John Szabo lies about book "bannings", then supports "bannings" (librarian, LAPL)

John Szabo of the Los Angeles Public Library is lying about books being banned, and then ironically supports what he calls banning.

Confused? Let me explain.

Szabo tweeted this from the LAPL account [1]:

October 1 - 7 is #BannedBooksWeek. Celebrate the freedom to read and learn about the current and historical attempts to censor books in libraries and schools. Click to learn more about the annual event that has brought together the entire book community

Then, he tweeted this [2]:

The Los Angeles Public Library believes every individual has the right to #ReadFreely. We are proud to provide access to a selection of the most challenged books reported to the @ALALibrary available to everyone in the U.S. ages 13+ until the end of 2023

No one is trying to "ban" books. The controversy is just about trying to keep young kids from reading explicit material.

And, ironically, that's exactly what Szabo is doing: he's restricting access to those older than 13. The only difference between him and others is the ages.

Szabo thinks 13-year-olds should see explicit material like 'Gender Queer' (do an image search to see how explicit that is). Parents groups think the limit might be 13, 14, 15, whatever. That's just what this is about: how old the kids have to be.

Want to do something about John Szabo lying? Tweet him at @BiblioSzabo, call him at 213-228-7515, and send him a message at lapl · org/user/314/contact. Also tweet @LAPublicLibrary, and also tweet those on the Los Angeles City Council.

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