I've given up on trying to find non-bot #MAGA who support Trump's Haitian plan. They're worthless at getting things done anyway: all they understand is riling up libruls, even tho that leads directly to their idol's plans getting blocked. #resist #idiocracy
.@kmontenegro: Haiti's been suffering from braindrain for 2+ centuries (starting when they ethnically cleansed the French). Why do you & @JasonMcGahan want to make their situation even worse? What you support harms Haiti & helps cheap labor exploiters in the USA. #TheResistance
Things'd be so much better if Trump took t-h-e--c-r-a-y-o-n.... t-h-e--b-o-x--o-f--c-r-a-y-o-n-s... the whole fucking crayon factory out of his brain. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@Kpetersen123 @brandongroeny: from my POV, it'd be much better if Trump used smart arguments that'd blunt or stop many of the attacks about TPS. I think that'd be better for USA & reducing #immigration. Please explain in detail how you think I'm wrong.
95% of those tweeting about it oppose it. It'll be blocked in the courts. Trump wants Congress to legalize them. How's that "good"? MT @Kpetersen123 RT @brandongroeny: 60,000 Haitians will be deported by the Trump administration if they don't voluntarily leave. This is good!!
.@sevenbowie: if @RWPUSA had any patriotism and humanity, he'd encourage Haitians to return home (with our help) to stop their 2 centuries of braindrain that hurts them and USA. Think through what depriving Haiti of the people they need means. #immigration #resist
RWP worked for GWB, who wanted to flood the USA with cheap labor. He used a plan from the #Koch bros' own Cato. RWP worked for him. MT @sevenbowie RT @RWPUSA: Why is [Trump's joke plan to end Haitian TPS] in our national interest? If they are working they should stay.
It'll wind up in court as Trump's other grand plans have. Smart arguments would have undercut that, but he has to appeal to idiots so that's out. MT @TC_Watkins RT @_Makada_: Liberals are crying because Trump wants to FOLLOW THE LAW and deport 60,000 Haitians (illegal aliens)
.@Scott_Wiener: @TheToddSchulte & @RonConway say you'll be at a FWD US confab. How much money have Mark Zuckerberg or his allies, bag men, pass-thrus, offshore accounts, etc. etc. given you? Does your Dem base know yet? #California #resist
Trump looks like he really, really, for reals wanted to do something about sanctuary cities yet - gosh golly darn it! - he didn't actually do anything. His pals get mass #immigration. #MAGA blame librul judges, not their grossly incompetent or fake leader.
"Trying" with the intention of failing is an old trick. You look like you tried but you get what you *really* wanted. That's in effect what Trump's doing on #immigration, I just don't think he's smart enough to be doing it intentionally. #MAGA?
.@carolmswain: if Trump had just made smart arguments, he could have done much more good than pushing idiotic plans that just get blocked. Why won't/can't he do that & why won't/can't his fans like you demand he does things in smart ways for once?
Why does Trump keep doing thins in the dumbest way possible that just get blocked as smart people could foresee? That's not #MAGA, is it? MT @carolmswain Here we go again! [court blocks Trump's idiotic moves on sanctuary cities]
TPS countries: El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, & Yemen. #derp #MAGA #resist MT @LilPoundcake1 This is ethnic cleansing. Not once in Trump’s Presidency has he ended any immigration protection for any predominantly white country.
.@gaberivera: why doesn't Meme link me any more?
Federal judge rules Trump defunding sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional on its face' #immigration #MAGA #resist
DHS IG says DHS is delaying release of report that'd show how much Trump admin botched his travel ban. #immigration #MAGA #resist
Madonna's always been ugly, but she would have been slightly less ugly at 18 if only she'd taken Shakira's sage advice: #MAGA #resist
At 18, Madonna was stick thin: no ass, no hips, ribs showing through, etc. Rand Paul & his fave neighbor are both reportedly around 5'6" and 140 pounds. #creepy #freaky #MAGA #resist
Trump admin invites Congress to give amnesty to 100,000+ illegal aliens rather than making smart arguments: #immigration #TPS #MAGA #resist
.@CDCTobaccoFree: I've compiled an Excel spreadsheet of neighbors who smoke, listing their addresses and best times to find them sleeping. Where do I upload it for processing by your agents?
.@tobaccofreeca - part of the @CAPublicHealth - has protected its tweets despite running a TV ad campaign. Have you looked into the similarity between your inform-on-or-at-least-get-after-your-neighbors program and 1984? #California #MAGA #resist
The elites are sending Charlie Rose out to pasture. 4+ years ago I showed how his interviewing on controversial topics is incredibly weak: #immigration #MAGA #resist #CharlieRose
I've also done 90MPH or so in stretches on the 15 in Nevada and the 5 through the Central Valley. Pirro's a regular Dale Earnhardt Jr. compared to that. #MAGA! #FoxNews #resist
"Fox News host Jeanine Pirro hit with speeding charges after cops clock her driving 119 mph upstate". Faster than I've ever driven, I got up to 100MPH in a Mustang on the 10 once. #MAGA! #FoxNews #resist
Comrades! Our Great & Glorious Leader General Trump has named today "100th Anniversary of Great Advance in Canning Machinery Day"! All workers celebrate, but continue working to glorify our Great & Glorious Leader General Trump! #MAGA #resist
The great thing about Trump is he's only 80% controlled by Putin. The other 20% is all ours, a pure American patriot who cares about each and every one of us! #MAGA #resist
24Ahead's Closing Argument: who's behind the door and what does Trump do when he opens it? #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
.@tcjfs: #RAISEAct is a bogus plan that says Saverin is better than someone who'd be patriotic, no surprise @kausmickey supports it. He enabled President Grahamnesty every step of the way, never demanding he do a better job. #immigration #MAGA #resist
.@RushetteNY: Zito covered up that K.A. Conway was paid by Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty. @DAKDIS refuses to help with smart things that'd stop amnesty for good. Help make both of them better.
.@nicholaspolce: I called @NumbersUSA twice, begging them to take over a free plan that'd stop amnesty for good. They refused both times. @roybeck_NUSA is just a scammer (if he disagrees, sue me!) His only goal is to scam people out of money. #immigration #MAGA
.@ktd101551: @MarkSKrikorian refuses to do his job. Talk to me if you aren't convinced, let me try to change your mind about him (so we can help him to finally do his job). #immigration #MAGA
There are almost no conservatives and - with the exceptions you, the unsung heroes who hang on my every tweet know about - almost no liberals I have any respect for. #MAGA #resist
.@TomFitton: that's OK! I'll help you by giving you smart arguments that'll undercut big city mayors to their base over #immigration. Can you overcome your pride & Dunning-Kruger to use those smart, effective arguments? #MAGA #resist
.@TomFitton: big city mayors will keep pushing sanctuary policies as long as they have a dipshit foil in Trump. They'd stop pushing those policies if Trump used smart arguments that cost them support from their base. Sorry to be gross, but you aren't smart enough to help with it
Nothing you've ever said is smart enough. MT @TomFitton We can build wall 100 feet high; budo ineffective as long as most major cities help illegal aliens with lawless sanctuary policies. We need a seamless web of law enforcement on illegal immigration by feds-states-localities
.@rickyraper2014: shorter @JudicialWatch "Putin made Trump collude with him!" You're smart enough not to fall for that. #MAGA #resist
OTOH, let's hope @TwitterSupport bans #AnnCoulter. #MAGA might finally get a brain and undercut #Twitter in ways that'd *(really** hurt them like their dependence on Bieber fans who falsely think he can hear their pleas. Cost them $ & screw them into the ground. #MAGA #AltRight
.@ChristineParini: please explain how @TheRickyDavila - a lil' fascist who wants to "report' @AnnCoulter - is different from Trump's "get 'im outta here" or far worse: those who've silenced dissent through force? Maybe try to be a real liberal, not a fake one. #TheResistance
Why should I help you put people on a cattle car to Siberia? Scum like you are far worse than scum like her, if that's possible. #MAGA #resist MT @slhamlet @crecenteb: Take a moment to report this [@AnnCoulter] tweet for the hate speech it is
The Trump/Coulter/ @SebGorka / #Breitbart model is at heart unpatriotic. They only appeal to a sliver of U.S. population for personal gain. They lack patriotism to appeal to most Americans to push pro-American policies. #MAGA #resist
.@BarberreeMike @RMConservative: if Trump used smart anti-illegal #immigration arguments - not just ones that played at Breitbart but those which undercut Pelosi to her fans - he could do a huge public service. Why won't your idol do that? #MAGA #resist
Actually, many U.S. citizens have a great deal of power. Those who oppose illegal #immigration are drowned out by crazy goofballs who make things worse. #MAGA #resist MT @BarberreeMike RT @RMConservative: The American citizen just has no power anymore.
.@usaforamericans @AshleyW838: Trump could *permanently* reduce illegal #immigration if he used smart arguments that'd undercut Pelosi etc to their base. You're fans of someone who refuses to do that. #MAGA #resist
Trump just uses #immigration as a laugh line. He's not sincere about anything. #MAGA #resist MT @usaforamericans RT @AshleyW838: The level of cruelty in how this border agent died at the hands of these savage illegal aliens reiterates my thoughts
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #AnnCoulter
Ex- 10,000 Maniacs, John Lombardo & Mary with Anthem for Doomed Youth. Discuss Trump's "bone spurs". #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
.@terrychristian: on a less controversial note, upload the *full* The Latin One without the credits intruding on the ending.
.@dontbrexitfixit: #Brexit supporters tend to be dim, like @Nigel_Farage (at best an idiot savant). However, its supporters are NeoLiberal globalist scum who'd screw US/UK/FR/DE/IT/ES/etc. into ground to increase profits by 1%. #MAGA #resist @terrychristian
10000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant) singing The Latin One on The Word Discuss Trump's "bone spurs". #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
Combining popular themes here, Natalie Merchant - This House Is On Fire w/ English & Turkish lyrics (CC settings) #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
This is your country on #idiocracy: "Mnuchin: Comparisons to James Bond villain a compliment... he takes it as a compliment that some people suggested that he and his wife looked like villains from a “James Bond” movie when they posed with newly printed currency" #MAGA #resist
Natalie Merchant - Gulf of Araby. #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
.@AlexBorstein: to make Congress better on #hemophilia, use this agenda-neutral technique: Show opponents' arguments wrong by asking tough questions. I'll even help you craft lawyerly questions to help you out.
.@AndreaChalupa: your solution is easy to state: engage #NetNeutrality opponents in Socratic debate & show their arguments wrong. Implementing that is beyond supporters because they're authoritarians like #MoveOn. What they say goes, oder else. #MAGA #resist
.@AndreaChalupa: you say there's a "URGENT call to action to protect #NetNeutrality." The problem - as with #ClimateChange - is America is caught between two completely unbelievable alternatives. Neither of the sides are credible & few will side with #MoveOn. #MAGA #resist
I don't want to wear out my Alex Borstein welcome, such as it is, but there are many Russian words for friend, friendship, etc. Root: "drug". Yes, "drug". As Mila Kunis can verify. #MAGA #resist #TrumpPutin #FamilyGuy
Natalie Merchant and the late great Rob Buck of 10,000 Maniacs with Gun Shy. Discuss Trump's "bone spurs". #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
.@alyankovic tweets made me LOL. Also, here's 10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant on his show with Headstrong. #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - Katrina's Fair #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - You Happy Puppet #MAGA #resist #NowPlaying #MusicSunday
This works for both Trump's #EPA policies and what hopefully won't happen to those who know too much about his collusion with Putin. #NowPlaying #MusicSunday #PoloniumSmoothie #MAGA #resist
.@Smerconish: has your pal @ScottAdamsSays explained how Trump making #Florida even more Democratic - thanks to Trump's grossly incompetent handling of Hurricane Maria - is 12th Dimensional Chess or some other BS like that? #CNN #MAGA #resist #PuertoRico
.@smerconish: what @TomSteyer is too dumb to figure out: He's obviously great at making money. Figuring out all the angles, contingency plans, etc. are obviously beyond him. Dunning & Kruger take it from there.
.@kumailn: in Spanish lang ads, Thomas Middleditch (the new #Verizon guy) plays the "doofish yanqui" role seen in Cantinflas flicks, etc. Playing a Steppin Fetchit must be good money, yes? #MAGA #resist
"Raiders' Marshawn Lynch Sits for Star Spangled Banner in Mexico City, Stands for Mexican Anthem". Seriously, if you're a #kneeball fan and you're upset by this, you deserve it. Stop supporting hostile players in a hostile sport. #MAGA #resist
His knee was down. They don't call it #kneeball for nothing. #Dallas #Cowboys #Philly #Eagles #MAGA #resist #SNF
Low-watt fratpunk @justincaruso2 seems to specialize in hyping intensely-stupid, ineffective, childish tantrums against #CNN like in "WATCH: Roy Moore Supporter Yells ‘Fake News’ At CNN Reporter On Air [VIDEO]". Goal: get idiots to support #DailyCaller sugardads real objectives.
We know Roy Moore is a deranged yahoo, but @gdouglasjones is just as dumb as he gives Roy Moore a gift: #Alabama #MAGA #resist
.@Michele_Tafoya: what do you think about @RealDonaldTrump engaging in sports fights, but never once (AFAIK) acknowledging our national #soccer teams #USWNT & #USMNT? He played soccer at his prep school too.
.@larry_kudlow: now, Zito cheers Trump's WV deal. As Manchin wonders, how much of WV and our electrical grid will China end up owning/controlling? (a la Mitch Daniels selling off part of Indiana to a Spanish company). Can you trust Zito to find out?
.@larry_kudlow: @SalenaZito profiled Kellyanne Conway, listing her polling clients. *Except* she left out the one that mattered: Conway got paid by Mark Zuckerberg to deceive about amnesty. Even as an amnesty & Trump fan, you have to realize that's shoddy journalism.
At #Breitbart, @pamkeyNEN says someone shouted "Fake news, fake news fake news - all of you are conspiring against Roy Moore" during a #CNN liveshot from #Alabama. Can you imagine that person being very smart? #MAGA #resist
.@salenazito has blocked me for calling her out on covering for @KellyannePolls: So I'll keep doing it. #NYPost #CNN #MAGA #resist
Trump scores $83.7 billion petrochemical deal for #WestVirginia with #China; Joe Manchin wonders how much of WV & the electrical grid China will end up owning. #MAGA #resist
.@realDonaldTrump: *you* sent the message that "shoplifting is no big deal". 10 years is egregious, but if they'd gotten 15 or 30 days that would've sent a better message. Dad's ingratitude and your ego are only things you care about, not society. #MAGA #resist
Except you didn't. #MAGA MT @realDonaldTrump Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!
Trump aides cheer him up with polls a staffer calls "delusional"; he only cares about his base not the rest of the USA. #MAGA #resist
Aside from throwaway lines designed to fool idiots, what evidence is there he'd do any of that? MT @txcelat I wish [Trump]'d repeal the 1965 Immigration Act, close the borders, and build massive deportation squads to remove all illegals from our country.
.@Nataliew1020: if you know a smart, sane person I'll describe to them how to solve the issue you discuss. You're damaged goods & not someone I want as a helper. However, there's a kid involved so I'll help. My plan is the only way to solve the problem you discuss. #GOPTaxScam
No surprise, Obama helper @TweetBrettMac has banned me for calling out how Trump has in effect continued Obama's agenda:
.@JulietteMonroex: Trump's gross incompetence after Hurricane Maria has helped tilt #Florida even more Dem. Please explain how that helps #GOP. #MAGA
.@landsend99: has @SebGorka explained yet how Trump's grossly incompetent handling of Hurricane Maria - setting off a mad dash for #Florida and helping turn Florida bluer - is a brilliant move that'll be studied by historians for centuries? #MAGA?
.@NiaMAGA3X: I wanted *just* stringent screening w/o regard to religion or country. Coulter wanted to ban one religion from the USA, something that's obviously impossible. Was @AnnCoulter supporting a realistic plan, yes or no? #MAGA
"carrying pictures of Chairman Mao" = your header image of Trump & his cabinet as KKK. MT @Nataliew1020 No parent should have to beg for their Child's life & Healthcare! Why does the @GOP keep trying to take from the most vulnerable? Pls call! 202-224-3121 to stop the #GOPTaxScam
Neither have I, since 2002. The huge difference is - unlike Coulter - I use smart arguments & come up with smart plans. MT @NiaMAGA3X Coulter has never once deviated from her immigration stance #MAGA
.@krassenstein: show me wrong! List cases where #TheResistance had a direct, provable impact on Trump: Not just hyping dumb things Trump did, but them actually causing anything. All his problems are own goals.
.@krassenstein: actually, #TheResistance probably had 0 impact on Trump's elephant reversal. He got pushback from GOP. Even many #Breitbart commenters were against it. Some on #FoxNews were probably against it. Greta & Piers opposed. #resist is even more incompetent than Trump
No surprise here, fake patriot and fragile snowflake @fretsward has blocked me:
.@RedPillBlack: due to @AnnCoulter, Trump continued Obama's refugees agenda all during the months when his ban was blocked. She didn't give him smart anti-illegal #immigration arguments that'd undercut Dems to their base. She's done great damage to anti-amnesty movement & USA.
Re Bourdain tale, @lukeoneil47 also tweets "The best part about this is, as a freelancer, I just spent all day reporting myself out of being able to make money" There's an oversupply of parasites who'll mindlessly flack for the wealthy.
In Nov 2016, @lukeoneil47 tweeted "The woman who reported [pr0-0n instead of Bourdain show] sent me another pic. Again, sort of believe her, but no way only 1 person saw this if it was Boston wide CNN." We've since learned "the woman" was actually a Kremlin-directed troll.
In Nov 2016, @HalleKiefer of #Vulture blogged "Conflicting Reports Suggest Boston CNN Channel Probably Did Not Air [Pr0-0n] Instead of Anthony Bourdain". Originator has since been revealed as a Kremlin-directed troll. Any second thoughts on what you do & how you do it?
.@JohnG405: due to Trump's incompetent handling of Hurricane Maria, there are now 100s of 1000s more Dem voters in #Florida. Have @JonahNRO or @ScottAdamsSays explained how Trump turning Florida blue is 12th Dimensional Chess? #MAGA #NRO
She isn't even pro-white. Her only goal is to grift. She gave Trump the #immigration plans that have cost him & USA greatly. MT @RedPillBlack: Just met @AnnCoulter. Hate to say it, but she's pretty terrible at being a white nationalist
.@ac13alex: urge #ESPN to show full #PuertoRico baseball games. It'll be a heart-warming, feel-good human interest story they can hype to the skies. Disney understands ratings, at least.
Is there any other sport with such long delays between plays as #kneeball? There aren't *minutes* between pitches. #Golf doesn't count because it's not a sport. #kneeball #pauseball #molassesball #boreball #skuchnoball #MAGA #resist
.@sidhubaba: @EricLevitz reblogged DNC talking points on Brett Talley. DNC won't let him hype that Talley is a big amnesty fan, the only thing that'd undercut Talley to #MAGA & block his nomination. Is that good activist journalism, or just hack work? #TheResistance
Trump pal @JoeNBC cheers Trump's gross incompetence after Hurricane Maria helping turn #Florida blue-er-isher: #MAGA! #resist
.@Earnest_One: @SenFeinstein & MSM could stop Talley's nomination if they stressed the fact that he's very pro-amnesty. #MAGA is anti-amnesty, but Feinstein & MSM won't undercut Talley on his most vulnerable issue because the DNC won't let them. #TheResistance