.@ckmarie: how @TomSteyer 's impeachment push is a very dim idea & how he can undercut Trump for real:
An #NFL owner that fires a player over protesting will galvanize other players and the league against that owner. #MAGA #resist
An #NFL owner that fires a player over protesting will be sued. Trump's idiotic plans always end up in the courts. #MAGA #resist
An #NFL owner that fires a player over protesting *will* be the King For A Day Of Breitbart, many/most others will disagree. #MAGA #resist
Trump: "[the owner that fires a player over protesting] they'll be the most popular person in this country." #MAGA = #idiocracy. #resist
Reading other comments by disqus_bHMnRPjif0 I think it's more she/he Has a Capitalization Problem, or she speak English ochen khorosho.
Comment on #Breitbart Steph Curry post by disqus_bHMnRPjif0: "Time to replace them with invites for The Common Man and Woman!" #MAGA!
Trump riles up NFL, NBA players. Riles them up real good! #MAGA?
Sad Trump is sad: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MusicDunya #MAGA #resist. Sad.
.@TheDaleJackson: my pinned tweet has a smart/sane/patriotic alternative to the Trump/Pelosi amnesty. Will you help Trump to see it?
.@TheDaleJackson: you want to give Trump tough love on Luther Strange. How about on colluding with Pelosi to push amnesty too? #MAGA
.@TheDaleJackson: Trump isn't smart/sane/patriotic enough to undercut Kaepernick to his base. He just solidifies anti-/pro- bases. #MAGA
Trump tonight: "You have a mountain which is a wall." #idiocracy #MAGA #resist #immigration
.@aaronparkinson: direct me to #TheResistance leaders, #CNN, etc. calling Trump or proxies on how the Wall would easily fail. #MAGA #resist
.@aaronparkinson: even if 100' concrete wall all along the border, Trump Wall could be easily torn down by Pres Chelsea. #MAGA #resist
Trump fans take second look at globalism: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MusicDunya #MAGA #resist
.@FollowMal: yes, Trump said it'd be "see through". Even as concrete it could be torn down. List #TheResistance leaders pointing that out:
#MAGA! MT @LocalMemphis 'You don't need it all the way' and other things Trump said about 'the wall'
#Breitbart: "Trump Takes Apparent Digs at Sessions, Carson, Bannon, Gorka as He Defends Support for Strange". #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
American politics is divided into two warring camps: cat ladies on one side, Joad Cressbeckler's stalwart army on the other. #MAGA #resist
Gather ye kittens while ye may: #idiocracy #CatLady #MAGA #resist
.@B52Malmet: anecdata does not work. Only way to stop #GrahamCassidy is to make smart policy arguments that undercut its supporters.
In last hour, >100 tweets from 2k+ followers about "trump kaepernick". None are pro-Trump. #MAGA #kneeball #resist
Playing his role in Trump's WWE drama -> MT @MaxBoot: Trump a lot tougher on Colin Kaepernick than on Vladimir Putin// #MAGA #resist
I'm with neither POS. #MAGA MT @SSE_TheLegacy RT @KumarRaoNYC: Wow. Okay again, so you're either with Kaepernick or with Trump. #imwithKap
Are you lawyers now? #MAGA MT @MattMurph24 @EdgeofSports: [opined] Trump's vocal obsession Kap [could mean] contract interference [suit]
.@EdgeofSports: obviously, Trump's doing it all wrong since he isn't even pro-white. He's a disgrace to 1000s of years of Euro history.
Like playing #kneeball matters. In fact, Trump played kneeball/soccer/baseball. #MAGA #TheNation #resist MT @EdgeofSports Trump never played
#TheResistance is completely wrong about Trump: he's "WS", "WN", etc. Putin knows he's just an uncultured, venal, unpatriotic buffoon. #MAGA
.@funder: how you oppose Trump failed miserably in the past. It fails miserably now. It will [fill in the blank] in the future. #resist
Only for idiots. MT @funder: Trump just came down harder on Kap than w/ white supremacists-proving my point that he's a white supremacist
Trump admits Trump Wall will be "see through", not an actual wall: #MAGA #BuildTheFence #immigration
#Brewers walk in a batter. #Cubs go up by 1. #CubsBandwagon #BrewersBandwagon #bandwaggoning #MAGA #resist
We need smart/sane/patriotic leaders who can change minds & undercut cultural far-left to their base. Trump isn't that. #MAGA #resist
.@RealAlexJones: is Trump a Lizardian Shapeshifter? I haven't seen him shapeshift, but everything he does is as dumb as a lizard. #MAGA
If Trump were smart/sane/patriotic, he'd present valid arguments that'd undercut Kaepernick to his base. #kneeball #ImWithKap #MAGA #resist
Trump, referring to Kaepernick: "get that SOB off the field, right now, he's fired!" A typically yahoos-only response. #kneeball #MAGA
.@ed_kilgore: ppl like you lacked/lack smarts/sanity/patriotism to use that to undercut Trump to his base. Ppl like you *helped* him win.
