24Ahead's Closing Argument: Stan Ridgway - Big Dumb Town: #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist
Want to finally oppose Trump in ways that work (not ones that obviously fail)? Donate generously now! #TheResistance
It looks like #SkinnyRepeal has failed. IOW, yet another big fail for Trump. #MAGA #resist
.@cherokeesher2 @joelojr: smarter: show Trump's base how he won't help them. @Lawrence can't relate: he's probably on seen a WalMart on TV.
.@cherokeesher2 @joelojr @Lawrence: your smears fall on deaf ears because 10s of millions see Trump as someone who can help them.
Yet, 10s of millions voted for him. What is it they could want? MT @cherokeesher2 RT @joelojr: @Lawrence [Trump needs psychiatric help!]
.@WinProgressive @HouseDemocrats: Trump says one thing, you say another. How should an impartial observer decide who's right?
GOP says otherwise. MT @WinProgressive RT @HouseDemocrats: If SenateGOP & Trump win, millions will have their health care ripped away
.@cfeldman1 @KNXSimpson: if you don't *really* press Coulter on policy, I'll work hard to discredit you to your small # of fans. KNXINDEPTH
.@cfeldman1 @KNXSimpson: "...But, if extreme vetting is NOT extreme enough, Trump's letting bad dudes in. Which is it?" KNXINDEPTH
.@cfeldman1 @KNXSimpson: Q for Coulter: "if Trump's extreme vetting is extreme enough, travel ban isn't needed to keep bad dude out..."
.@cfeldman1 @KNXSimpson: in Dec 2015, I accurately described how Muslim ban would fail; likewise when it became a travel ban. #KNXINDEPTH
.@cfeldman1 @KNXSimpson: in Aug 2015, I accurately describe how the Trump/Coulter immigration plan would fail:
.@cfeldman1 @KNXSimpson: I see AnnCoulter will be on #KNXINDEPTH. Will you ask about Trump's bound-to-fail #immigration plan she co-wrote?
.@Poptartmom @ConservCityGirl: if you really care, demand Trump/Coulter etc. make smart arguments that undercut Dem leaders to their base.
.@Poptartmom @ConservCityGirl: illegal #immigration would permanently slow to a trickle if Trump/Coulter etc. could make smart arguments.
We don't need a wall. MT @Poptartmom RT @ConservCityGirl: Waiting for the AnnCoulter update. How many inches of wall completed today?
.@RealEmmyMorgan: pose as MAGA at Breitbart etc. and encourage Trump fans to demand he fires everyone.
Everything Trump learned about playing to audience, making grand entrance, etc. he learned from #MAGA #resist
.@greeneyes0084: my plan is to intellectually undercut pro-illegal immigration corporations. Which plan is more in keeping with Western Civ?
.@greeneyes0084: LadyLSpeaks wants to "punish corporations that high illegals". Is that a plan or just a wish? How would it fail?
.@TerrySechelski: you support Trump & (like me) don't like BLM. Trump had a golden chance to undercut BLM last year. What did he do?
Not surprisingly, @LadyLSpeaks has blocked me over pointing out she's bad for whites:
.@dburbach: what's the smartest form active dissent has taken? Waving a stupid sign at a Trump rally? His opponents are as dim as him.
MT @dburbach His immigration views aside, [DHS's] Kelly has shown himself worryingly disrespectful of basic democratic norms of dissent
.@mestasenesta: Koch-funded @ACLU colluded with a Mexican govt group to undercut U.S. law enforcement. Is that something you support?
.@mattjbyford: FYI, johncusack blocked me for suggesting (much nicer than usual) how he could help oppose Trump. He's dim & deranged.
.@ProgressiveJill: the only smart plan against #Trumpcare: Will you help make that happen? #UnitedAgainstThisBill
.@ProgressiveJill: few will see your #UnitedAgainstThisBill & most won't know what it's about or why you oppose it. IOW, it won't work.
.@MarinaGipps: Michael Moore thinks mocking Trump will bring him down. How's that much different from #MAGA creating a fake MM account?
.@johncusack blocked me (I'm pretty sure recently) over trying to get him to do something useful:
.@lizeraly: @MMFlint loathes whites, esp straight, esp Christian, esp male. It's a psychological affliction probably relating to his dad.
