With a few high-profile exceptions, censorship on Twitter has stayed the same or even gotten worse since Elon Musk took over. Yes, he's restored a few accounts that had been banned - most notably Donald Trump - but he's continued the same heavy censorship of their non-famous users that had been in place for years.

Before Musk took over, Twitter was censoring millions of people each day. After he took over, they've continued that and in the same ways as before: through "shadow ordering", by keeping accounts out of search results, out of hashtag pages, out of recommendations, and so on.

For an example of how little has changed, in 2019, Twitter was censoring about 40% of the replies to Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran. In mid-February of 2023, Twitter was censoring about 50% of the replies to Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran. Musk is also heavily censoring replies to Chinese government officials, Democratic and Republican officials in the USA, and even Sesame Street and Major League Pickleball. See all the Twitter censorship reports here.

Musk's Twitter has gone even further with an account I was using in part to criticize his censorship. I started that account - @UpWithLiberty - in 2014 as a satire [1]. I tweeted a few times, and then forgot about it. Then, due to censorship of other accounts, I used it for a few weeks in February 2023 and around the 26th of that month it was completely censored: tweets to that account only get 1 view (i.e., mine), and none of my recent replies are shown anywhere (I sampled the last 93 replies). Replies that got likes and responses, all gone. A couple people asked me questions, but I can't reply to them. Not only that, the account is completely out of search results using the Twitter API [2]. The account has been unpersoned by Twitter.

I realize there are many authoritarians who'll reflexively take Twitter's side, thinking I did something wrong (see below for possible "sins"). Do they also support the shadow banning part of things? I can still tweet and when I reply to someone Twitter increases the reply count and shows a 'tweet sent' popup message. Yet, no one else sees those tweets and my replies appear nowhere. Twitter is trying to trick me into thinking otherwise. And, Elon Musk is doing something similar millions of times each day: if you reply to someone Twitter will always show your reply at the top of the list, even if no one ever sees it or they have to scroll 20 pages to see it. If you're a pro-censorship authoritarian, do you support Elon Musk engaging in deception on such a wide scale?

I'll be sending this post to Twitter, asking for an explanation. I'll almost certainly only get a form response, but we can speculate why that account was unpersoned:
  • Is it because I changed the name of the account to Elon Musk is "Mr. Censorship" and the bio to "Censorship has gotten *worse* after Musk took over. He's just changed things for a small number of blue checks. (This acct wasn't censored, now it is)"? No one could credibly claim that I'm trying to pretend I'm Musk, but could using his name in vain be the reason?
  • Is it because I've tweeted and emailed some of the "Twitter Files" bloggers - Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and David Zweig - to let them know I'm going to work to discredit them to their base over implicitly trying to make it appear that Musk is against censorship? While the "Twitter Files" information is shocking in some parts and interesting in others, it doesn't tell the whole picture. For a tangible example, Taibbi made big deal about Senator Angus King's censorship requests. Yet, Taibbi didn't reveal that Elon Musk's Twitter is censoring about 51% of the replies to King. Those "Twitter Files" bloggers are trying to help Elon Musk deceive. They aren't having much luck with it: as they'd admit if they were honest, they haven't changed many minds. Conservatives who strongly dislike Twitter's past management - for good reason - still strongly dislike them. The pro-censorship Dem base is still just as pro-censorship as they were before. If those bloggers were honest for once that might change.
  • Is it because of the Roy Orbison avatar or the Somalian flag [1]?
  • Is it because I tweeted a link to this page about James O'Keefe, resulting in a warning [3]? That was around 2/21/23. The reason appears to be because of the "idiotic" in the URL. I clicked the you-got-it-wrong link and tweeted it as shown.
  • Is it because of other replies? I've included the 93 I was able to download below [4]. Did one of the snowflakes I replied to report me and did Twitter buy it?
  • Is it because I use a VPN? I've done that for years without major issue. Did I use an IP address that the technically-incompetent at Twitter associate with spamming and, instead of taking 10 seconds to verify I'm not spamming, did they just censor my account root and branch?
  • Is it because of using @UpWithLiberty with my Twitter censorship checker? That visits page after page and collects tweets, but it doesn't tweet. It does that using a real browser and aside from metronomically visiting page after page there's no way to tell it's not a human (unless Selenium or Firefox are adding something to requests).


