One of the key goals of this site is to get people to do effective things that will solve problems.

The main form of activism we recommend is the Question Authority plan. That involves asking politicians tough questions to their face on video. The media doesn't ask politicians tough questions. Tens of thousands of people have asked politicians questions at their public appearances, yet in almost all cases those were bad questions.

As a result, politicians can do what they want. Politicians aren't intellectually challenged and as a result they can propose wild plans with huge side-effects. The Question Authority plan is designed to change that.

A specific example of the Question Authority plan is the Stop Amnesty Challenge. It would do exactly what it says: by showing politicians that their immigration policies are flawed, it will cause those politicians to promote better policies.

Obviously, such plans meet resistance from those who like things as they are. Some don't understand how Socratic questioning would solve problems, despite it being the basis of our legal system. Some don't want to rock the boat and some want amnesty to continue because that's how they make their living. That's why we need your help to make the Stop Amnesty Challenge happen. Here are very simple things you can do right now to do that.