.@ed_kilgore: in Dec 2015 I accurately pointed out how Muslim ban would fail: Likewise w/ his other bans.
.@ed_kilgore blogs that Trump's new "permanent" travel restrictions are likely to be challenged in court. That's not news to me. #resist
Thanks to "Best Video Downloader", I just discovered the "Restore old Youtube" option on the menu at the top. #Google = #idiocracy.
.@therealLAVALLEE: @BrianPaulStuart is an oikophobe. He'd also deprive Mexico of the paramedics they desperately need. #earthquake #resist
.@mooresenate: if a DREAMer doesn't qualify for #RAISEAct, what happens to them? Does Trump round them up & deport? #immigration #MAGA
.@mooresenate has a simple(minded) solution to #DACA: pass RAISE Act "then we can let [in] the most qualified". #immigration #MAGA
#Breitbart: "Grassroots Callers Confused by Trump’s Support of Swamp Creature Luther Strange". They'll never wake up. #MAGA #resist
.@stellaaaa: Mexico needs DREAMers to return home. @PreetBharara is a colonialist: he wants to deprive MX of the leaders they need. #resist
Why's Preet want to harm Mexico? MT @stellaaaa RT @PreetBharara: Trump wants to deport non-violent Dreamers [Erdogan whataboutism]
.@Timodc: if opposing Trump the @katiepack way had worked that'd be moot. Her way failed & it was obvious it would fail. She's incompetent.
.@Timodc: I repeatedly asked @katiepack to help with only plan that would've stopped Trump: She refused.
.@it_currents @RhutaBhayga: what's #TheResistance 's smart/sane/patriotic action plan to discredit Trump or a proxy over #TaxReform?
MT @it_currents RT @RhutaBhayga: MASSIVE trump lie: "#TaxReform will not help the rich at all." In fact, they're the ONLY ones it helps
.@PlaysTrumpCard: Politico pointed out Manafort was a Putin puppet in 2014: Admit your idol made a mistake. #MAGA
DERPMT @PlaysTrumpCard: I"m sure Trump had no idea Paul Manafort was under FISA surveillance when he hired him, but [Trump admin "SOBs"] did
.@prophetsofrage releases "music" vid of Trump as Hitler, doesn't explain why they're aligned with #Koch & #WalMart on #immigration. #resist
.@KFILE: eg, You could destroy @GovMikeHuckabee to #MAGA if you followed the money on that. When will you? #CNN
.@KFILE: @GovMikeHuckabee colluded w/ MX govt to enable illegal #immigration in #Arkansas so chicken processors etc. could lower wages.
.@KFILE: most #MAGA would correctly regard @GovMikeHuckabee as a quisling if they knew what he did:
Is colluding w/ Pelosi on an anti-American amnesty "right"? #DACADeal #MAGA MT @lorie1917 Trump's always ends up being right
.@RZturbo69: Gov Huckabee is extremely vulnerable: he's very pro-amnesty. Why isn't @KeithOlbermann using that but gets personal? #resist
.@rodilosso_patty @GeorgiaDirtRoad: @GovMikeHuckabee helped Mex govt push illegal #immigration in #Arkansas. Gave them free offices! #MAGA has, not unsurprisingly, blocked me after I pointed out how Trump would *help* pro-amnesty side.
Most of Trump's associates are questionable on amnesty, at least. Sarah Sanders is daughter of a big amnesty fan. #MAGA #immigration
.@jewbaby57: 1. @GovMikeHuckabee helped MX govt push illegal #immigration in AR. 2. Trump hired a Putin stooge. Time to put USA first. #MAGA
DERPMT @jewbaby57 RT @GovMikeHuckabee: CNN will apologize to Trump for saying he lied about being surveilled & then reporting that he WAS
.@ConwayShow: meanwhile, @JohnAndKenShow smears fast food workers/bikers/etc/etc/ for "normal people". Like shockjocks who hype PI lawyers.
