.@peacelovedixie: #libertarian want markets in everything: patriotism, citizenship, belief, etc. They idolize rich, *hate* poor. #Catholic
.@LorieMeacham: you can't be a real #libertarian & oppose freedom to do things that are completely contrary to #Catholic & #Christian. #MAGA
#Catholic -->> MT @RLibertyCaucus MT @_joecephus: This Catholic small l "libertarian" thinks @Pontifex is a socialist
#Libertarian response to The Pope: "B'nai Brith runs the Vatican now", "Pope is a commie", etc. #MAGA #Catholic #religion #resist
The Pope: "I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of the positions of libertarian individualism". #MAGA
.@realZiplok: #MuslimBan, sanctuary cities plan, etc. are extremely lunkhead. They didn't work, won't work, & eclipse smart plans that would
.@realZiplok: in the extremely unlike case "Trump Wall" is built, next Dem pres will face incredible pressure to tear it down. #MAGA
More important: he's not smart enuf to discredit them. MT @Kelly_Herself: Trump didn't attend #WHCD2017 bc his ego can't handle being mocked
#Trump100Days: Trump admits he endangered USA: He's so dumb he admitted that & so unpatriotic he did it. #MAGA
.@ConservativeGM @maga_proud: Trump admits his #MuslimBan & sanctuary cities plans made USA *less* safe. He's no patriot. #MAGA #resist
Shorter: ya, lube you Trump. MT @ConservativeGM RT @maga_proud: I love this President. He loves this country. He wants what's best for US.
.@Buccigross @espnstevelevy: outtakes are great, but I mean full games. I also don't mean endless Ball In Hoop.I mean soccer/baseball/hockey
.@Buccigross @espnstevelevy: yours is not to wonder why, but don't you think #ESPN would be in better shape if they showed more *games*?
Per the #Wikipedia rule I'd violated, something like "ThisHasValidWHOISDotCom" is a *bad* name. "IAmNotARussianDisinfoAgentISwear" is OK.
Despite using "LonewackoDotCom" for years, I was suddenly in violation of a #Wikipedia rule about no site names, etc. in user names. #MAGA
I left a legit comment on Obama's *talk* page & got the full court press: my old #Wikipedia name (LonewackoDotCom) was blocked. #MAGA
.@FaridYFarid @davidbix @_emmahinchliffe @westonphippen: what other "good lies" are there in #Wikipedia none know about? It's a disinfo site
.@FaridYFarid @davidbix @_emmahinchliffe @westonphippen: @jimmy_wales admits using #Wikipedia to spread a lie:
.@FaridYFarid @davidbix @_emmahinchliffe: you blog about #Turkey blocking #Wikipedia, which I'm sure we can all agree is wrong. However...
.@westonphippen: it's wrong for #Turkey to block #Wikipedia. WP is also a disinfo site. Its owner admits using its own rules to deceive.
.@westonphippen: hey J. Weston, at #TheAtlantic you blog about Turkey blocking #Wikipedia. Open speech doesn't mean you can't comment.
Remembering the time before Trump's actions unleashed Nuclear Winter: #NowPlaying #MusicFriday #MAGA #resist
.@KCRADana: did you ask Coulter how much Antifa is helping her make in book sales? She loves what they're doing. @kcranews #Modesto
.@KatieABC7: @AnnCoulter *profits* off Antifa, etc.: they help her sell books. Maybe you should have asked her about that. #Modesto
MT @KatieABC7: At #AnnCoulter speech in #Modesto: supporters & protestors say they're here because they believe in free speec
.@MarebarPatriot @Kawanimirza: @AnnCoulter loves Antifa: they help her sell books. She has a profit motive *not* to stop them. #MAGA
If so, why won't she help stop future Antifa attacks? Not just use them for profit. MT @MarebarPatriot @Kawanimirza [Coulter] is so smart
Go fuck yourself. MT @abc7dallas Gusty winds will remain in the Southland on Friday.
.@CrimsonMariner: I tried to get @stranahan to help undercut anti-American #DREAMAct. He flacked for Trump instead. #Breitbart #Russia #MAGA
.@SuperDriver318: @RealJamesWoods lacks the smarts, sanity, and patriotism to do things that would undercut Brown, Antifa, etc. #MAGA?
.@SuperDriver318: @RealJamesWoods knows Brown won't do it & him saying it will have no impact on Brown. He's just playing a game. #MAGA?