[1] The original name on the account was "Jim Gillespie", the bio was "The only real libertarian patriot on Twitter. Communists, socialists, statist liberals/conservatives, moochers, freeloaders, and Californians: stay away!", and the location was given as "Naypyidaw • Riyadh • Mogadishu". It was a throwaway satire of Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine; if you scroll back far enough you might see the original tweets. Then I changed it to the image you see below.

[2] I have a private page that uses the search feature of the Twitter API. This is not like doing a search on the Twitter site: you see a very large number of tweets, ordered by date (recent first).


[4] Here are the replies I was able to download using the Twitter API. I might be able to get more using the Twitter site, but for now this should be enough. Many won't make sense without context; the text in parentheses is the URL where you can see the context if you wish.
  • @TheKevinDalton @GavinNewsom 24 + "not before" (thekevindalton/status/1628605953859026945)
  • @HowTheWestWS @MayorOfLA @JFedLA So, the Asian guy is an Honorary White in this case, but if he were doing something you & Bass approved he'd be Asian? (howthewestws/status/1628114533788286977)
  • @JesseBrown776 @emeriticus @AnnCoulter I've made 10s of 1000s of Disqus comments in the past: Atlantic, etc etc. No one was ever able to show my immigration comments wrong. In several cases I was banned because of that (RawStory, MoJo, etc). Try one of my arguments. If they aren't convinced, let me know & I'll help. (jessebrown776/status/1627599588499619842)
  • @MikeyD1162 @mariashriver Could you post videos of the "Day of Hate" events? Don't bother looking: this was all made up: it's like a COINTELPRO operation. One thing we know for certain: Maria has zero credibility. (mikeyd1162/status/1629525666797428736)
  • @azbannonposse @scottkanerva @amuse @RyanAFournier This should be a good exercise for you. Post a clear, short text or short video description tying things together. Emphasis on the short. Try to make your case to those who don't reflexively agree with you. (azbannonposse/status/1629618979491966976)
  • @FaajirLibertas @benshapiro What's confusing to me is I thought Shapiro had at least a room temperature IQ. The event he hypes reeks of COINTELPRO or just a trolling attempt. Yet, he's taking it seriously w/o even slightly hedging. (faajirlibertas/status/1629364751410102274)
  • @stuholden @MLS @FOXTV @JohnStrong No love for the Fire? (stuholden/status/1629579815706607618)
  • @JohnStrong @stuholden @MLS @FOXSoccer Guess: ~80% of the USA has never even heard of MLS. Get out of your bubble, go ask random people at bars, stores, etc. MLS is making that worse by hiding most games away on AAPL, instead of taking a hit & getting as many games as possible on network or at least ESPN/ESPN2/FS1. (johnstrong/status/1629575900332212227)
  • @Nature_and_Race Sue? Why do cons always reach for the least effective response? Plus, it was probably started anonymously. If you aren't just trying to grift off this, call out those who promote violence as their answer to Nazis. (nature_and_race/status/1629595271674863618)
  • @PatMapelli @CAgovernor @SenGonzalez33 Gas is under $3 in Texas. If Big Oil is gouging, they're only doing it in CA & to a lesser extent in other west coast states. Point that out to those taken in by Newsom. (patmapelli/status/1629264780728074241)
  • @TheIssueIsShow @Elex_Michaelson @BarbaraLeeForCA How old would the baby she killed be today? What would the baby she killed be doing today? Also, when will you call your special pal Newsom on only hiring people due to their race/orientation? See the replies: (theissueisshow/status/1629289181011910656)
  • @loriegillespie @CAgovernor FYI, Dahle voted for reparations. Tell CAGOP we need a real opposition to Newsom, not one that agrees with him on everything except the gas tax. (loriegillespie/status/1629355633542860800)
  • @millanpatterson @CAGOP CAGOP spent **two decades** whining about the gas tax and nothing changed. Now you try to blame them for egg prices, as if Biden controls avian flu. And, to compound all of that, you aren't in the replies here trying to show him wrong: (millanpatterson/status/1629232788707901441)
