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The following lists conversations I've had on Twitter. These conversations are updated periodically throughout the day; if someone responds, the conversation will be updated. As you can see, most don't respond, and for almost all of them that's because they aren't capable of responding to one of my questions.
Kevin Williamson of NRO misleads about Baltimore
With: Kevin D. Williamson (kevinnr)
Sam P.K. Collins downplays Ebola risk
With: Sam P.K. Collins (sampkcollins)
Is Tara Haelle credible? Find out.
With: Tara Haelle (tarahaelle)
Heather Caygle downplays Ebola risk
With: Heather Caygle (heatherscope)
Carrie Dann indicts herself
With: Carrie Dann (carrienbcnews)
Julia Belluz of Vox helps make Ebola worse
With: Julia Belluz (juliaoftoronto)
How NumbersUSA will help amnesty supporters
With: Roy Beck (roybeck_nusa)
Aaron Blake misleads about Ebola restrictions
With: Aaron Blake (aaronblakewp)
Abby Phillip (WaPo) helps downplay Ebola
With: Abby D. Phillip (abbydphillip)
Catherine Thompson (TPM) helps downplay Ebola
With: Catherine Thompson (kt_thomps)
Is Miranda Blue of RightWingWatch credible?
With: Miranda Blue (bluemir)
Questions for Ahiza Garcia (Talking Points Memo)
With: Ahiza Garcia (ahiza_garcia)
With: Keith Olbermann (keitholbermann)
Questions for Tamara Keith (NPR)
With: Tamara Keith (tamarakeithnpr)
Questions for Bill Frelick (HRW)
With: Bill Frelick (billfrelick)
Manu Raju vs. reporting
With: Manu Raju (mkraju)
Jake Tapper and the "War on Whites"
With: Jake Tapper (jaketapper)
Matt Haughey owes me $5 (Metafilter)
With: Matt Haughey (mathowie)
Bad reporting by Scott C. Johnson for NatGeo
With: Scott Johnson (scott_c_johnson)
Jacob Passy vs reporting (NBC)
With: Jacob Passy (jepassy)
Questions for the Haas Jr. Fund
With: Haas, Jr. Fund (haasjrfund)
Annie-Rose Strasser isn't credible (Think Progress)
With: Annie-Rose Strasser (arstrasser)
David Siders vs reporting (Sacramento Bee)
With: David Siders (davidsiders)
Questions for Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)
With: Chris Van Hollen (chrisvanhollen)
Questions for Jack Jenkins (Think Progress)
With: Jack Jenkins (jackmjenkins)
Questions for Zachary Goldfarb (WaPo)
With: Zachary Goldfarb (goldfarb)
Can Tina Nguyen figure things out? (Mediaite)
With: Tina Nguyen (tina_nguyen)
Bad reporting from Michael Paulson (NYT religion)
With: Michael Paulson (michaelpaulson)
Jeremy W. Peters misleads (New York Times)
With: Jeremy W. Peters (jwpetersnyt)
Is John Dickerson in touch with reality? (Slate)
With: John Dickerson (jdickerson)
Chuck Lindell (Austin) is a disgrace to journalism
With: Chuck Lindell (chucklindell)
Questions for Jake Flanagin (NYT Opinion)
With: Jake Flanagin (jakeflanagin)
Questions for Sean Murphy (AP, Oklahoma)
With: Sean Murphy (apseanmurphy)
Questions for Dana Davidsen (CNN)
With: Dana Davidsen (danadavidsencnn)
Will Major Garrett dare challenge authority?
With: Major Garrett (majorcbs)
Questions for Phil Helsel (NBC News)
With: Phil Helsel (philhelsel)
Questions for Jeff Jacoby
With: Jeff Jacoby (jeff_jacoby)
Questions for the John Batchelor Show
With: John Batchelor (batchelorshow)
Questions for Brian Resnick (National Journal)
With: Brian Resnick (b_resnick)
Questions for Josh Feldman (Mediaite)
With: Josh Feldman (feldmaniac)
Jessica Meyer's questionable reporting (Politico)
With: jessicameyers (jessicameyers)
Can Robert J. Shiller of Yale answer these questions?
With: Robert J Shiller (robertjshiller)
Will Andrew Kirell correct his lie?
With: Andrew Kirell (andrewkirell)
Will Halimah Abdullah correct misleading statements?
With: Halimah Abdullah (habdullahdc)
Questions for Diana Furchtgott-Roth
With: Diana Furchtgott-R (furchtgottroth)
Will Robert McCartney correct his misleading post?
With: Robert McCartney (mccartneywp)
Example of Igor Volsky misleading
With: igorvolsky (igorvolsky)
Will Chris Megerian do his job? (L.A. Times)
With: Chris Megerian (chrismegerian)
Will James Hohmann try real reporting?
With: James Hohmann (jameshohmann)
Paul Steinhauser of CNN misleads
With: Paul Steinhauser (psteinhausercnn)
A mind experiment for Dylan Byers
With: Dylan Byers (dylanbyers)
Questions for Clark Stevens (DHS)
With: Clark Stevens (cstevensdhs)
Darian Shirazi & immigration (FWD US, Forbes)
With: Darian Shirazi (darian314)
More questions for Alex Nowrasteh
With: Alex Nowrasteh (alexnowrasteh)
Greg Brannon and immigration
With: Dr. Greg Brannon (drgregbrannon)
Igor Birman and immigration
With: Igor Birman (igor_birman)
Questions for Claire Zillman (Fortune)
With: Claire Zillman (clairezillman)
Questions for Alexis C. Madrigal
With: Alexis C. Madrigal (alexismadrigal)
Questions for Adam Sneed (Politico)
With: Adam Sneed (atsneed)
Questions for Michael Mishak (AP)
With: Michael J. Mishak (mjmishak)
Questions for Andrew Prokop (Vox)
With: Andrew Prokop (awprokop)
Questions for Laura Meckler (WSJ)
With: Laura Meckler (laurameckler)
Questions for Ian Haney Lopez
With: Ian Haney Lopez (ianhaneylopez)
Burgess Everett of Politico vs reporting
With: Burgess Everett (burgessev)
Will Charles C. W. Cooke oppose the Kochs over immigration?
With: Charles C. W. Cooke (charlescwcooke)
Questions for Sandra Lilley
With: Sandra Lilley (sandralilley)
Questions for Lydia DePillis (WaPo)
With: Lydia DePillis (lydiadepillis)
More questions for Elise Foley
With: Elise Foley (elisefoley)
Questions for Gregory Wallace (CNN Money)
With: Gregory Wallace (gregorywallace)
Ben Dreyfuss of Mother Jones and journalism
With: Ben Dreyfuss (bendreyfuss)
Questions for Andrew Ng (Stanford AI lab)
With: Andrew Ng (andrewyng)
Can Cecilia Munoz answer any of my questions?
With: Cecilia Muñoz (cecilia44)
Questions for Maya Rhodan (Time)
With: Maya Rhodan (m_rhodan)
Arizona Public Media lies about immigration
With: Arizona Public Media (azpmnews)
Questions for Anna Gorman (Kaiser, LAT)
With: Anna Gorman (annagorman)
Jose DelReal vs. reporting
With: Jose DelReal (jdelreal)
Is Timothy Pate of Fenton credible?
With: Timothy Pate (timothympate)
Questions for Lucia Graves (National Journal)
With: Lucia Graves (lucia_graves)
Questions for Paul Rosenberg (Salon)
With: Paul Rosenberg (paulhrosenberg)
Can Jonathan Chait figure things out?
With: Jonathan Chait (jonathanchait)
Can David Agnew answer any of my questions?
With: David Agnew (davidagnew44)
What Majority FM can't figure out
With: Majority Report (majorityfm)
Questions for Francis Wilkinson (Bloomberg)
With: Francis Wilkinson (fdwilkinson)
Why ConservativeLA (radio show) isn't credible
With: ConservativeLA (conservativela)
Questions for the New York Farm Bureau
With: New York Farm Bureau (nyfarmbureau)
A question for David Edwards
With: David Edwards (davidedwards)
Maggie Severns of Politico vs. journalism
With: Maggie Severns (maggieseverns)
Hadas Gold of Politico vs. reporting
With: Hadas Gold (hadas_gold)
Todd Staples and immigration
With: Todd Staples (todd_staples)
Ben Sasse and immigration
With: Ben Sasse (sasse4senate)
Questions for Russell Moore (SBC)
With: Russell Moore (drmoore)
Mike Allen of Politico vs. reporting
With: Mike Allen (mikeallen)
Alex Altman vs the facts
With: Alex Altman (aaltman82)
What is Scott Walker's immigration position?
With: Scott Walker (scottwalker)
Ryan Zinke and "guest" workers
With: Ryan Zinke (ryanzinke)
Questions for Ed Kilgore (Washington Monthly)
With: Ed Kilgore (ed_kilgore)
Questions for Kyrsten Sinema
With: Kyrsten Sinema (repsinema)
Questions for Rep. Al Green
With: Congressman Al Green (repalgreen)
Questions for Aaron Blake (WaPo)
With: Aaron Blake (aaronblakewp)
Questions for Olga Khazan
With: Olga Khazan (olgakhazan)
Questions for John Stanton
With: john r stanton (dcbigjohn)
Questions for Greg Sargent (Plum Line)
With: Greg Sargent (theplumlinegs)
Questions for Rep. Bill Shuster
With: Bill Shuster (repbillshuster)
Question for Ashley Berrang (BPC)
With: Ashley Berrang (aberrang)
Can Laurie Segall of CNN do real reporting?
With: Laurie Segall (lauriesegallcnn)
A question for Mo Elleithee (Democratic Party)
With: Mo Elleithee (moelleithee)
Questions for Chris Kelly
With: Chris Kelly (thatchriskelly)
Questions for Diana Scholl (ACLU)
With: Diana Scholl (dianascholl)
Questions for Jim Henson (U Texas)
With: Jim Henson (jamesrhenson)
Questions for Bridge Project (immigration)
With: Bridge Project (bridge_project1)
Questions for Grant Woods (Arizona)
With: Grant Woods (grantwoods)
Questions for Barbara Arnwine (LCCRUL)
With: Barbara Arnwine (barbs73)
A question for Erika Sumner of Social Good
With: Erika Sumner (erikasumner)
Questions for Linda Vega (Texas)
With: Linda Vega (lgvega)
Questions for Laura Sullivan (NPR)
With: Laura Sullivan (laurasullivanpr)
Questions for Kathy Ko Chin (APIAHF)
With: Kathy Ko Chin (kathykochin)
Questions for Tal Kopan
With: Tal Kopan (talkopan)
Questions for Imani Perry
With: Imani Perry (imaniperry)
Question for Paul McDaniel (IPC)
With: Paul McDaniel (pnmcdaniel)
Question for Joshua Holland
With: Joshua Holland (joshuahol)
Questions for Katie Glueck
With: Katie Glueck (katie_glueck)
Barbara Ehrenreich, Gary Rivlin, and immigration
With: EconomicHardship (econhardship)
Kirk Semple and illegal activity
With: Kirk Semple (kirksemple)
Questions for Sophie Quinton
With: Sophie Quinton (squintonnj)
Joan Walsh's fantasy world
With: Joan Walsh (joanwalsh)
Ted Yoho and immigration
With: Ted Yoho (reptedyoho)
Questions for Eric Schneiderman (New York)
With: Eric Schneiderman (agschneiderman)
Question for NYC's Mark Levine
With: Mark D. Levine (marklevinenyc)
Question for Shawn Jain of the ACLU
With: Shawn Jain (shawnjain)
Does Tom Cotton support mass legalization?
With: Tom Cotton (reptomcotton)
Questions for Becky Tallent
With: Becky Tallent (beckytallent)
Questions for Seung Min Kim of Politico
With: Seung Min Kim (seungminkim)
Fast Food Forward is fake
With: Fast Food Forward (fastfoodforward)
Questions for Raul Reyes of USA Today
With: Raul A. Reyes (raulareyes)
Can Scott Walker answer this?
With: Scott Walker (scottkwalker)
Dean Obeidallah and immigration
With: Dean Obeidallah (deanofcomedy)
About Rowan Kaiser of AVClub
With: Snake Juice (rowankaiser)
Is Allison Kilkenny fake? Let's find out
With: allisonkilkenny (allisonkilkenny)
Wonkette, WalMart, and high immigration
With: Alex Ruthrauff (alexruthrauff)
Can Maggie Haberman do real reporting?
With: maggie haberman (maggiepolitico)
Kshama Sawant and immigration
With: Kshama Sawant (votesawant)
Questions for Justin Cox of the ACLU
With: Justin Cox (jb_cox)
Can Marc Caputo do real reporting?
