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Arizona Public Media lies about immigration

Arizona Public Media - a PBS/NPR affiliate from the University of Arizona - posted a highly misleading story about the Gallup poll discussed at

As detailed at that link, the poll does not necessarily show increased support for mass legalization/comprehensive immigration reform/etc.

The actual poll questions didn't stop APM from pretending otherwise. Even though the poll doesn't necessarily back it up, APM titles their post "Immigration Poll: Equal Number Prioritize Reform, Border Security" ( ) and says "New polling shows that, nationally, people place about equal priority on securing the international border with Mexico as they place on making a plan to reform the immigration system for people already in the United States undocumented... Even so, a number of Republicans have pushed for reform. It would solve a piecemeal system being created at the state level, said National Republican Committeeman Bruce Ash of Tucson."

Compare the tack APM takes to the discussion at the first link in this post.

At post time, APM has not issued a correction nor have they approved a comment I left asking for a correction.
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