.@DukeNukemSez: as long as opposing Twitter censorship is just a con thing, it'll continue. It needs broad opposition to be stopped. #MAGA
DOHMT @DukeNukemSez Twitter censorship: #RockvilleRape doesn't autocomp. #NotAllMuslims did autocomp. Sick of Twitter shoving liberal agenda
#Twitter can't even ID what language tweets are in. Just one example: #MAGA
.@jskielb3 @ArleySpillane: hyping that would be a great way to fight #TwitterCensorship. Another is turning ACLU against SPLC. Ask for how.
.@jskielb3 @ArleySpillane: most Bieber fans probably think he sees their tweets. If they knew Twitter shields him, TWTR would tank.
Schweinsteiger has signed with #Chicago #Fire. #MAGA #MCFGA #AnnCoulter #soccer #communism #TheResistance
.@kimbudant @ensky66: to undercut @realJeffreyLord, point out to his fans that next Dem pres will tear down Trump Wall (if it's built).
Does that makes Trump's actions OK? MT @realJeffreyLord [TruthRevolt] Report: Russia's Biggest Bank Paid Podesta Group to Fight US Sanctions
Why did I just get an Amber Alert for Cathedral City when I'm 100 miles or whatever from there? Has Trump used Amber Alerts to tweet yet?
.@getongab: how to fight #Twitter censorship: Help them lose users.
.@CathyYoung63 you just say "lolwhut" to my last tweet to you. Let's raise the bar: what would China do if we had open borders?
Trump in truck = Putin on horse. Does Trump know judo too? #MAGA #resist
.@jeffinsavannah: instead, help discredit @JackKingston by pointing out Trump's bans made USA less safe; Wall will be torn down; etc.
.@jeffinsavannah says "Do they all like borsht too, like you, Comrade Jack?" to Kingston. It's borshch. That also rolls off his back.
.@philbo777: you send @JackKingston a "CNN lies" GIF. Can you direct me to all the times #MAGA has forced CNN into corrections?
That makes Trump's lies OK: he's no better than Obama. MT @JackKingston A reminder-WaPo catalogues biggest lies Obama ever told – TheBlaze
Latest stop for Keith Olbermann: a cooking show: #resist #MAGA
.@KeithOlbermann: #TheResistance has a problem: leaders like you can't undercut *Dilbert* to his fans and won't help those who could.
.@KeithOlbermann: is there anything you can think of to say that would undercut Dilbert to his fans? I can think of several things. #resist
.@CoryeB: as a Trump fan & self-described PhD, why didn't DT just push stringent screening? Wouldn't that keep USA safe, unlike his bans?
.@KGforTrump: you say Trump plays "4-D chess". I'm trying to figure out why he didn't undercut BLM when he had a chance. Was that chess too?
.@DonLemon @David_Gergen: list all ever on #CNN who truly oppose loose borders/free trade/globalism (not just pretend). #MAGA #resist
.@DonLemon, @David_Gergen, etc present "diversity" as just being racial. List all guests ever on #CNN who truly oppose NeoLiberalism. #MAGA
This Minute In #Idiocracy: Rick Perry is challenging the results of the Texas A&M Student Body President race. #resist #MAGA!
If @KatiePavlich *really* cared about solving problems, she'd help w/ my campaigns. Her only real goal is clicks & Fox appearances. #MAGA
.@KatiePavlich: all these bad #immigration things you, Breitbart, etc complain about *would not happen* if you were smart & sane. #MAGA?
.@KatiePavlich: if a QB keeps throwing long passes & makes most of them, what does that say about the opposing team? (P.S. you're a starter)
.@KatiePavlich: at #Townhall, you blog "In Wake of Rockville Rape, School Superintendent Accuses Parents of Racism". That's terrible.
#HuffPost "Hate Crimes Tracker" form: #MAGA #AltRight
Want to hold Trump accountable in smart, grown-up, honorable ways? Go to & hit the tip jar. #TheResistance
#USA finally beats our archenemy, #PuertoRico! Trump still plans on building his Caribbean Wall however. #baseball #MAGA #USA #USA #USA #USA
.@jimaley: which is more important to millions: engaging those like @ScottAdamsSays in debate on policy, or his cat's bathroom? #resist
.@jimaley: I can show @ScottAdamsSays wrong in my sleep: You report on his cat's bathroom. #resist
.@jimaley of Bloomberg Businessweek says "Fun fact: Scott Adams's cat has its own bathroom" about caro_winter puff piece on Dilbert. #resist
.@marthajross: how does your post on Trump & the kitten site compare to the Wash Free Beacon post exposing it? #FakeNews #journalism?