DERPMT @lizeraly RT @colbertlateshow: I couldn’t think of any more brave people to have defending this country than transgenders. - @MMFlint
.@stuholden: BLM inspired more murders this century than KKK. Has @mPinoe apologized to the victims' families? #USWNT #ToN2017
OTOH, she enabled BLM extremists. MT @stuholden mPinoe... has created at least 5 clear cut scoring opportunities tonight for #USWNT
One one hand, that #USWNT player tried to make something happen. OTOH, she enabled a group that inspired murders. So... #ToN2017 #USA #MAGA
You have to hand it to the #USWNT player who enabled BLM - a group indirectly responsible for several deaths - she tried to get something.
.@USseriously: @MMFlint should stick with predictions. His plans are completely incompetent: #TheResistance
.@WoSoZone: more people have been killed this century in BLM's name than in KKK's. Has @mpinoe apologized to their families? #USWNT #ToN2017
.@australia: we've got Alex Morgan. How's not having Alex Morgan working out for you? #cor #blimey #USWNT #ToN2017
.@iandarke: several people have been killed in BLM's name. It's not good to see @mPinoe after she enabled extremists. #USWNT #ToN2017
"Palin to subpoena two dozen reporters in defamation suit". If anyone can find out what really happened in #PizzaGate, it's her! #MAGA
#BSA apologizes for Trump's speech: #scouting #BoyScouts #MAGA #resist
.@sarahfrier: #Twitter "multitier system" = Bieber > you > me, with @Jack sucking up to ppl who can't stand him so he can be cool.
.@sarahfrier: in fact, #Twitter censorship, creating multitier system, giving in to lil' fascist SJWs, etc. is the problem.
.@sarahfrier: you blog about #Twitter's falling # of U.S. users, making it sounds like censorship is the answer:
In new completely unrelated to their falling # of users, #Twitter says it's increased 10-fold # of accounts it "takes action on" per day.
#Twitter active users fell from 70 million last quarter to 68 mil this quarter. Their COO/CFO @anthonynoto admits he's clueless as to why.
24Ahead's Closing Argument: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #TheResistance
Are you tired of the *intense* stupidity of both #MAGA & #TheResistance? Help forge a smart, sane third way: donate generously right now!
@tammywalt61 @AIIAmericanGirI: smart arguments would undercut Garcetti, but Trump & fans can't even conceive of them. #MAGA = #idiocracy
@tammywalt61 @AIIAmericanGirI: the most Trump & fans could do to Garcetti is call him names, withhold tiny amount of $, & cut selves off.
Why should he? What's the downside for him? MT @tammywalt61 RT @AIIAmericanGirI: [Garcetti] Defies Trump Administration's Immigration Policy
Case in point -> @BreitbartLondon & @Nigel_Farage lack smarts & sanity to foresee & head off a #Brexit "betrayal". #immigration
MT @BreitbartLondon: The Great 'Brexit Betrayal: @Nigel_Farage warns Tories and Big Business conspiring to sell out public on immigration
.@DavidJo52951945: #DefendEurope is a disgrace. They lack smarts to do what should be easy things that'd reduce mass migration.
.@DavidJo52951945: your problem is that there's no loud, smart opposition to mass #immigration. The loudest opponents are dim & deranged.
.@cyrinafiallo: on serious note, 8 years ago Ashton Kutcher made a vid where celebs pledged to be "servants" to Obama. Same as MAGA does now
.@cat_1012000: will you pledge to be a servant to President Trump and all mankind? #MAGA
.@RAMRANTS: is Trump ramping up screening enough to keep USA safe? If so, then explain why "travel" ban is needed. If not, he helps ISIS.
#CNN tends to show things that supposedly we won't see there. #MAGA MT @stormestone RT @immigrant4trump: Won't See this on CNN for Sure!
Then you're a subject, not a citizen. Read the Constitution. #MAGA #resist MT @jwespieser RT @SageGarden1: I love my President
My 8-year-old vid about Ashton Kutcher etc idolizing Obama: Exactly what #MAGA does now. #TheResistance
.@ericpreven @joshuapreven: I'd expose Vision Zero *and* oppose yahoo nekulturnie sociopathic scum like @JohnAndKenShow. What about you?
.@ericpreven @joshuapreven: in yahoo areas & even #LosAngeles, yahoo nekulturnie sociopaths like @JohnAndKenShow would gladly run over bikes
.@ericpreven @joshuapreven: it won't take much searching or interviewing to find bikers have a problem with sociopaths like @JohnAndKenShow
~~ #AnnCoulter Trigger Warning ~~ Team Ginger is running away with this. #MAGA #Agenda21 #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer
.@prasadTK @johnkao: @HarvardBiz recently hyped a deceptive Murdoch "study" about Fortune 500. They aren't exactly credible. #Harvard
.@ericpreven @joshuapreven: @JohnAndKenShow hype you supposedly uncovering "Vision Zero" overweighting cyclist deaths. #LosAngeles
*In fact*, our 2nd fave female singer: A very high bar. #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday @janewells #MAGA #resist
.@janewells: Oscars/Emmys/etc. also = crap. However, there are big diffs btw chick singers (much favored here) & dude singers. Don't erase.