Now that's posturing! MT @SuperDriver318 RT @RealJamesWoods: I call on @JerryBrownGov to mobilize National Guard protection for Coulter
Indeed, they make a big show of it. MT @ktd101551 RT @Homsher_PhD: An easy way to spot @AnnCoulter supporters is to look for American flags
.@WNFIV: I'm just glad you weren't forced to work on a sugarcane plantation, or given a knife & set down in the jungle. #fyrefestival
MT @WNFIV 1st meal after surviving Fyre Festival. Fyre Bands don't work on mainland. Still worried about friends on the island #fyrefestival
.@marypatriott: in the extremely unlikely case Trump builds his Wall, will next Dem pres leave it in place or tear it down? #MAGA?
LOLMT @marypatriott If #PaulRyan were a man, he would fight for Wall funding in the budget. A conservative man, that is.
.@haymakers: remember our chat? Can we agree that the "right to reply" is a core journalistic concept?
Blood & Soil! #MAGA #resist MT @LafayJami [a Coulter] You are not American. You are white as fuck. Americans are brown and reddish skinned
Coulter loves NFLBLM, *hates* the whites-friendly soccer. MT @federicoalves @flanole831 @woodworkedu @AnnCoulter is not a white-supremacist
.@Marcotti @CBurleyESPN: #ESPN probs are because they show whole games maybe 15% of the day if that. Talk about #soccer but rarely show gms.
.@OfficialSLC: just for discussion/entertainment purposes, how much would #ESPN pay for a feed of one of your matches? $5k?
I realize there's betting on NFLBLM draft, but #ESPN could encourage betting actual sporting events: summer curling, Sri Lanka cricket, etc.
.@Reflog_18: #ESPN problem is they show things like NFLBLM draft, endless hoops, yak shows etc, rather than actual sporting competitions.
MT @Reflog_18 NFL should troll ESPN by bringing out their firings to announce picks- "now with Ravens 47th pick in Draft, Trent Dilfer!"
.@evandawson: how @DavidCayJ *helped* Trump win: Would he be on TV & radio if Trump had lost?
.@federicoalves bio: "Living in Clearwater, FL... MARRIED." All caps since @KatyPerry kept bugging him. #CommodoreTrump #MAGA
If only revelers had been shanghaied to work on a sugarcane plantation. #FyreFestival #UrgeElitesToDoFarmWork #music #Bahamas #MAGA
The more I hear about #FyreFestival, the harder I laugh. I just wish each had been given a knife & forced to survive. #music #Bahamas #MAGA
Because the clown car is only half full, Trump admin is reportedly considering @SheriffClarke for a #DHS job. #immigration #idiocracy #MAGA?
At #NYTimes, @bonnietsui blogs "Why Is Asian Salad Still on the Menu?" So worthless dreck like her can earn 10x more better people? #MAGA
Sen. Richard Blumenthal et al considering lawsuit against Trump over his biz empire. Might work, but pathetic they can't do smarter. #resist
.@BrittMcHenry: not being an agent, dealer, bailbondsman, etc I don't care about #NFLBLM Draft. #ESPN problem is they don't show *games*.
.@ScottAdamsSays: in Sep, I told you "If Trump wins your career is over". NAFTA, Trump Wall, #MuslimBan... your scam is almost over.
Relax! If Trump fucks up #NorthKorea & they nuke parts of the USA, we can always declare bankruptcy, get Russian loans. #MAGA! #resist
#ESPN MT @stansfunny How did @jessmendoza survive. I think we know. She brings nothing to the game. Should be on college softball
#ESPN fired at least 2 baseball commentators who were former #MLB players, but still have a commentator who played... girls softball. #MAGA
#ESPN has college baseball on ESPN2; good enough. On ESPN1, they have... the #NFLBLM Draft. And they wonder why they're in trouble. #MAGA
It's 1am in DC. Trump is in his secret garden, tweeting: #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
.@USAkidsFirst @OpusVI1: there are smart, permanent ways to reduce illegal #immigration. @kausmickey refuses to help. Don't #neeedthewall
.@USAkidsFirst @OpusVI1: by living in a fantasy world, @kausmickey *helps* the pro-illegal #immigration side. Don't #neeedthewall
.@USAkidsFirst @OpusVI1: next Pres will tear down "Trump Wall". @kausmickey isn't smart enough to figure that out. Don't #neeedthewall
.@IndvsbleTXLege: if 10 immigrants commit crimes in #Texas, would they have committed those crimes in #Texas if they weren't in #Texas?
Let's put your thinking to the test. MT @IndvsbleTXLege Fact check: immigration doesn't bring crime into US
MT @kausmickey: 2) At some point, pols may stop deportations. Wall can keep working #neeedthewall (& "Wall sends message to MX")
.@Elvira_OnAir: a smart argument that'd undercut pro-illegal immigration side: Demand Trump uses it.
.@Elvira_OnAir: Trump's immigration arguments/plans are bigly stupid. Why aren't you demanding he uses smart anti-illegal immigration plans?