.@marthajross: at #EastBayTimes, you post uncritically about the probably #fakenews tale about Trump & the kitten site. #journalism?
.@chris_writes: one of the sites you hype is pr0n; other is dreck. Can you direct me to you posting anything that helps the USA? #BGR
.@chris_writes: you post about the Trump kitten tale long after it's been exposed as potentially fake news created by a marketing co. #BGR
.@BrandonTalks: you, @Mike_P_Williams, & @williamlegate are verified & monopolize top spots on Trump's London tweet even as you're worthless
.@BrandonTalks: you say "There is nothing in this tweet to criticize" about Trump's London tweet. Except this:
MT @realDonaldTrump Spoke to U.K. PM T. May today to offer condolences on the terrorist attack in London. She is strong and doing very well.
President Trump RTs @mitchellvii saying "Trump always ends up being right. It's almost a little freaky." This is #idiocracy. #TheResistance
.@MarlyRiveraESPN: you know what'd be great (and timely)? An #ESPN show where hosts speak Runglish. Trump might even tweet about it! #MAGA
.@laurenweinstein: how can we trust @Snopes & @SPLCenter when they lie, won't acknowledge it, & have an agenda to push? #CoastToCoastAM
.@laurenweinstein: @Snopes lied & tried to cover it up: @SPLCenter lied:
.@laurenweinstein: I'm not surprised that my point flew right over your head. Definition of "fake news" & "hate speech" is subjective.
MT @laurenweinstein [a moi] FB has begun using [a] 3rd party model to help deal w/ falsified news. Not clear if it would work well for YT/G
I didn't reply/RT you. But I will work to discredit you. MT @tomcoates [a moi] When you respond to it, it actually helps me get to the top
IOW, it floats. MT @tomcoates [a moi] That's just how the algorithm works. People like what I say / engage with it so it rises up to the top
Esp now that Trump needs the Kentucky Amish to #MAGA. MT @Skossin Random thought of the day: I miss the show #amishmafia
Statist Little Person fights raw milk seller's quest for economic freedom. Video: #AmishMafia #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Faced w yuge problems, Trump names @lebanonlevireal Secretary of Enforcement, calls in Kentucky Amish. #MAGA #resist
#USA is kickin' #PuertoRico ass! #USA #USA #USA #MAGA #beisbol #baseball #AnnCoulter #TrumpPlayedSoccer #USA #USA #RUSSA #USA #USA
.@Cernovich: @LukasMikelionis hates you. Point out to his fans & boss that his anti-Trump "Kitten Paws" story appears to be #FakeNews. #MAGA
.@shannonrwatts: @CathyYoung63 dissed you, getting more RTs than you. Help discredit her: #HeatStreet #immigration
MT @CathyYoung63 Silly/pointless to make vsyo o gender. Trump was cordial to T May. Merkel challenged him; he doesn't abide that from anyone
MT @shannonrwatts Trump's refusal to look Merkel in eye or shake her paw belies his abject disrespect for all women. Today we are all Angela
.@4evrmalone: growing up, did you envision yourself hyping sheer dreck & ignoring things that would greatly help the USA? #ToughLovin
.@4evrmalone: please see my comment on your "punching kittens" post. Growing up, did you envision yourself hyping pr0n sites?
#ESPN is playing #baseball. I get results! It's in Spanish, but at least it's not Ball In Hoop. #beisbol #AnnCoulter #soccer #MAGA #resist
.@AshleyCullins: you seem to be spreading #FakeNews: When'll you post update? #THR #MAGA #HollywoodReporter
.@molly_knight @TeaPainUSA: Roger Stone will be on @JohnAndKenShow. See if you can call in; when they go easy on him use to discredit them.
For the record, @rogerjstonejr blocked me at some point in the past: #Polonium #TrumpPutin #MAGA #resist
Trump fans can't admit Trump could have devised dumb plans, even though that would *help* him & keep USA safer. #MAGA #resist
To Trump fans, it's always about accepting everything Trump does as the most brilliant thing ever, even as he fails miserably. #MAGA #resist
Then you say "stringent screening takes into accounts lack of paper trail. No paper trail = no admittance". Then they'll get creative. #MAGA
Trump fans will then drool out "but we can't do stringent screening cuz them there countries don't have records!" They you say... #MAGA
When Trump fans say "of course our idol is doing stringent screening!", then ask why he didn't *just* do that. Then they'll say... #MAGA
Trump's dumb travel bans wouldn't have stopped UK Parliament perp if he'd tried to travel here, only stringent screening would have. #MAGA
.@SageLazzaro: 1 site you hyped is now pr0n, other was gone. Instead of sending ppl to bad sites, why aren't you promoting smart things?
.@SageLazzaro: at #Observer, you blog about a teen who created a "silly" site w/ kittens punching Trump getting C&D letter from Trump.
Russia's own @rogerjstonejr will be on #coasttocoastam. Expect Noory to let him make incredibly false statements. #MAGA #TheResistance
Noory happened. MT @devastation79 #coasttocoastam you have some of STUPIDEST fucking guests/topics. you guys were originator's WTF happened
.@laurenweinstein: would having impartial sources like SPLC & Snopes determine what's "hate speech" work? #CoastToCoastAM
1%er @laurenweinstein asks why #Youtube even lets ppl upload "hate speech" &, o/c, Noory isn't listening or could care less. #CoastToCoastAM
Want to stop #MayorsStand4All? Give generously & I'll have more time to discredit them to their base: #MAGA
.@Lafaymike: best solution is discredit @NYCMayor etc: Want to do something? Help out. #MayorsStand4All
.@Lafaymike: pols aren't going to willingly keep illegal aliens out of work, as you should know from your tweet. So, what's the solution?
Make it so. MT @Lafaymike @NYCMayor @GeorgeTakei if there was no hope of working illegally, illegal immigration would eventually cease
.@TrumpStrong45: Trump could easily make smart/sane/big tent arguments that'd destroy #MayorsStand4All to their base. Why isn't he? #MAGA?
That's because loudest opponents of illegal immigration are incompetent. MT @TrumpStrong45 Illegal [aliens]get more passes in US than USAans
Except that argument won't undercut them. Do you want to be effective? MT @MADDdawg99 Mayors should stand for citizens first. PERIOD
So many enemies lists, so little time. However, I think I can spare a little for him.
.@heathmello: you support #MayorsStand4All. I'll make a point of pointing out you want to help crooked employers lower wages. #Omaha
.@CLK54321: to undercut #MayorsStand4All point out they're helping crooked employers lower wages. *That* will cost them. #MAGA
.@CLK54321: you're wasting your breath making conservative arguments about sanctuary cities since most residents aren't conservatives.
THINKMT @CLK54321 Sanctuary cities protect criminals & leave American citizens vulnerable to their crimes. Mayors don't stand for Americans.
.@isaceb @kimcarswell74: Buttigieg would help USChamber, WalMart, etc. lower wages. Please point that out to his fans. #SouthBend
.@TZylawy @RowZRose: please look at the bottom line. Buttigieg is on same side of immigration as USChamber & #Koch bros. What do they want?
.@Preacher_Man90: follow the money. @PeteButtigieg is on same side of #immigration as USChamber & the #Koch bros. #MayorsStand4All
At #HuffPost, @PeteButtigieg blogs "Why These Trump Voters Are Sticking Up For An Undocumented Neighbor". Trump *could* discredit him.
.@Nataliekitro: eg @gilcedillocd1 has been quite open about racist job displacement: #LATimes enabled him.
.@Nataliekitro: you blog "Black workers in Los Angeles face a ‘jobs crisis,’ UCLA report says". When'll you look into how #LATimes helped?
#marchmadness = I'm fucking pissed they're showing this BS instead of full games in actual sports. #MAGA #USA #USA #USA #resist #ESPN
.@MKHammer: I enjoyed your review of Dick Cheney's Heart book: Did Timothy's heart save him?
.@JohnCronan1: blame #Twitter for elevating the likes of @matthaig1. Point out to their investors you want diversity. #MAGA #resist
7 tweets from the worthless - but verified! - @matthaig1 start 2nd page of Trump's #NationalAgDay tweet. #Twitter #MAGA
A @crehage great thought: "INT'L days are FOREIGN! BAD! Leave them for those FOREIGN PEOPLE! Besides, we are totally POST RACE anyway!"
.@crehage (verified!) claims next 7 spots on Trump's #NationalAgDay tweet. First page of replies is worthless crap from 3 dolts. #MAGA
Personally, if I were truckin' through subzero areas I'd have a subzero bag. Good buddy. #MAGA #resist