Trump presented school choice as way to help blacks/Hispanics & promised $20 billion a year. His budget has $750 million/year. #MAGA #resist
"Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error" is from @JonathanChait & I'm not a CPA. Has Breitbart factchecked his claim? #MAGA #resist
Trump thought up what to call #Manchester perps all on his own: "evil losers". Because schoolyard taunts stop sociopathic terrorists. #MAGA
Latvian group w/ "Trump Won't Be Reelected": #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
MT @Kubu_1 Screw the media!! everything they do from @FoxNews to @CNN is FAKE!! @realDonaldTrump don't need them and they can"t handle it!!
Bookmarked -> RT @DineshDSouza: There's about as much proof of Trump 's #RussiaCollusion as there is for Fauxcahontas being a Cherokee
Latvian conspirators hatch "Kitchen Table Plot" to thwart Trump: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
.@marklevinshow: you encourage ppl living in a fantasy world rather than doing smart, realistic things to reduce illegal #immigration. #MAGA
.@marklevinshow: Congress has no intention of ever no matter what happens ending birthright citizenship. You're selling a dangerous dream.
On Aug 19, 2015, @marklevinshow tweeted "Congress CAN end birthright citizenship". They could do lots of things: build a space elevator too.
.@tluvgolf @mdm_flutterbye @TomFitton: FYI, @JessicaV_CIS helps harm the USA: She's part of Trump's problems too.
.@KPhed: a year ago Trump helped ISIS by falsely claiming USA cowers in fear. Ask @ScottAdamsSays fans if that's 12 dim chess. #MAGA #resist
.@Liverpiggy @KevinReynolds55: since you & @AnnCoulter promote a failed plan that just helped Obama, why should we take your advice? #MAGA
.@Liverpiggy @KevinReynolds55: you cheer @AnnCoulter snark about #MuslimBan, an idiotic plan that just helped Obama continue his agenda.
Tried & failed. MT @AnnCoulter This may be considered "politically incorrect," but I think some politician ought to propose a Muslim ban
Struth! #MAGA MT @mitchellvii: Dear @AnnCoulter, Seriously, just shut up. You literally could not be more of a useful idiot for the Left.
MT @RepTimRyan: For every sentence @realDonaldTrump utters as President, there's a tweet from year ago supporting exact opposite position
Finnish singer sings against Trump or something: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
Backups audition for the time when Ivanka has to be retired: #MAGA #resist #TrumpPutin2020
If you aren't just hot air, demand MSM engaged Trump/proxies in debate. MT @ASlavitt: Congress must hold Trump [on] 1/2 of Medicaid is kids
.@johnrobertsFox: when you're knighted, what do you do?
MT @johnrobertsFox: A little accuracy is needed. Trump did not "bow" to King Salman. He bent over so Salman could [give him his prize]
Finnish singer continues what I can only presume is an anti-Trump tirade: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
.@GTK54: FYI, here's a scam @MarkShurtleff tried to pull back in 2010: #immigration #Utah #MAGA
Jim "Bo" Bob of Bumfick, WV has concerns & has a right to have his concerns heard & addressed. Him setting policy is horrible idea. #MAGA
Trump is letting the dumbest & craziest ppl in USA direct policy - not just have a say. From Breitbart comments to his plans. #MAGA #resist
Can we all agree that letting the dumbest & craziest ppl in USA direct policy - not just have a say - is very, very bad? #MAGA #resist
Trump *helped* Obama continue his refugees agenda. MT @88pianojll RT @BasedMonitored: #Manchester #Ariana is why I voted for Donald Trump
.@Chicasa @JenKirkman: did @DonLemon call Trump on helping ISIS? Did your leaders demand #CNN hosts call McEnany etc on it? #resist?
.@Chicasa @JenKirkman: last May, Trump helped ISIS by claiming we cower in fear of terrorism. Did any #resist leaders call him on it?
I say 2. However... MT @Chicasa RT @JenKirkman: will Trump on Manchester 1. slander former Pres 2. use fear instead of calming 3. use "bad"
I just tweeted a new Light In Babylon vid but ICYMI: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #TrumpOfArabia
.@JackPosobiec: last May, Trump helped ISIS: he falsely claimed Americans cower in fear of terrorism. Will he help ISIS again? #Manchester
IOW, "United #Utah Party" would let anyone who brings or has a kid here stay here. Truly childish policy. #immigration #MAGA #resist
I can't find anyone from "United #Utah Party", but their #immigration policy is a scam: "respect sanctity of families + enforcing the law".