With: Marc Caputo (marcacaputo)
A question about Al Hunt's reporting
With: Albert Hunt (alhuntdc)
Questions for Tennessee Farm Bureau
With: TN Farm Bureau (tnfarmbureau)
Question for Michael Cohen of Century Foundation
With: Michael Cohen (speechboy71)
Questions for Josh Mankiewicz of NBC Dateline
With: Josh Mankiewicz (joshmankiewicz)
Questions for John Harwood of the New York Times
With: John Harwood (johnjharwood)
Questions for Bread for the World
With: Andrew Wainer (andrewwainer)
Questions for Michael Hiltzik on the Senate bill
With: Michael Hiltzik (hiltzikm)
How to make #StopWatchingUS effective
With: Kurt Opsahl (kurtopsahl)
Correction request for Ben Terris
With: Ben Terris (bterris)
Questions for Ashley Parker of New York Times
With: Ashley Parker (ashleyrparker)
Questions about NPR article
With: James McBennett (mcbennett)
Question for Aasif Mandvi of Daily Show
With: aasif mandvi (aasif)
Questions for Steve Gallardo (Arizona)
With: Steve Gallardo (steve_gallardo)
A question for Randi Weingarten of AFT
With: Randi Weingarten (rweingarten)
Matt Yglesias and complementary employment
With: Matt Yglesias (mattyglesias)
Questions for Jodie Evans of Code Pink
With: Jodie Evans (msjodieevans)
Questions for Cafe con Leche GOP
With: Cafe con Leche GOP (cafeconlechegop)
Questions for Benjy Sarlin of MSNBC
With: Benjy Sarlin (benjysarlin)
Questions for Shawnna Bolick
With: slmbolick (slmbolick)
Can Michael Barone answer these questions?
With: Michael Barone (michaelbarone)
Questions for David Cay Johnston
With: David Cay Johnston (davidcayj)
Questions for Alex Nowrasteh of CATO
With: Alex Nowrasteh (alexnowrasteh)
Questions for Heather Cronk of GetEQUAL
With: heather cronk (hcronk)
Example of Teaparty *helping* the media
With: Dawn Kennedy (dawn_kennedy2)
Questions for OFA Washtenaw
With: OFA Washtenaw (ofawashtenaw)
Questions for Dylan Matthews (Washington Post)
With: Dylan Matthews (dylanmatt)
Questions for Paul Colford of the AP
With: Paul Colford (pdcolford_ap)
How Nick Searcy helps liberals ("Justified")
With: Yes, Nick Searcy! (yesnicksearcy)
How Nick Searcy helps liberals ("Justified")
With: Nick Searcy (nicksearcy)
The problem with Marco Rubio fans, Part 1
With: SpecialOpsPatriot (wacade)
Questions for Adam Mordecai of Upworthy
With: Adam Mordecai (advodude)
Questions for Jesse Walker of Reason Magazine
With: Jesse Walker (notjessewalker)
Why Chris Loesch isn't credible
With: Chris Loesch (chrisloesch)
Questions for Matthew Kaminski (WSJ editorial board)
With: Matthew Kaminski (kaminskimk)
Questions for Brian Fung of The Atlantic
With: Bronson Fung (bfung)
Questions for Elise Foley of Huff Post
With: Elise Foley (elisefoley)
Why I oppose Tea Party, yearend edition
With: Scott S. (onetruthhunter)
Doc Washburn illustrates problems Teaparty has
With: Doc Washburn (docwashburn)
What Melissa Block of NPR won't tell you
With: melissa block (nprmelissablock)
Questions about Senator Mike Lee supporting amnesty
With: Brian Phillips (senleecoms)
Will liberals oppose Koch where most vulnerable?
With: John Nichols (nicholsuprising)
Questions for Adrian Moore of Reason
With: Adrian Moore (reasonpolicy)
Questions for Justin Sink of The Hill
With: Justin Sink (jtsthehill)
Questions for Howard Buffett's chief of staff
With: Ann Kelly (annkelly411)
Why Michael Shank is wrong on immigration
With: michaelshank (michaelshank)
Immigration questions for Bob Krause of Iowa
With: Bob Krause (krauseforiowa)
Questions for Zach Wolf of ABC News
With: Zach Wolf (zbyronwolf)
Questions for Luke Russert of NBC News
With: Luke Russert (lukerussert)
Questions for Jeffry Bartash of Market Watch
With: Jeffry Bartash (jbartash)
Questions for Elizabeth Emken
With: Elizabeth Emken (elizabethemken)
Questions about impact of DREAM Act on American students
With: Marlene M. Johnson (marleneatnafsa)
Impact of Obama's amnesty on American workers
With: Laura Lichter (lauralichter)
John Fugelsang and illegal immigration
With: John Fugelsang (johnfugelsang)
Questions for Jeanne Sahadi of CNN
With: Jeanne Sahadi (jjsahadi)
Questions for David Leonhardt
With: David Leonhardt (dleonhardt)
Questions for Bold Progressives (PCCC)
With: BoldProgressives.org (boldprogressive)