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Trump sends wrong message about immigration raids, commutes Rubashkin's sentence (Agriprocessors, Postville) - 12/21/17

From this: President Donald Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of former Iowa slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin, who was sentenced to 27 years for bank fraud and money laundering, the White House said.

Amnesty supporters Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst battle over definition of "amnesty" - 09/29/14

Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst are battling to become U.S. Senator from Iowa. Both support what most call "amnesty", i.e., both would legalize millions of illegal aliens. So, what to do when your position is basically the same as your opponent? Argue over terms [1]:

Agriprocessors manager admits to harboring illegal aliens (Postville, Rubashkins, Iowa) - 08/30/13

From this: A former Iowa slaughterhouse manager has admitted to conspiring to harbor and recruit immigrants who entered the country illegally and then fleeing to Israel after the plant was raided in 2008, according to a plea agreement filed Thursday.

Examples of August townhalls that fail to do anything about immigration reform (amnesty) - 08/03/13

One of the best ways to block comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty, aka any form of mass legalization) is for its opponents to use the Question Authority plan at this month's townhalls.

How the American Action Network immigration poll misleads (Steve King, Iowa) - 07/24/13

The American Action Network ("AAN") has released an immigration poll that claims to show support for amnesty in the Iowa district of U.S. Rep. Steve King.

Occupy Iowa Caucuses: dumb, ineffective, minor fascists (OWS, Ed Fallon) - 12/30/11

For the benefit of those in the Occupy Wall Street movement, I'll explain how this is the work of incompetent, ineffective, astonishingly stupid lil' fascists below:

Iowa Republican Presidential Debate December 15, 2011 (Fox News, GOP, Iowa Caucus, Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann, Santorum) - 12/15/11

Yet another worthless GOP debate will be held tonight, December 15, 2011: NETWORK: Fox News HOST: Bret Baier

Iowa Republican Presidential Debate December 10, 2011 (ABC News, GOP, Iowa Caucus, Gingrich, Romney, Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann, Santorum, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Drake U) - 12/10/11

Yet another worthless GOP debate takes place tonight with what will be sold as the most important debate so far. That's because it will take place in Iowa a few weeks before the Iowa Caucus. MODERATORS: George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer

Is Marie Diamond clueless, deceptive, or what? (ThinkProgress, Herman Cain, border fence, alligators, moat, Andy Kroll) - 06/08/11

As we all know, those who toil at the Center for American Progress' ThinkProgress blog don't get the joke, no matter what the joke may be.

Obama lies about Arizona law, misleads on immigration, uses one of Bush's lines - 04/28/10

Barack Obama spoke at a townhall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa yesterday and was asked the following extremely bad question: And I was just wondering what your plan was for our undocumented workers who have established our country? The White House transcript is at [1] and the video is at It's unclear whether the questioner meant "established themselves in our country" or not; if she meant what she said that's straight out of MEChA 101 (El Plan de Aztlan: "Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans")...

Ohio, Illinois, NY, NJ, Penn to lose political power due to massive immigration (House seats; also: IA, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO) - 11/19/09

According to a new study (, due to massive immigration particularly by Latinos, the results of the 2010 Census - used to apportion congressional districts - will result in the following changes (chart from the HuffPost article discussed here): States gaining House seats: Texas (+4), Arizona (+2), Florida (+1), Georgia (+1), Nevada (+1), Oregon (+1), South Carolina (+1), and Utah (+1). States losing House seats: Ohio (-2), Illinois (-1), Iowa (-1), Louisiana (-1), Massachusetts (-1), Michigan (-1), Minnesota (-1), Missouri (-1), New Jersey (-1...

Regional White House Forums on Health Care Reform visiting California, Iowa, MI, NC, VT; ask questions - 03/06/09

Later this month and in April, the Barack Obama administration will be conducting "Regional White House Forums on Health Care Reform" in California, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina and Vermont [1]: In keeping with the Obama administration’s commitment to a transparent, accountable government, the forums will be an opportunity for Americans from all over the country to voice their concerns and ideas about reforming our health care system... They will be open conversations with everyday Americans, local, state and federal elected officials – both Democrat and Republican -- and senior Obama...

Council Bluffs, Iowa wants $2.5 million for "lightly traveled" road (+many more) - 02/16/09

Casey Gillam of Reuters offers "U.S. states eager to start spending stimulus money" (link), which lists some of the projects that various localities want to spend their fair share of the stimulus plan on.

Betsy Rubiner/Time offers pro-illegal immigration propaganda (Agriprocessors, Iowa) - 05/29/08

Betsy Rubiner of Time Magazine [1] offers a slab of pro-illegal immigration propaganda called "After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why" (link). The raid in question occured at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville earlier this month, and her article could have been written by that company or anyone else who supports profiting from illegal immigration. The only mention of those who support our laws is in a highly negative light. The reader who thinks she's in any way a credible source of information should research the raid using the last link, then compare it to her article. It starts with this...

Crooked Towns: Sharon Cohen/AP on illegal immigration in Marshalltown, Iowa - 09/02/07

In addition to PIIPPs, a new way the mainstream media attempts to sell massive immigration - usually of the illegal variety - is through what we'll call "Crooked Town Story". These articles - some quite long - detail how a small town has changed after an influx of "immigrants", most of whom are illegal aliens. In most cases this involves what more honest reporters would recognize to be forced demographic change and this almost always involves one or more "bosses" of some kind: major employers that are profiting from illegal activity. And, in most cases it's quite clear that the town is...

Tom Vilsack for President? - 11/09/06

Democratic Iowa governor Tom Vilsack has announced that he's running for president. For the short, punchy version, see the "Traveling Tom" ( website from the IA GOP. From this:

Iowans get exotic treat: Central American gangs - 09/07/05

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (link) The Midwest seems an unlikely hideout for Osama bin Laden's hired hands. But an ongoing federal crackdown shows an increasing presence of a violent gang with suspected links to al-Qaida. The gang, M-S-13, was founded in El Salvador and is known for smuggling drugs and immigrants into the U-S. [...and there's a possible terrorism connection...]

AVWatch: Annotating Villaraigosa's speech - 06/02/05

L.A.'s mayor-elect Antonio Villaraigosa appeared at the "Take Back America" event (for "progressives", not necessarily reconquistas). Here are his remarks, annotated with few randomly chosen links: