.@randyprine: @OccupyWallStNYC agrees with Wall Street on immigration. OWS helps screw both U.S. workers & foreign countries. #TheResistance
Ie, we're cheating MX out of tax money. MT @randyprine RT @OccupyWallStNYC: Undocumented mother to Trump 'I've paid my taxes for 20 years,'
.@DerekCressman: which is smarter: waving joke signs, or trying to engage Trump/proxies in debate to show them wrong? #NotMyPresidentsDay
That'd be good therapy for some. It wouldn't actually do anything however. MT @DerekCressman: Can we get #NotMyPresidentsDay to trend?
When Trump says "yesterday", he actually means "any time within the past several millennia". #SwedenIncident #MAGA #truthy #TheResistance
There's my problem: taking Trump literally. When he says "blue", he could mean "green", "mauve", "rainbow", or whatever. Just not "blue".
.@BlairAllen @PaulinaForslund: in English, Trump implied a terror attack happened in Sweden "yesterday". Did one happen then, yes or no?
MT @BlairAllen RT @PaulinaForslund: Slava B for @realDonaldTrump U tell the truth about Sweden! Everyone here knows that but The lying media
.@jamesbvalentine @robertwrighter: followers # might bug DT, but will show him wrong to his fans. Which is smart?
OTOH, Trump's recently vaulted over @mesutozil1088. MT @jamesbvalentine RT @robertwrighter: [hey Trump], Obama has 59 million more followers
.@prageru: what are Sweden rape rates when adjusted for population, severity, & # of incidents per complainant? Do you even care?
.@prageru: as a "university", it's time for some intellectual honesty. Sweden rape rate didn't "spike". It's been steadly rising. Why?
MT @prageru @donlemon implores AmiHorowitz to look at the data & then ignores Ami when he repeats that sexual assault has spiked in Sweden
.@DPRK_News: greetings & well health to Dear Leader! Will honored Dear Leader buy #ESPN so that they may show even more basketball? #MAGA
.@notthefakesvp: believe it or not, there are other sports besides basketball: soccer, LIDOM, Spring Training, hockey, even volleyball.
.@notthefakesvp: is Putin a basketball fan & does he have pics of ESPN naked? That's only explanation for only sport you show. Not ratings.
To Trump fans, "yesterday" could mean "tomorrow", "within a decade (either way, give or take)", "sometime in history", etc. #MAGA #resist
Because Trump fans defend Trump's false statements as true, nothing Trump fans say can be trusted. #MAGA #TheResistance #Trump2016
If a Trump fan says, "but, I returned your lawnmower yesterday!" what do they mean? Did they return it, & if so, when? #MAGA #TheResistance
.@paphotog: FYI, several years ago I asked @JasonMattera to help stop the anti-American DREAM Act, and he refused.
.@Jamie_Weinstein: if you're going to stake your reputation on AmiHorowitz being "right", get him to index by population/severity/# counts.
Complainants can file multiple counts + rape is very broadly defined there. MT @Jamie_Weinstein Stats seem to show AmiHorowitz is right
U vas correct adjusted stats? MT @balkan_princeza @sweetatertot2: bd vas Trump for shining light on rape epidemic in Sweden by Migrants
*Helped* by you. MT @realDonaldTrump FAKE NEWS media is trying to say mass immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!
#CNN needs to make up Maria Cardona's neck too so the 2" of makeup they put on her face isn't so obvious. #FakeNews
.@hilaryr says Milo was the "their gay" for conservatives. Sadly for her, there are too many on her side for her to be Dems' "their idiot".
Apparently, a SPD law greatly expanded definition of rape + complainants can file multiple counts. #SwedenIncident #MAGA #FoxNews #CNN
.@AmiHorowitz: did you index your Sweden rape stats by a) population, b) severity, and c) number of counts? If not, why not? #MAGA #CNN
.@AmiHorowitz: Per BRA - Sweden gov stats - rape in Sweden has been steadily rising since 1950 (350) to 2015 (~6k). However... #CNN #MAGA
.@AmiHorowitz is on #CNN, trying to defend his #Sweden documentary. #SwedenIncident #idiocracy #MAGA #TheResistance
If Milo had spent more time on making valid arguments & less on standard showman BS, he'd be in better shape. Plus, general #AltRight idiocy
If this is Peak Milo, it's due to oft-repeated con mental/emotional issues: grifters fighting over marks and general idiocy. #AltRight #MAGA
We seem to have reached Peak Milo: he got booted from #CPAC & lost his Simon & Shuster book deal; earlier a #Twitter permaban. #AltRight
BRB, I'm going to deliver some meat products: #MAGA #Trump2016 #resist
How to cons get away w/ claiming Only Patriots In USA when they support secession, #CalExit, Trump shredding Constitution, etc.? #MAGA
I got tricked by a facade. A literal facade. On a car. I think others might have seen it & might have said "what a doofus". #MAGA #Trump2016
#Teaparty grifter/idiot @patriotnotpol interviewed #CalExit leader via email @ #Breitbart. He asked about Putin link, kinda surprising me.
Not *that* ugly subcontinental woman near Georgetown posts roommate ad: no pets, no meat products, no Trump fans. Guess my joke! #MAGA
.@Mobute: you'd be like Trump fans too, if #Esquire hired foreign hacks to do derivative, trite jobs many in India could do for 1/10 price.
.@Mobute: turns out, I was wrong: anti-Iraq protesters were in general right (as history shows), even if their reasons/methods were wrong.
.@Mobute: at #Esquire, you blog about attending Trump's recent rally in Florida. I did things like that way way way back in 2002-3. #MAGA
In their "GWB left Obama a mess" segment, #CNN edited out most of @jeffzeleny 's "enchanted" question, incl Obama laughing at him. #FakeNews
.@IndivisibleChi: do you have the same open borders policies as #Koch bros & @AlexNowrasteh, or do you have limits? #NotMyPresident
*All* immigrants, without limit? MT @IndivisibleChi "No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here!" #NotMyPresident Rally
New word for you: ochlocracy. MT @Hannah2060 In Chicago this is what democracy looks like #NotMyPresidentsDay
.@SethJMargolis: that #NotMyPresidentsDay sign isn't vulgar, so there's that. However, it isn't an argument either & it won't change minds.
DERPMT @SethJMargolis Great sign from today's #NotMyPresidentsDay rally in NYC.
.@Drybones5 @HarmfulOpinions @faggotfriday: you were involved in #Twitter's anti-speech efforts. Will you help ?
Video of last night's chainsaw attack near Sweden: #MusicSunday #NowPlaying #SwedenIncident #MAGA #TheResistance
Last night near Sweden, this happened: #MusicSunday #NowPlaying #SwedenIncident #MAGA #TheResistance
.@SusanKnowles: if my fans were like many @MarkDice fans, I'd change my approach/try to correctly orient them. Is he doing that? #MAGA
.@SusanKnowles: I'm wondering: have you've looked at the comments on @MarkDice vids? He didn't leave them & shouldn't delete them, but...
Last night in Sweden, this happened: #MusicSunday #NowPlaying #SwedenIncident #MAGA #TheResistance
.@SwedeninUSA: your immigration (& social) policies clearly fail you. The tragedy is we aren't having a debate about that because of #MAGA.
Those fail you & USA. MT @SwedeninUSA: We look forward to informing the US administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies
#TaxMarch is a "dumb punk" idea, like camping in public parks, giant puppets, guitarmy, etc. They don't understand USA fundamentals, so...
I have 12-15 state highpoints. There are only a limited number of states and they're well known, but I'm too busy to figure it out. #hiking
.@IMPL0RABLE: only way #TaxMarch would work is if Trump releases taxes & there's something shocking. You're betting on 0.001% chance. Claro?
.@IMPL0RABLE: for laughs, let's pretend Trump releases his taxes. You'd have to be accountant to know what's really going on: "fog of taxes"
.@IMPL0RABLE: what are chances Trump will release taxes (or Congress will force it) due to #TaxMarch? Isn't that zero? But, for laughs...
.@IMPL0RABLE: let's reason this out. If #TaxMarch happens & Trump hasn't released his taxes, what will have been gained? You're at square 1.
It's not like I had a scorecard. I'd need to look up the details to see which #California county highpoints I have. #MAGA #Trump2016
1. I think Borstein - who replied once but hasn't since - is attractive. 2. I have maybe 1/3 of the #California county highpoints. #MAGA!
.@AlexBorstein: aspire to this: Also, #TaxMarch will have zero effect. is much smarter.
.@KeithOlbermann: enabling Trump, personality cults, opposing dissent: those aren't patriotic. Why can't #TheResistance call it out?
.@KeithOlbermann: despite own shakiness, it shouldn't be impossible for #TheResistance to question Trump superfans' patriotism. But it is.
.@PSmama: repurpose tweets at to try to undercut her to her fan(s). #TheResistance
.@BillKristol: if you want Trump enablers to change, you have to be a threat to their careers by undercutting them to their fans. #MAGA
.@BillKristol: since only raisin detra of cons is to do well by doing nothing, what do you think they care? All they understand is $. #MAGA
MT @BillKristol Honest Q for cons who aren't just working w/around Trump, but rationalizing him: In your heart, don't you know you're wrong?
.@TuxieTaylor13: it's possible to oppose *both* anti-speech far-left *and* vulgarians like Trump. Or at least try to smarten him up.
Did #MuslimBan work, yes or no? MT @TuxieTaylor13 Just keep on looting,rioting,crying,lying,spewing hate/vulgarity& we're the STUPID ones?
.@AlexBorstein is in Spain, skiing: I'd go for a peak under my own power.
I want to be Blossom's Bannon/Rove/François Leclerc du Tremblay when she begins her Senate run. #BlossomForSenate #Trump2016 #MAGA
.@MissMayim: FYI, @SenWarren is fake. She helps the rich drive down wages for struggling American workers:
.@LeslieWix: if you were on USA's side, you'd realize danger of personality cults & you'd want to hold Trump accountable. Do/are you?
Like Rush & Obama? MT @LeslieWix @JimNotGene @ScottAdamsSays if you are on USA's side, then you want our president to succeed right?
.@JimNotGene: make the points at to @ScottAdamsSays fan(s). #Dilbert
.@POLITICAL_Jeff: Trump had a chance to undercut BLM. @Steve_Sailer readers in effect helped BLM: Thoughts?
.@KingsThings: please tweet "You want to talk about hot old broads? Put Christine Baranski near the top of the list." Slim'll clean it up.
.@hazelhexel: millions think Trump Wall is real, when it will be blocked by Congress & courts. Ask the MSM why they haven't called DT on it.
.@hazelhexel: your #LastNightInSweden tweet bringing in children's puppets is amusing. However: Trump is deceiving his fans on Trump Wall.
I prefer the women's #CrossfitGames where I can say "she doesn't look *that* butch" and apply my own rankings. #Trump2016 #MAGA #ESPN
.@Berry_Werkman: if you weren't who you are, you'd ask MSM why they haven't called Trump on how his Wall would fail & thus he's deceiving.
That's cute. Does IKEA use child labor, etc.? MT @Berry_Werkman Every body knows why #Trump needs #Sweden [IKEA-style pic of a wall]
.@swoodland53: it's great #ESPN shows #CrossfitGames from StubHub *Soccer* Stadium, but is there some other game ESPN doesn't show as much?
.@davidduchovny: Tunguska #XFile ep is still fresh. However, just once I'd like to see someone just downshift when brakes are out.
.@normsrestaurant: we already have a big enough problem with greedy, self-centered assholes. Why not promote non-sociopathic behavior?
.@normsrestaurant: re your Griffith Park ad, what if you reversed the genders? Would it be cute if a man put a woman in a cast over food?
Trump's "Last night in Sweden": is he lying or confused? #SwedenIncident #MAGA #TheResistance
.@marcbonanni: personal smears are wrong and don't work. Point out to D'Souza fans that he's as unclear on the Constitution as Trump is.
MT @CiolliJames I don't watch evil bias MSM,I get the truth ex DJT tweets & rallies.Today's rally made me stand tall! Go DJT
.@DineshDSouza: I realize you're just another grifter, but approvingly RT Trump showing he doesn't support the U.S. Constitution is a low.
.@DineshDSouza approvingly RTs Trump's Enemy Of The People tweet, adding "they are a covert wing of the Democratic left". #Constitution
Despite what some are saying, Melania read the *Protestant* version of the Lord's Prayer. That has the ahistoric "For thine". #MAGA #resist
I interviewed the local Koine expert (me), & he tells me the ending of Melania's Lord's Prayer isn't in the original Greek. #MAGA #Catholic
DERPMT @BrittPettibone: First Lady Melania Trump just prayed "The Lord's Prayer" at the Trump Rally. Wonderful to have God back in America!
Surprising too, since English is obviously Melania's first language. #MAGA MT @MoonAngelWings Lord's Prayer ,she's reading it from a paper
It's a precursor to Saint Donald. MT @realmumrocks As a Catholic [Melania's opening prayer was] just weird.that was not the time or place
.@RadioFreeTom: a very pro-Constitution thing for you to do would be trying to encourage engaging Trump in debate. Have/will you done that?