  • @DrKarlynB @AnnCoulter I clicked your other acct, saw "normal people", & realized you're sans mozg. Prove me wrong! Show me even one example of you forcing an SJW leader to admit how "equity" is flawed, or one example of you wising up someone duped by SJWs into supporting "equity" (w/o conversion). (drkarlynb/status/1629167538243239938)
  • @JeremyRedfernFL @ChristinaPushaw You & DeSantis are *helping* Newsom. The only people that believe Ron are his hardcore base, meanwhile Newsom's reaching out to everyone else & defining Ron. Ron is even helping Newsom pretend he's Mr. Free Speech! You're bad news all around. (jeremyredfernfl/status/1629140038297550848)
  • @KeithRothfus @ChristinaPushaw @GovRonDeSantis @mitchellreports Cons are shameless. They say controversial things & push controversial ideas just to get their names in the news. They never think ahead to how opponents will pounce, helping those opponents & harming everyone on the other side from those opponents. TL;DR: you & Ron are scum. (keithrothfus/status/1629162823786934281)
  • @cyrinafiallo W/o looking, it was probably "neeght" or "neekht" where "kh" is like in "loch" and "gh" is the voiced version ("d" is the voiced version of "t", etc). See German "Nacht", ночь, etc. Search: Indo European roots. Also, look at your Intel tweet in another acct. A fan was censored. (cyrinafiallo/status/1618289623360491522)
  • @MartyMakary @unherd Why aren't you smart/observant enough to notice it's spelled "Cochrane"? Why aren't you smart enough to call Newsom on the huge differences between his vax tiers and those in Florida/Texas/Israel? I wouldn't choose you for my doctor, Marty. You aren't all there. (martymakary/status/1629118575968501760)
  • @iahphx @fdlepio @kylamb8 @GovRonDeSantis No it isn't. I just heard about it today but it screams COINTELPRO. DeSantis gets to virtue signal & SJWs get to smear whites. (iahphx/status/1629237880517275648)
  • @BrendonLeslie @ChristinaPushaw @JeanetteNunezFL Hasn't DeSantis set himself up for Newsom's criticisms? You can retreat to your Very Special Safe Place with Very Special "Patriots", but everyone else has to live in the real world. P.S. There's zero chance you'll understand the above. (brendonleslie/status/1629304006131474433)
  • @phat_sauce @mtaibbi @walterkirn @elonmusk Whenever they appear, they'll be deceptive. If you think Taibbi is credible, see my top tweet. Remember when Taibbi made a big deal about Sen Angus King? Well, Musk is censoring half the replies to King. Censoring half the replies to a U.S. senator is like what Vijaya did. (phat_sauce/status/1629303428684955648)
  • @vannadam @bariweiss Weiss is fake. She pretends Musk is Mr. Free Speech, yet he's censoring half the replies to the chief ayatollah of Iran *and* to Sen. Angus King (see my top tweet). She's just running cover for an anti-speech billionaire. (vannadam/status/1629178072925720630)
  • @Bizzarist1 @krassenstein You have to be simple. Whatever some groups are allegedly doing, all it will do is help their opponents. Look up COINTELPRO. And, don't fall for those who try to trick you into being fooled by what's indistinguishable from a COINTELPRO op. (bizzarist1/status/1629303931435188225)
  • @lacivilrights @MayorOfLA @LACity Bass is an anti-white race warrior. She admits that equality isn't enough and that she wants "equity", aka inequality. She wants whites & Asians to be held back so other groups look better. She's just a Farrakhan Lite. (lacivilrights/status/1628833402148495362)
  • @DavidChoiMusic @RickCarusoLA "Fighting the good fight" would be if Caruso hadn't played Racial Bingo: one day he's Armenian, the next Pinoy, the next Latinx, the next Chinese, the next black, etc etc. Always denying his own race. Now we've got an anti-white race warrior mayor, thanks to Lil' Rickie. (davidchoimusic/status/1628843871106113536)
  • @millanpatterson @CAGOP @CorrinRankin @DWEnterprises @boomrbennett Any idea when #BlackHistoryMonth is scheduled to stop? (millanpatterson/status/1628888777287675904)
  • @CAGOP @kcranews I don't know how many more months of #BlackHistoryMonth we can take. (cagop/status/1628959553185521664)
