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Carrie Dann indicts herself

Carrie Dann of NBC News offers "Why Immigration Talk in Senate Races Took a Hard Right". There's a lot wrong of it, but I'll concentrate on Carrie Dann indicting herself and her profession. She writes:

"If high-profile Senate candidates are talking about immigration at all this cycle, it usually involves foreboding music or warnings of criminals, terrorists or even Ebola coming over the nation’s Southern border."

A fairly high percentage of illegal aliens and legal immigrants turn out to be criminals. Some - like the Tsarnaev brothers, the 9/11 terrorists admitted on student visas, etc. - turn out to be terrorists. And, considering that around four thousand people from the three west African countries affected by Ebola have been caught crossing into the U.S. between 2003 and 2012, Ebola sufferers could cross the southern border (or the northern border).

All those are important, grown-up topics that we should be having a grown-up discussion about. Carrie Dann obviously disagrees with those who favor pro-American border policies. Yet, she's unwilling to engage her opponents in debate. She works for NBC News and thus has access to top policy makers. Yet, instead of doing her job, she acts like she works for Tiger Beat. Any leftwing partisan hack blogger could do the same job.
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