24Ahead closes the broadcast day with this new Yasemin Mori video that already has 190k views: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Intense, brainless partisanship is great for low-level grifters, whether Coulter or Maddow, Breitbart or Salon. It's great for the elites: endless pointless battles mean their power isn't threatened. It's horrific for the USA. #MAGA #resist
It's shocking how - given 2 choices - #MAGA & #TheResistance invariably choose the dumb option. #idiocracy
Twitter admits censoring 3 million of their users & it might be higher. It includes libs, cons, music/sports/etc fans. The smart thing would be to inform the 10s of millions who have to worry about it. MT @tjkgolf21 MT @Golfinggary5221 [temporary state ruling against #Twitter]
Yasemin Mori - Geronimo: #NowPlaying #MAGA #resist #MusicWednesday
1. You aren't funny. 2. Nothing you've ever said or done has had any sort of negative impact on Trump. 3. On the plus side (for you), #TheResistance will never catch on to your incompetence. MT @TheDailyShow "Tactical pants" might break our Scott Pruitt Corruption Generator
.@FockerRN529: #Pew is about Don't Question Authority when the opposite is what's needed. At least one of their recent studies used pathetically bad methodology.
.@kimkomando: a recent #Pew study relied on #Botometer (which says JakeTapper is 40% likely to be a bot). IOW, they're at least sloppy with their studies. Pew is also about *Don't* Question Authority. They aren't about holding leaders accountable.
Yasemin Mori - Mutsuz Punk #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@_fanxing @kaibaekon: my top tweet links to an app I wrote that tells you if your public replies are being censored. Why don't you try it out with various exo accounts and post the results.
Lithuanians gather on a cliff overlooking Official National Trump Golf Course Bedminster to express solidarity with #MAGA: #MusicWednesday #resist #NowPlaying
Trump won with a simple message: defeat the tyrannical rich! #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
It isn't: they censor about as many libs as cons. Eg, 30% to 60% of the replies - most from libs - to Scott Pruitt are censored. Oppose that & you can help stop $TWTR censorship. MT @jjwills2 MT @MarkYoungTruth: ...Tell us twitter why is censorship only for conservatives?...
First thing is to only tell the truth. #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons (see my top tweet). Second is to help with a big tent opposition: turn Bieber fans etc against them. MT @JackieMcReath1 MT @DutyOfAPatriot: TWITTER NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE ON MANY LEVELS!
.@NickSurgey @lhfang: you blog about "tactical pants". That's great, something #TheResistance mouthbreathers (are there any other kind?) can understand. I report on Twitter censoring 30% to 60% of the replies to Scott Pruitt. Which of those is more important?
Canadian patriots have written their own anthem asking to be made a part of #MAGA! #MusicWednesday #resist #NowPlaying #Canada
It's good to see that others are catching on to "Australia" not existing. Crocodile Dundee was just a marketing ploy and the "Australians" you see are just English crisis actors wearing makeup. Pictures of "Australia" are actually Utah and Nevada. #MAGA #resist
I haven't dared look forward, but I would not at all be surprised if Fox starts hiding #WorldCup games away on FS1. If/when that happens they'll be much, much worse than if #ESPN suits had outbid him: they wouldn't be on ABC but at least they'd be visible to many.
.@perezed: Murdoch took #WorldCup from #ESPN for just 2.5% of ESPN's yearly licensing fees: the cost of a couple NFL games or a few day's worth of endless, pointless NBA basketball games. OTOH, Fox is - so far - putting games on network. As long as they keep that it's better.
Lil' Honecker @cwarzel whines about #Twitter locking accounts of his fellow Stasiettes who doxed Stephen Miller: "Merely linking to a story published by a mainstream media outlet [can get you locked]". Not the MSM, they're approved sources of the truth!
#OregonState - the team whose pitcher pleaded guilty to a horrible crime against a child which he now says he didn't do - go up 4 runs (so far) against #NorthCarolina with just 3 NC outs left. #MAGA #resist
~BREAKING~ Belgian police are still searching for the mysterious terrorist known only as Al-don Al-ameriki Al-malika. They are currently searching Brussels casinos and hotels he is known to frequent. #MAGA #resist
Lil' Honecker @kath_krueger complains about #Twitter temp-banning some #Splinter accounts over doxing S. Miller. Those like her do #TheResistance no good: they simply lack the IQs to engage those like Miller in debate. They're only good at childish stunts.
Here's a handy table: - If a r/w source posted Pelosi's private #, many #MAGA would cheer & I'd oppose. - When l/w sources post Miller's private #, some #TheResistance cheer & I oppose. I'd guess 85% of Americans agree with me, but many of those on #Twitter are in the 15%.
#OregonState - the team whose pitcher pleaded guilty to a horrible crime against a child which he now says he didn't do - tie it up against #NorthCarolina. #CWS
#Splinter aka #Gizmodo tried to dox Stephen Miller. Some of their accounts - and those who hyped it - were temporarily suspended. I fully support that. If #Twitter just did things like that - not censoring millions of their users - they'd be actually pro-speech. #MAGA #resist
"We've Got A Megaphone and We're Gonna Misuse It" by every pundit & hack regardless of ideology ever: #MusicWednesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Tomorrow's #WorldCup winners: probably Denmark, France, and definitely Argentina. Nothing against Croatia and kinda nothing against Australia (home of "Abby").
On #CNN, @drsanjaygupta hypes @FeedingAmerica & #ChampionsforChange. All are shadowboxers: they can't even conceive of intellectually engaging the "who doesn't work doesn't eat"/"foodstamp lobster" crowd. They have a megaphone, but no shame & no pride in doing a good job.
It doesn't matter that #Spain just barely escaped with a win. All that matters is that, as always, I was right: #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
It's unnatural for the Dem base to in effect align with U.S. Chamber & Tyson Foods on #immigration. Trump can't divide them from their leaders because he's an unpatriotic idiot who only does shtick for #MAGA.
Goal line scrum. #Spain #Iran
It'd be smart of Trump to call out Dem leaders on helping U.S. Chamber, WalMart, etc. lower wages by supporting mass #immigration. If he spoke to the Dem base directly w/o doing his usual partisan shtick he could turn some against Pelosi etc. #MAGA #resist
VAR takes back the #Iran goal. #WorldCup #MAGA #Spain
The bulk of the Dem base hears that and they realize it bears no resemblance to reality. If Trump were smart and patriotic for once, he'd work to separate some part of the Dem base from their leaders. Instead he just helps those leaders. #immigration #MAGA #resist
#Iran ties it up against #Spain, 1-1 (unless called back). #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
Trump today: "we're having a lot of problems with the Democrats, they don't care about border security, they want open borders where anyone can flow in including from the Middle East, from anywhere, they can just flow in from anywhere..." #MAGA = #idiocracy. #resist #immigration
#Spain up 1-0 against #Iran. #WorldCup #MAGA
New from the White House: "Keeping America Safe: Addressing the Threat of Near-Earth Object Impacts". #MAGA #resist
The claim from Trump, Breitbart hacks & commenters, etc. that the Dems/leftwing want "open borders" is yet another lie that ends up helping amnesty fans. I use "loose borders" for a reason. #immigration #MAGA
Messi makes that. #Spain #MAGA
.@libertarianblue says: "Cons are still routinely kicked off [#Twitter]... while left-wing accounts... are regularly allowed to flout the platform’s rules." A smart, fact-based, big tent opposition (start at my top tweet) would reduce shadowbans. Will you help with that?
#Iran defense is holding on against #Spain. #WorldCup #MAGA #resist
#Twitter Takes 20 Hours to Remove Tweet [by @OccupyWallStNYC] Advocating Murder of ICE Agents: #MAGA #resist #immigration
24Ahead thus closes the broadcast day in a mellow way with Mari Pokinen - Loll: #MusicTuesday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
Actually, that's a form of censorship I fully support. MT @ThisMomHCN: THE EU IS ABOUT TO BAN MEMES #Censorship COSTS EVERYONE!
.@raju @arikia: good for #Medium & #Github to unpublish doxing attempts by lil' Honeckers. If you want to help U.S. Chamber, WalMart, & #Koch bros lower wages, why not just donate to them directly?
Maybe you should have left out "sh--hole". MT @BKCloud1 Another example of Twitter censoring conservatives. I [tweeted using] #ImmigrantChildren [didn't find the tweet in searches] Nothing but liberal tweets. Liberal tweets show up with little or no activity.
My data (top tweet) shows Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. You could help stop it by pointing that out. Will you? MT @Nunnistrunz @Leeser58: More than they’re already censoring?
"Snowflake" is used mostly by cons/#MAGA, yet they're the biggest snowflakes around: they're highly emotional & irrational, have to be pandered to & flattered, throw tantrums instead of thinking, think everything revolves around them, etc. etc.
All who can't show opponents wrong call those opponents "trolls" or similar. MSM, libs, cons, #MAGA, etc. - all those who are strict authoritarians lacking valid arguments - do the same. MT @youtooMel Twitter definition of Troll: All conservative voices
.@LibertiesEU: you should be concerned about how heavily #Twitter censors dissent. Eg, ~30% to 60% of the replies to Scott Pruitt are censored. Start at my top tweet for the details.