  • @millanpatterson @CAGOP Throughout our country, over a million died from Covid. And, CAGOP/GOP treated a once-in-a-century pandemic like it was a bad cold, simply because Dems conned them into doing it. Let that sink in. (millanpatterson/status/1628970123091664897)
  • @LPArkansas @GavinNewsom Here, try to answer this: (lparkansas/status/1628890314453786628)
  • @Arizona_LP @GavinNewsom It's easy to show that Newsom ignored the science & needlessly increased deaths: he vaxed millions at low ICU risk *before* millions at high ICU risk. Why do you & other r/w brain surjins ignore the issue that would destroy him to his base? (arizona_lp/status/1628886306540634112)
  • @alwayslastone @BrianDahleCA He doesn't have to. Dahle & CAGOP have no power over him. They could get power over him if they went after him where he's toxic & unpopular, but they refuse to do that. P.S. Did you know Dahle voted *for* Newsom's reparations plan? (alwayslastone/status/1628247139402002433)
  • @MattWallace888 @elonmusk Musk highlighted Sen Angus King's block requests to Twitter. Now, see my top tweet: Musk is censoring one half the replies to Sen Angus King. IOW, Musk is helping King hide from dissent, just as Vijaya & Roth helped King hide from dissent. Plus ca change... (mattwallace888/status/1628662149617680385)
  • @JessicaV_CIS For those taken in by Vaughan, see this: (jessicav_cis/status/1628798351054340098)
  • @ROBERTS96012680 @wil_da_beast630 You claim to be an ex atty, Wilfred claims to be a college prof. Yet, neither of you are smart enough to show "equity" wrong to the Dem base. I can do it in my sleep - see my replies to Mayor Bass etc - but all you two little children can do is make childish jokes. (roberts96012680/status/1626774339243868160)
  • @GendronJames @AnnCoulter If I had Coulter's megaphone, I'd do what she's repeatedly refused to do for years: make smart anti-illegal immigration arguments designed to appeal to the **Dem** base. That's make it politically difficult for Adams etc to enable illegal immigration & it'd go away over time. (gendronjames/status/1628906808583528450)
  • @RJDownard @AnnCoulter I haven't looked into the claims, but what if Coulter had instead pointed out that Adams is doing all of this to help Big Biz? Big Biz wants as much labor as possible - legal or illegal - so they can lower wages. Coulter aside, it's not liberal to help Big Biz lower wages. (rjdownard/status/1628910478234906625)
  • @MrBulwarker @AnnCoulter The main issue is that DeSantis' grand plans stand as much of a chance as Trump's grand plans. It's not enough to make promises. Trump, Coulter, Ron, etc etc simply aren't smart enough to overcome all the resistance they face. They're only good at conning their base. (mrbulwarker/status/1628953947523145730)
  • @majesticprimate @MarkSKrikorian @GovRonDeSantis His stance doesn't matter since nothing he says will happen. Trump had Grand Plans too. Krikorian hyped those too. Trump's Grand Plans failed miserably because cons simply aren't smart enough to do simple things like show ADL/ACLU/SPLC wrong to their base. Cons have low IQs. (majesticprimate/status/1628919679480655880)
  • @AnnCoulter Anyone can make promises: you & Trump promised a shining wall, sea-to-sea. As with you & Trump, DeSantis isn't smart enough to push back against the resistance he'll receive. The establishment will defeat him as they defeated you, because they're much smarter & they're sane. (anncoulter/status/1628952838117138434)
  • @XFLBattlehawks @203_brandon @XFL2023 That's a mugging, not a sport. This is football: (xflbattlehawks/status/1628967271879303168)
  • @DeadStateTweets On your blog about Kenwood Elementary, several Raw Story readers try to blame black kids dragging white kids (a la James Byrd Jr w/o a truck) on the whites. One claims if races were reversed you'd never hear of it. Unless you say otherwise, I'll assume you agree. P.S.: (deadstatetweets/status/1628811211197546497)
  • @hulu Software/database designers create "models" to represent the parts of a system. E.g., a model of a show would have a title, if the show has a specific duration or if it's open-ended, etc. I strongly suspect your model lacks a "sport type" (football, baseball, etc). That's: (hulu/status/1628847279112159233)
  • @hulu No thanks. (hulu/status/1628898199149903872)
  • @EPAMichaelRegan "Environmental justice" = "equity" = anti-white/anti-Asian racism. I suggest you resign now because I and many others are going to use this against your boss. (epamichaelregan/status/1628867842761162756)
  • @JenSiebelNewsom @HildaSolis @GavinNewsom Here are some of her past instances of extremism & ignorance. Not to mention how strongly she supports the universally-despised and crooked Ferrer of L.A. Public Health. (jensiebelnewsom/status/1628593582247661569)
  • @CAgovernor What you're hearing from this corner of the state is: why is gas only $2.98 in Texas? And, that's the average. There are probably places that are $2.70 or even less. That seems in line with inflation, doesn't it? (cagovernor/status/1628501531233492992)
  • @CAgovernor Why is Big Oil only gouging California, and not other states? E.g., the avg price in California is $4.74, but it's $2.98 in Texas. Twenty years ago I paid $1.99 in CT & that was high. It seems TX is in line w inflation, but CA is way out of wack. Explain. (cagovernor/status/1628595587787685888)
  • @RepMegFroe Meanwhile in more #BlackHistoryMonth news: (repmegfroe/status/1628543752024518656)
  • @TheDemocrats @RevJJackson America can't wait for #BlackHistoryMonth to be over. (thedemocrats/status/1628517136980140034)
  • @sesamestreet @herbiehancock Enjoy your #BlackHistoryMonth. (sesamestreet/status/1628514973033938944)
  • @BillieJeanKing Happy #BlackHistoryMonth! (billiejeanking/status/1628425860343640064)
  • @AnnCoulter I've occasionally tried to discredit him for being very pro-censorship, never got any help from you or other cons. You're only good for minor clickbait that everyone forgets 10 minutes later. (anncoulter/status/1628405135092207618)
  • @AlienHotep @larryelder @elonmusk @Twitter Obviously, Elder was wrong about Musk stopping Twitter censorship. Remember how Angus King tried to censor people replying to him? Musk is censoring half of the replies to him. Elder has zero clue about any of that. (alienhotep/status/1628497477044170753)
  • @robbystarbuck @JennieSTaer @DailyCaller @jaketapper @andersoncooper @donlemon @PeteButtigieg @CNNPR @nytimes @MSNBCPR @washingtonpost @pressfreedom @AP @MeetThePress @NBCNews @abcnews @ICIJorg Dem hacks are using stock talking points against her, you/she/cons aren't smart enough to show those talking points wrong. She isn't smart enough to ask a substantial question that'd make him look bad for not answering. You're as much a part of the Mayor Pete problem as him. (robbystarbuck/status/1628199264479313920)
  • @natynettle @josephmenn @washingtonpost What does Putin want to do with what he calls "disinfo"? What do you, Bezos, WaPo, etc want to do with what you call "disinfo"? Fascists of a feather... (natynettle/status/1628579444263731201)
  • @nick_ponton What race are the perps? Don't be shy, try reporting for once. (nick_ponton/status/1628084339887026187)
  • @LAGalaxy @dignityhealthsp I stopped supporting you last year because I couldn't see any of your games: you hid them on Spectrum. Now, you're hiding them on AAPL. I can't in good conscience support a company that uses child and slave labor. So, goodbye again. (lagalaxy/status/1628585387907256320)
  • @millanpatterson @CAGOP Reality proves that your shtick isn't working. You obsessed about gas prices & Newsom won 4 elections despite them. Now, you're obsessing about *egg prices*. Egg prices DO NOT motivate people. They aren't salient. Social/cultural issues are salient, not your obsessions. (millanpatterson/status/1628523900501106688)
  • @TriTa4CA @CAGOP Wow! Here I thought Newsom constantly deceiving, pushing abortion, pushing anti-white racism and other vile SJW issues, pushing illegal immigration, trying to collect $ from benefactors by giving them cozy deals, etc etc were important. But, this is 1000 times more important! (trita4ca/status/1628550330496733184)
  • @MLS @USWNT They hid that away even better than you hide your games away. Not that it's a bad strategy: Walmart is so successful because they make their stores so hard to find and to get into. Then, they make you pay $100 to even enter. You're doing great. (mls/status/1628590769027022852)
  • @turbotax In case everyone missed it, here's a very racist TV ad TurboTax ran a year ago. This racist ad is from the same agency behind their new dance ad. Obviously, TurboTax hasn't learned their lesson if they're using the same agency. (turbotax/status/1626735817728172032)