Old scam, different name, song's the same: BYU Polisci prof Richard Davis forms "centrist" United Utah Party. #immigration #Utah #MAGA
Speaking about Trump of Arabia, new from @LightinBabylon: #NowPlaying #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist
"Trump close to choosing outside counsel for Russia investigation". On America's Sweetheart urging, Jose Baez is frontrunner. #MAGA #resist
.@david_bossie: why did it take Trump 2 years to make a smart #immigration argument that'd undercut Liz Warren etc? Isn't that a problem?
.@david_bossie: Trump's "depletes" line from Saudi speech is first time in 2 years he's made a smart #immigration argument. #MAGA
.@david_bossie: I've written 1000s of #immigration posts @ my site, @ Malkin's, etc. I know all the talking points & all the tricks. #MAGA
"Trump eyeing Lewandowski, Bossie as crisis managers". Also, more Brawndo! #idiocracy #MAGA #resist
.@AnushayHossain: was Obama "old", or just middle-aged? Was he a "middle-aged black man" who ever played politics with various issues? #CNN
.@AnushayHossain: you held a sign "because old white men need to stop playing politics with women's health #WhyImVoting". That's cute.
At #CNN, @AnushayHossain blogs "The ugly truth behind Saudi Arabia's love for Melania Trump". I have a question about the sign you held up.
#CNN: "Trump asked DNI, NSA to deny evidence of Russia collusion". And they, of course, refused. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPutin2020
Per new study, humans first evolved from apes not in Africa but near Greece & Bulgaria. #MAGA #resist
I switched to a #Canada IP only to see #Nashville Sexual Predators beat #Ducks 6-3 & make it to #StanleyCup for first time. #MAGA? #resist
#Ducks / #SexualPredators are tied 3-3 with 6mins in 3rd. I could change to a #Canada IP & see if I could get it at #CBC but too low-energy.
.@missmayim: you have to do real work to undercut Trump. Engage him/proxies in Socratic debate designed to show their plans wrong to fans.
.@missmayim: for 8 long years, Obama's lunkhead opponents thought he'd resign, be arrested, or be impeached. They wanted an easy out.
MT @missmayim I said [DT'd resign] yesterday!This dude says the same and he wrote a book abt it; I'm just an actor. This is my hunch & hope
Prediction: Trump will give ISIS exactly what they want: fear.He'll try to scare people to score political points. #Manchester #MAGA #resist
A May 5, 2016 flashback: Trump sent ISIS the message that terrorism works: #MAGA? #resist
News explosions at Ariana Grande concert in UK, with fatalities.
~BREAKING~ hacked WH emails show Trump's concerns about lighthouses & lighthouse keepers: #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Trump moves to protect USA homeland from threat of lighthouses & lighthouse keepers: #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Trump moves to enact Theseus Protocol, bring about Ninth Conjunction of Spheres, & Shatter the Crimson Veil. #MAGA #resist
Trump designates #Cleveland as overflow morgue if the #GrandCanyon gets too full: #MAGA #resist #FEMA
Leaked Executive Order gave Steve Bannon far-reaching powers: #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Hacked Presidential Daily Briefs: #MAGA #resist
I'm on a tech chat with "Vicky", whose avatar is a dude. Must be a slow night in India. #MAGA! #resist
Trump Commerce Secy Wilbur Ross praises lack of dissent in Saudi Arabia (5:50): #MAGA #resist
A decade ago, Huckster helped MX govt encourage illegal #immigration: MT @mlonpolitics @GovMikeHuckabee is my man!