AKA amnesty. MT @Elvira_OnAir #Trump will push for an #immigrationreform. It won't please everybody, but he will get the job done!
Partial list of people & groups Alex Jones has accused of being Soros fronts, this year: #MAGA = #idiocracy
Alex Jones accuses cutesy crap band @portugaltheman of being Soros funded because they burn "Info Wars" paper in a video. #MAGA #idiocracy
.@MattWalshBlog: you & Coulter are just grifters w/ little patriotism. Eventually it's going to cost you, & that's all you care about. #MAGA
.@MattWalshBlog: I accurately predicted in Dec 2015 exactly how #MuslimBan would fail. What was Coulter doing at that time? #MAGA?
MT @MattWalshBlog [Coulter's much belated cavils about Trump] is what every Trump supporter should be saying right now as loudly as possible
Hilarious new #Fox sitcom "That Damned President": #NowPlaying #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist
.@jessebwatters: you & @AnnCoulter are clearly incompetent: if you were competent, Antifa wouldn't do what they do. #Berkeley #MAGA #resist
.@jessebwatters: if you had any ability, you wouldn't call those silencing others "liberals". They silence Coulter because they're competent
.@annaparks2011 @tonyromano1000: that'd be a yuge issue, because black leaders - unlike @TuckerCarlson & @AnnCoulter - are competent. #MAGA
MT @annaparks2011 RT @tonyromano1000: [a Carlson Coulter] Imagine if black speaker had to cancel speech due to threats of violence from KKK?
"Ability" = unwitting admission of guilt. MT @FoxNews: @jessebwatters on liberal students' ability to shut down con speakers like Coulter
Anti-white racist @Tommyxtopher cheers @jonkarl asking Mnuchin a weak question about whether Trump's tax plan will benefit Trump. #MAGA #ABC
At 48 mins after hour, Trump will use national Amber Alert system to play on everyone's phone. #MAGA #resist
.@BrittPettibone: it'd be possible to greatly undercut Antifa. You & #AnnCoulter can't do it & wouldn't do it because of how they help you.
Uh huh. MT @BrittPettibone: Despite #AnnCoulter pulling out of Berkeley, we're still determined to show up and take a stand for free speech
.@Salembabie: @michaeljohns refused to correct false statement, then enabled Pres Grahamnesty: #Teaparty
Trump is actually very pro-amnesty. He'd harm USA w/ DREAM Act. MT @SeattleBern If Trump is anti-immigrant, why did he marry two of them?
.@MariaTCardona is outraged about Jesse Watters (alleged) Ivanka joke. Anyone who got BJ from Maria would get makeup poisoning. #Fox #MAGA
.@Michael_Stets @richarddeitsch: @ West Coast primetime, #ESPN has 3 news shows & old ACC game. Their real problem is lack of sports. #MAGA
.@MsContrarianSci: FYI, how drawandstrike *helped* Obama continue his #immigration agenda: Caveat lector.
.@TheAmishDude @gabrielmalor @NoahCRothman: I mean wrong *to their base*. Trump, @AndrewCMcCarthy, etc. lack smarts/sanity/patriotism for it
Apparently 1st demands listening. MT @TomiLahren: Free speech is saying what you want but also HEARING what you don't want to hear. Dark day
It's morning in India, early afternoon in AU. #ESPN could easily find cheap *sports games* to show right now. Games, not chat. #MAGA!
.@TheAmishDude @gabrielmalor @NoahCRothman: only real way to stop sanctuary cities is to show DeBlasio/Garcetti/etc. wrong. @AndrewCMcCarthy
Not entirely clear why @DALLASBRADEN209 or @dougglanville were fired. Exactly how much were they making? #ESPN #MAGA #resist
MT @_Happy_Gilmore Hey @Espn, great job firing everyone that covers hockey on #ESPN.... oh wait... you haven't cared about hockey since 1980
& also Ray Lewis didn't stab anyone on air. MT @DilfersDime Laid off by ESPN today..mostly filled w/gratitude & appreciation for the 9 years
On #ESPN, primetime on best coast: three - 3! - news/interview shows & an old ACC football game. I think I've spotted their problem. #MAGA
.@DanielleSavoy @bobco729 @peddoc63: @AnnCoulter ❤❤❤❤❤ Antifa (even more than NFLBLM). Antifa helps her sell books. #MAGA
.@sbpdl: as you see, I point out to @AnnCoulter fans how she helped the pro-amnesty Trump make USA less safe. I'll do the same to your fans.
.@sbpdl: @AnnCoulter completely enabled Trump, didn't demand he oppose anti-American #DREAMAct, demand just stringent screening, etc. etc.
#CNN: "Trump agrees not to terminate NAFTA at this time". #MAGA! #resist