NB: Mike Trout has been wearing batting gloves all throughout the game because he's QAnon. You didn't hear it from me. #Angels
MAGA snowflake @KAGHarleyQuinn - probably some relation to @DoctorSekzi - has also blocked me despite never tweeting it.
MAGA snowflake @DoctorSekzi (who's probably a 300 lb dude) has blocked me despite never tweeting it.
.@Astartiel: congrats on your bio, very entertaining. Letting everyone in CentAm come here won't solve anything. Neither Dems nor #MAGA have any interest in a real solution: helping CentAm solve their problems. There's no money in it for them. Don't be on the wrong side.
Trump is pushing the same amnesty Obama tried to push. MT @mimiinftworth MT @SickOfTheSwamp: [Obama] ignored his job of keeping America secure
.@itsmebeccam: you'd help U.S. Chamber, WalMart, the #Koch bros, crooked growers, sweatshops, Tyson Foods, etc. etc. lower wages as much as they wanted. @hunterw highlights small profits from some companies in order to help WalMart etc make billions. Be a liberal, not a NeoLib.
.@underoak: @hunterw blogs about companies making millions off Trump's current, supposed separation policies. USChamber members, Koch bros, WalMart, the Fed, big banks, growers, sweatshops, etc. would make *billions* off the amnesty both Hunter & Trump want.
.@KendallMigues @danaKnault: FYI, @KarenMonsour12 is a liar:
.@alexanderrusso @lkcrouch: the media constantly deceives (eg, calling illegal aliens "immigrants", hyping policies w/o revealing downsides, etc.) #PewInternet wants people to accept that deception as fact. They want people to *not* question authority.
A recent #Pew study used bogus data: GIGO. This study encourages people to (Don't) Question Authoriy. I suggest trying to be a real liberal. MT @RachelMooreRS Pew Research shows fewer than 50 percent of Americans can tell the difference between fact and opinion
Winners in tomorrow's #WorldCup matches will be Portugal, Uruguay, & Spain. There's about a 0.5% chance of any one of those being wrong.
.@zeena_schreck: would you say Anton LaVey was #MAGA before it was cool?
.@joshfoxfilm: hey Josh, have you seen how pro-mass #immigration Big Biz is? USChamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, The Fed, big banks, growers, etc. all want mass immigration to lower wages. @Ocasio2018 would *help* them. She'd help USChamber get all the cheap labor they want.
Trout 2-run RBI plus another run on an error. #Angels
ICE was INS; they don't "terrorize" people. #immigration stance of #DSA & #Ocasio2018 would help USChamber lower wages by flooding USA with cheap labor. MT @repairrestores1 RT @DemSocialists: ICE was only founded in 2003. We've lived without them terrorizing our communities
The Tampa Bay Satan's Rays - led by their coach Anton LeVey - have ended the #Astros 12-game winning streak. Floridians are now sacrificing Houston fans on the infield. #Florida
I like & make occasional allusions to the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. Here's one: The Psychologists could communicate with just a gesture or two. Online, you have to spell every golldarn thing out, add disclaimers, add endless answers to likely objections, etc. etc.
.@MatthewStieb: @unitethepoor could oppose (for real) mass/illegal #immigration & amnesty, while not engaging in Trumpian demonization & while proposing real solutions for foreign countries (like higher taxes on their wealthy). They'd stick it to the wealthy. Are they doing that?
.@EricTrump: what do you think about the two big wins for our team in the #WorldCup?
.@MatthewStieb: you blogged about @unitethepoor & that they want "immigration policies that protect families". Dance around it all you want, that's code for loose borders. Their immigration policy is ultimately, at the end of the day, the same as that of the U.S. Chamber.
Trump has weighed in on our team's magnificent wins in the #WorldCup! #MAGA!
24Ahead closes the broadcast day with our majestic new patriotic national anthem personally written by Donald Trump! (Liberals will try to tell you it's the wrong country but that's #FakeNews) #MusicMonday #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying
.@TamaraLeigh_llc @shestokas: if 10s of millions worried about #Twitter censorship as they should, $TWTR would be in big, big trouble. You can help that happen if you work at finding a reporter to cover my top tweet & the rest of my Twitter censorship reports.
In case you were wondering what it looks like when a site owner puts #Google spyware on their site and the spyware is in German, here it is: #recaptcha #MAGA #resist
.@TamaraLeigh_llc @shestokas: the much easier way to reduce #Twitter censorship is to make the 10s of millions who have to worry about it be worried. As it is now, only cons are worried & that's obviously not enough. It's also factually inaccurate: Twitter censors *all* kinds.
"algorithm" is a Persian name from Arabic to Latin/Greek. Many other "al-" or similar words are from Arabic via Spanish/Latin/Greek like admiral, algebra, alcohol, al-Jazeera, al-trautwig, etc. #entymology #MAGA #resist
Jack couldn't even spell algorithm. He's a nincompoop who got lucky. MT @wolv1000 MT @LisaMei62 Q implies Jack? wrote the censorship algorithm which was deployed across platforms (Twitter, YouTube, FB, etc.) at the request of the Clowns
So, how do you hold Trump accountable for lying all the time? Through his proxies. Those with access to them have to pin them down & force them to say false is true or undercut Trump. Not via foodfights but via Socratic questioning. #MAGA #resist
I'm calling the #WorldCup for Portugal, Germany, Brazil, England, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Iceland, and/or #USMNT. Bet accordingly.
Twitter heavily censors replies to U.S. govt officials. Use the app linked from my top tweet to help bust them for heavily censoring replies to Pakistan officials. MT @FreedomTalkNet @Matiullahjan919 is one of the hardest hit victims of #censorship...
I've documented 100s of cases of their censorship. All you have to do is get someone to cover it & we'll force them to change. Start at my top tweet. MT @DDisherenow MT @CattHarmony Document all Twitter's censorship on your account. We should file a class action lawsuit
The censorship checker linked from my top tweet outputs reports showing which tweets were censored, try it out. MT @magatwatter @DrBAChapman @torybruno Due to twitter censorship your tweet was hidden under a message
Mike Trout came close to an even better catch. #Angels
After loading the bases, #Angels only get 1 run on good catch in center field.
.@paladine: @ForecasterEnten refers to GOP "moderates" on #immigration. That means they want a massive amnesty that would help Big Biz lower wages & bust unions even more than they have already. P.S. Trump wants the same amnesty as Enten's "moderates". #CNN
Yet another Resistance snowflake, @MattMurph24, has blocked me:
Resistance snowflake @tomcoates - who complains about being #BlockedByTrump - has blocked me for calling him out for sending garbage tweets to Trump that don't hold Trump accountable:
.@hey_itsthatguy: Ocasio's #immigration principles are ultimately the same as the #Koch bros, US Chamber, & WalMart. They have no use for ICE either; she'd give them all the cheap labor they crave. MT @rjmadrid [#Ocasio2018] actually has principles. Unlike Crowley.
"AP FACT CHECK: Trump is wrong about crime in Germany". Why does Trump skate on lying all the time? Clearly, it's because his loudest opponents are doing it wrong. Not only that, they aren't even aware they're doing it wrong. Both #MAGA & #resist = #idiocracy.
.@RonColeman: what Harry Enten & @CNNPolitics call "[m]oderate GOP voices on immigration" would flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming your fellow Americans. P.S. Trump supports amnesty just like those "moderates".
"Rudy Giuliani said on Monday that he was actually just bluffing last week when he called for Justice Department leaders to suspend special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation within 24 hours". #MAGA = #idiocracy. #resist
.@WinkHartmanKS: @KrisKobach1787 pushed SB1070; the ACLU gutted it. Haven't every single one of his other plans failed just like that? He's great at getting 15 minutes, but he's terrible at doing things that work to reduce mass/illegal #immigration. #Kansas
"A federal judge has struck down a Kansas voter citizenship law that Secretary of State Kris Kobach had personally defended". In the laws & policies he pushes - not just getting his 15 minutes - has Kobach *ever* had one single success? #immigration #MAGA
.@MaxBoot hilariously asks, "Has Trump finally gone too far?" It's hard to overstate what Trump could do before those like Boot could do anything about it. They're like animals who are completely unfit to compete with an invasive species, but worse. #WaPo
.@ShakaHislop: it's great to see #ESPNFC acknowledge the #WorldCup, after #ESPN couldn't spend 2.5% of their yearly licensing budget to outbid Murdoch. 2.5%, the cost of a couple of NFL games.
.@drjmahone: a recent #PewInternet study used bogus data (from #Botometer that says, among many other questionable things, JakeTapper is 40% likely to be a bot). The @michaelbarthel study is at least bogus in trying to coerce people to believe the frequently-deceptive MSM.
Cruel irony (I mean the last part): "Harry Kane's late winner gives England 2-1 win over Tunisia at 2018 World Cup | ESPN FC". #WorldCup #ESPN
.@justinsreedy: your name includes "BanTheNazisPlz". Why do you want to do that? I can easily show you wrong and your opinions are entirely generic. Can't you show those who hold extreme positions wrong?