  • @Kia Have a happy #BlackHistoryMonth! No one should buy your junky cars, least of all whites. (kia/status/1628550644478140416)
  • @TheKevinDalton @GavinNewsom Hey Kev, as you can see from my site I've got a long memory. Many homeless are going to die from exposure this week. If you ever run again I'll point out you focused on demonizing them rather than demanding Bass etc treat this weather as an emergency. (thekevindalton/status/1628447908109635584)
  • @DineshDSouza @GavinNewsom Instead of arguing things that won't happen, when will you go after Newsom over his anti-science vax tiers? Newsom - by his own admission - vaxed by "equity", and that's not the science. You could destroy his career if you pressed him on that. I'll ask your fans why you won't. (dineshdsouza/status/1628481663616565248)
  • @EagleEdMartin @BensmanTodd He's just a grifter trying to profit off what Biden is doing. Let's put it to the test: here are several anti-illegal immigration arguments that'd wise up the Dem base. Wising them up would pressure Biden to change. Ask Todd why CIS refuses to make them. (eagleedmartin/status/1628203418383970304)
  • @BensmanTodd @JennieSTaer You're just a scammer. In Vox, Bernie came out against mass immigration because it's pro-Big Biz. He got pushback from Ezra Klein etc & later pushed mass immigration, but that's because people like you didn't pushback against Klein etc. You failed to pressure Gillibrand etc etc. (bensmantodd/status/1628442139603476480)
  • @JenSiebelNewsom Just admit that this has nothing to do with kids. You're only using this as a way to expand the program into censoring what adults can see. (jensiebelnewsom/status/1628176854388740096)
  • @MayorOfLA @lacivilrights That's ironic given that "equity" is anti-white/anti-Asian racism. You yourself admitted that when you said equality wasn't enough. You want inequality: you want whites & Asians to be oppressed so other groups' results look better. (mayorofla/status/1628196956106555393)
  • @AnnCoulter GWB was truly one of our greatest presidents. Aside from pushing the NAU, pushing loose borders, waving the Mexican flag in a campaign video, killing a hundred thousand or more people with his war designed to enrich his buddies, etc etc etc. (anncoulter/status/1627897370083049472)
  • @SamsClub @IamTabithaBrown Are you having a happy #BlackHistoryMonth? (samsclub/status/1628165405142355968)
  • @CurtCwc90755 @AnnCoulter Except, the performance in this case is grifting. All PV has ever done is get a few nobodies fired. They've never changed any minds, never changed any policies. Disagree? List the policies they've forced to be changed: (curtcwc90755/status/1628140426179018752)
  • @AnnCoulter For those taken in by Coulter/O'Keefe, before the last was famous he presented a stunt check to Chuck Schumer. You don't know about it because **it had zero impact whatsoever**. I would have shown Chuck wrong to his base & you'd still hear about it. (anncoulter/status/1628050145446178818)
  • @AnnCoulter And, some dim grifter pushed a "wall". I detailed exactly how the Coulter/Trump "wall" would fail way back in Aug 2015. I was right on everything (I didn't predict Biden, just a Dem successor). All you had to do was make smart arguments targeted at the Dem base, Ann. (anncoulter/status/1628155121178669058)
  • @MichiganWave @AnnCoulter Not just NeoCon (war) but NeoLiberal (loose borders/globalism). NL is why elites truly hates Trump. He+Coulter have 1/100th the IQ of Marine Le Pen. They pushed a "wall" - something any smart person realized would never happen - instead of simply turning Dem base against Pelosi. (michiganwave/status/1628100092828712978)
  • @WorldJewishCong More #BlackHistoryMonth: (worldjewishcong/status/1627405158387949568)
  • @NASA @Space_Station Thanks. Are you still celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth? Maybe add this to it: (nasa/status/1628171831512338434)
  • @larryelder @AddisonSmithOAN @donlemon Lemon (with @VanJones68) racialized the pandemic. It's pointless to speculate on their motivations, but by making the pandemic political, they ended up killing many people (because they tuned out from the pandemic). Oddly, you never called them on that. And, you never will. (larryelder/status/1628221440087695361)
