Questions for Gregory Wallace (CNN Money) | a Twitter conversation


Questions for Gregory Wallace (CNN Money)

Gregory Wallace of CNN Money "interviews" [1] Treasury security Jack Lew. It's not an actual interview, since Wallace just transcribes what Lew says. Wallace transcribes Lew promoting immigration reform, but doesn't challenge anything Lew says or point out any of the many downsides of immigration reform.

Let's see if we can help Gregory Wallace become a journalist, and not just a transcriptionist.

[1] From the faux interview ( ):
Lew expressed great optimism that immigration reform could be accomplished "at some point in the not that distant future.".. "I don't know if it's the next few months or the next year or two," he said. He acknowledged that the election year could dampen prospects but noted reform is "in the political interest of all parties" and the economy... "Immigration reform will even help us deal with the entitlement issues because it grows the economy," he said. "It grows the payroll tax base, and it helps to support Social Security and Medicare financing."
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