.@ConwayShow: Lisa Allie (sp?) was a dude; solar panels co; "Barnes Law" dumped "don't wait call 8". Now has choir but same cheesy synth.
.@ConwayShow: it's generally a bad sign when companies have to change their names. Thankfully #KFI advertisers didn't change their pitches.
The Master's chosen hosts: a Polish nobleman w/ gigantism, Gabriel Boliver, a Koch/Trump type, & Eph. Too dumb to survive. #TheStrain #MAGA
.@LisaDeP: rate your book/ideas/allies' ideas on each of these: smart, sane, patriotic, and big tent.
.@LisaDeP: SJWs are
I prefer the #Twitter model, where I have followers who've pledged their very lives to me as we march on Constantinople. #MAGA #resist
Dear #Facebook: I don't want to "Find friends". I just want to find people who'll help me push my agenda w/o being "friends" with them.
#Twitter is, unlike #Facebook, "flat". You've got tweets. You tweet & they appear in timelines. Simple. Not pages/groups/etc/etc/etc.
#Facebook is like Macromedia Director, an olden tymes media creator where control statements could be hidden in dozens of places.
.@miketirico: how are the #TNF rating doing, given that millions are sick of #kneeball?
.@MargHartmann: pretend you were paid to solve problems, not just complain about them in an echo chamber. How would you solve that?
Welcome back to smooth mellow music on KMLW. #NowPlaying #MusicThursday #MAGA #resist #Estonia
.@MargHartmann: at #NYMag, you say Trump is ignorant of Cassidy Graham. Yet, if you asked a Dilbert/Cernovich fan they'd say Trump knows all
.@morninggloria: what % of Americans have attended college? What % have graduated with a degree? Bonus: why did Trump win? #DailyBeast
Weren't we all! MT @morninggloria I love how we think of participants in college demos like we weren't all fucking idiots in college
Lil' fascists @DonLemon & @CillizzaCNN are using $100k in Russki ads to demand #Facebook censor not just ads but comments. #MAGA #resist
Never let a crisis go to waste: speech opponents will use Putin's ads to clamp down on debate in #Facebook ads & elsewhere. #MAGA! #resist
For as much as Putin makes in a few months, Russia helped elect an unpatriotic POS + spread distrust + initiated quashing of debate. #MAGA!
Want to mellow out? Watch this *now*: Don't wait! #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #Estonia
Want to make it easier for me to push the patriotic alternative to amnesty? Donate *now* using my bio link. #immigration #DACADeal #MAGA
Want to give Trump a patriotic alternative to amnesty? Since this White House petition now: #DACADeal #MAGA
.@patriotmom2911 @Oregon4Trump2 @NetworksManager: so you have to give him an alternative. Will you help him see the plan in my pinned tweet?
.@patriotmom2911 @Oregon4Trump2 @NetworksManager: Trump wants to have a "big heart" and he's obviously not going to do mass deportations...
.@patriotmom2911 @Oregon4Trump2 @NetworksManager: one reason Trump wants amnesty is because only alternative he knows of is mass deportation
.@RenegadeINFP @NastyCatWoman1 @MrDane1982: re Bernie Sanders' #Vox interview w/ Ezra Klein, what about #immigration did he get wrong?
DERPMT @RenegadeINFP RT @NastyCatWoman1: @MrDane1982 Bernie [pretends he's for] Dreamers, when in fact, he voted against Immigration Reform
.@sherpeace: isn't it colonialism that @NationofChange would deprive countries like Mexico of DREAMers? Before: gold. Now: people. #resist
"News" sites are oriented towards getting clicks *now*, not making the "Manafort story" to use against Trump later. #MAGA #resist
I put things on my topic/tweet pages with an eye to using them in the future to show how things worked out. "News" sites are clueless.
How "news" sites categorize info is like something from the Stone Age. Not that there was an internet in the Stone Age. #MAGA #resist
Assuming Manafort doesn't drink hot tea, who will Trump blame? Roger Stone would gladly be his fall guy, Smithers-style. #MAGA #resist
Tip for Manafort: drink your tea cold. But seriously, let's hope he's being very closely protected. #MAGA #resist
Tip: if you want to be taken seriously, don't intersperse attempts at real news with posts by cat ladies worried about the future. #HuffPost
.@howardfineman: "New Trump Aide Likes Strongmen For Clients" is too dim to post. But: not as bad as the #HuffPost cat lady posts! #resist
.@howardfineman: I posted some links to show Trump knew how questionable Manafort is, & one place I looked is #HuffPost. #MAGA #resist