  • @CaitlinPacific @bariweiss Hey Caitlin, the #TwitterFiles show that Angus King wanted Twitter to heavily censor those replying to him Now, see my pinned tweet: as of yesterday, Twitter was censoring 51% of the replies to King. Given that, how can you trust Bari? Didn't she try to deceive you by omission? (caitlinpacific/status/1628156999837032448)
  • @Catherinetheno1 @GavinNewsom Killing babies isn't "caring". (catherinetheno1/status/1628088121194868737)
  • @DexStern @mtaibbi Did you see what Taibbi said about Angus King? Invite those taken in by Matt to see my top tweet: Musk is censoring fully one half of the replies to Angus King. Musk is basically doing King's bidding. (dexstern/status/1628188197942444034)
  • @DemGovs @GavinNewsom You're yucking it up about killing babies? What's the matter with you? (demgovs/status/1628111397866307594)
  • @JenSiebelNewsom @GavinNewsom @CAgovernor You vaxed millions of "essential workers" - young/healthy folks at low ICU risk - before millions of seniors & elderly (high ICU risk). And, you did it simply due to the racial compositions of the two groups. You committed genocide. (jensiebelnewsom/status/1627870661241888769)
  • @MayorOfLA @JFedLA How did you deal with the matter of the race of the attacker? Ignore it entirely, or admit it and then pivot into your now-standard anti-white racism? (mayorofla/status/1627889866242670594)
  • @Jews4Abolition @ericgarcetti Did you know Twitter censored your reply? Look at the Garcetti tweet when logged in to a different account. Tweets after 'show more replies' are censored. (jews4abolition/status/1627841678588477446)
  • @BrianDahleCA Correct me if wrong, but didn't it used to just be about Washington & Lincoln? Why celebrate GWB, Biden, Obama, Trump...? Not to mention Reagan, whose Thatcherism has killed countless Americans via drugs, despair, homelessness, etc? (briandahleca/status/1627690897776447489)
  • @Students4BE @CochraneUK @cochranecollab I'm going to help out. I'll be tweeting about how Cochrane says masks don't work at all, and that MDs, surgeons, nurses, etc should just take the masks off and avoid PPE altogether. (students4be/status/1626506941152260097)
  • @cochranecollab @Wikipedia @JennyDOttawa Jimmy Wales used WP's own rules to deceive their readers. By his own admission. What else is he doing "for a good cause"? Also, I'll be sure to tell MDs & nurses who use N95s to prevent spreading deadly viruses to take their masks off because you say so. (cochranecollab/status/1627638953653284864)
  • @MLS @2CentsFC @corygibbs McKennie wiped his hands on an older white photog, simply due to the victim's race & age. If a white player wiped his hands on an older black photog, MLS would sooner commit seppuku than hype him. (mls/status/1627714878394728448)
  • @MLS Remember when you pushed the openly racist "MLS is black" slogan, then moved to "soccer for all" when you realized how racist your "Black Players For Change" allies are? (mls/status/1627827771962535936)
  • @millanpatterson Reagan's amnesty greatly harmed the USA. His anti-American NeoLiberal policies were the beginning of the end: he helped devastate the Rust Belt, he tore up & burned the Social Compact, he's responsible for countless deaths due to despair/drugs/homelessness/etc, etc etc. (millanpatterson/status/1627711352776306691)
  • @millanpatterson @CAGOP Just a few months ago you were chiding Newsom for not getting his checks out sooner. You never called him on his free-spending ways then. CAGOP isn't a viable alternative, as years of reality proves. (millanpatterson/status/1627846885959684096)
  • @operation__sun Obviously, you & other cons are out of your league. You don't have what it takes to go up against those who make such claims. Reality shows that. (operation__sun/status/1626687237411983361)
  • @senatormelendez Lucky us. Few voters blame Biden/Newsom for gas prices. Newsom's won 4 elections after you screamed "French Laundry!" 1000 times. Meanwhile, you ignore where Newsom is truly vulnerable to his base (SJW issues, immigration, censorship, his vax tiers, etc etc). CAGOP is useless. (senatormelendez/status/1626496619964436482)