.@almostjingo @DarkSecretPlace: I'm sure you two are smart/sane enough to support Socratic questioning instead of acting like kids. #CADem17
MT @DarkSecretPlace RT @almostjingo Dems advocate disrupting town halls but if you try & disrupt #CADem17 "you are a fucking shit disturber"
Next up, Trump will try to liberate Estonia. He'll have to go thru them: #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #MAGA #resist
.@Bwdreyer: when he was gov, @GovMikeHuckabee gave Mexican govt free office space so they could encourage illegal #immigration in #Arkansas
.@dmihalopoulos: really want to undercut @GovMikeHuckabee? Point out how he enabled illegal #immigration:
Canadians warned to avoid sea, shore, docks due to "predatory, man-eating" sea lions: #MAGA #resist #Canada
Yet another special snowflake Trump fan, @Diamondrosegrfx, has blocked me over being right: #resist
DERPMT @DineshDSouza Obama added 15-20 million people to EBT merely to beholden them to Democrats--Trump should correct this fraud
DERPMT @DineshDSouza Although Obama shamelessly kowtowed to the Muslim world they had only contempt for him--w Trump it's the exact opposite
.@AlexBorstein: do a find for "depletes" in Trump's Saudi speech. If Trump understood what he said, @SethMacFarlane would be in trouble.
.@AaronJFentress @theeJamesBrooks: point out to @ScottAdamsSays fans that he thinks Trump's failed #MuslimBan is 12 dim chess. #resist
The This-Is-My-Tupperware-Territory,-Bitch lady was none other than @BobbieDooley making a guest appearance. #ReturnToAmish #MAGA #resist
.@lrlecuyer @starshiplimo: Trump's only smart #immigration argument could undercut MSM over #DREAMAct. Why didn't @AnnCoulter encourage it?
.@lrlecuyer @starshiplimo: after 2 years, Trump finally made a smart #immigration argument today. It applies to DREAMers too. #MAGA
.@lrlecuyer @starshiplimo: Coulter presents DREAMers as all criminals, MSM as all valedictorians. Who wins that battle? #MAGA #idiocracy
Stupid -> MT @AnnCoulter 'DREAMER' OF THE WEEK! Illegal immigrant at UConn is arrested for 103 counts of anti-Trump vandalism around school
.@mcmahon_mona @markowenpilot @steph93065: Trump's failed #MuslimBan helped Obama continue his refugees agenda. @AnnCoulter enabled him.
Due to you & Trump we do. MT @steph93065 RT @mcmahon_mona: @markowenpilot @AnnCoulter @steph93065 We can't have unknowns in USA at this time
I had a bad dream we let the dumbest, most deranged people in the USA set policy because a buffoon did what they wanted as they wanted.
Surely, they'll listen to you rather than their donors! #MAGA MT @balloonsdreamer Tweet all Republican & Democrats BUILD THE WALL
Carmela's medical condition is way much more than I wanted to know and I'm an obsessive watcher of #BreakingAmish & #ReturnToAmish. #MAGA!
.@Oscjay920: FYI, @Mensans4Trump couldn't answer Q's about Trump's lunkhead plans: #Mensa #Densa #MAGA
.@adamklaughtalk: this pic pretty much sums up #BreakingAmish: #MAGA #Pennsyltucky #resist
.@ArcticFox_am_I @mlbosin @justin_fenton: how to undercut Coulter *to her fans* (to the extent she isn't doing it):
DERPMT @GovMikeHuckabee If Dems/press showed Trump 1/2 as much respect as Saudis have, we'd have health care/tax cuts/LOTS of jobs already.
Sabrina: "I don't want my vagina to smack together when I'm walking". #ReturnToAmish #Gracie #MAGA #resist
.@w4djt: since Trump Wall, #MuslimBan, & mass deportations will never happen, is taking advice from @AnnCoulter smart? #MAGA #dtmag
MT @mitchellvii: Illegal Immigration down 73%. 211,000 new jobs. Lowest unemployment claims since 1988. No, you backstabber @AnnCoulter
.@esaagar: ask Trump spox/proxy/enabler why Trump wasn't making the "depletes" argument before but instead lied about MX illegal aliens etc.
.@esaagar: the "depletes" part of Trump's Saudi speech is the only smart #immigration argument he's ever read. Will you ask who wrote it?
MT @w4djt Only 1 candidate called 4 wall, Muslim ban, deportation of illegals. GOP denounced him. He won in a landslide! -@AnnCoulter #dtmag
Someone explain the glasses in the @ICayd header. #Maldives
For the record, @JustMePammy has blocked me. My thoughtcrime? Criticizing Dear Leader: #MAGA #resist
.@stangel24 has protected her tweets, no doubt just because of tweets like the last. #MAGA #resist
In Womyn's Softball news, #Washington Lady Huskies have a player named Casey Stangal. With an "a" but pronounced the same. #MAGA! #resist