~~ #AnnCoulter Trigger Warning ~~ #MCFC goes up 2-0. A *ginger* kicked it off. #MAGA #Agenda21 #MAGA
.@DarkSecretPlace @laraseligman: stop being Trump's foil. Learn to make valid, Socratic arguments that undercut him/proxies to his base.
Joke's on you. Trump won. MT @DarkSecretPlace RT @laraseligman [hilarious joke about F-35 parts costing more than transgendered]
.@Cristiano: "this is the hottest day [in Shanghai] because I'm here". Only one man can beat @RealDonaldTrump in followers & ego. #resist
Wouldn't reality be smarter than always looking for conspiracies? MT @politoreality: #DefendEurope exposed ILLEGAL activity of criminal NGOs
.@nia4_trump: which is smarter: what #DefendEurope does, or intellectually undercutting the pro-mass immigration side?
You aren't smart enough MT @nia4_trump: Patriots will #DefendEurope from invaders, eto our ancestral land, our Kultur & #OurHomesOurVoices
.@MikeLevinCA: if you were smart & rational, you'd make valid arguments, not posture using logical fallacies. How'd you pass the Bar?
.@MikeLevinCA: ppl like you have consistently helped Trump, serving as his foil. You aren't smart or rational enough to do otherwise.
Trump's past enlistment age. MT @MikeLevinCA: Dear Trump: The LGBT community is fit for service. YOU are the one who is unfit for service
MTV/Grammys = crap. However... MT @janewells As the should be. Oscars, you should, too. MTV Continues to Eliminate Gendered Categories
~~ #AnnCoulter Trigger Warning ~~ There's a *ginger* playing a *sport*. WTF??? #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #MCFC
"DOJ: Ex-Manafort Associate Firtash Is Top-Tier Comrade of Russian Mobsters". Just send them all to Gitmo. #MAGA #resist
Calvinist extremists get one: "Kansas Gov. Brownback nominated as ambassador at large for religious freedom". #MAGA #resist #Catholic
I'm not going to suggest going to #DailyCaller, but that Chuck Johnson tale will make you mutter "WTF??" #resist
"Senate Intel Committee Wants To Interview Chuck Johnson As Part Of Trump-Russia Probe". Please, just send them all to Gitmo. #MAGA #resist
First Jamaica! Now on to Belgium, Ghana, & North Korea! #USMNT #MAGA #AnnCoulter #communism #Agenda21 #TrumpPlayedSoccer #resist
#USMNT goes up 2-1 on what looked like yet another sloppy missed chance. #AnnCoulter #MAGA #Agenda21
.@JulieFoudy: "national team" should be viewable by as many nationals as possible, not hidden away on FS1. @USSoccer #USMNT #ESPN
.@JulieFoudy: @USSoccer sold out to Murdoch, forcing me to watch #USMNT on Univision. Meanwhile, Fox is showing a *cooking show*. #ESPN
Dempsey was *just* this close. #MAGA #AnnCoulter #USMNT
If that was Barca that would have been a goal. I blame #AnnCoulter. #MAGA #USMNT
.@hilarysontag: @KeithOlbermann wouldn't be so "frustrated" if he'd helped with my very smart plans that would have stopped Trump. #resist
Roger Mellie -> MT @hilarysontag RT @KeithOlbermann: Can't we fucking get a fucking restraining order on this fucking asshole Trump already?
I joke about "Hamyka", but how *do* you pronounce "Jamaica" in Jamaican? #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #GoldCup2017 #Agenda21 #resist #AnnCoulter
.@EttaDziver @Johnmulkins: @RBReich can't even show *Jeffrey Lord* wrong to Trump's base. #MAGA enables Trump; don't enable Reich.
.@JmoSmooth13: congrats on the goal, but shouldn't #USMNT be viewable by as many Americans as possible? I.e., network or #ESPN. Not FS1.
As it turned out, that wasn't so "peligro" for Hamyka. #USMNT #MAGA #AnnCoulter
~~ #AnnCoulter Trigger Warning ~~ #USMNT begins 2nd half after JUV goes up 3-2. #MAGA #TrumpPlayedSoccer #GoldCup2017 #Agenda21 #resist