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Bad reporting from Michael Paulson (NYT religion)

Michael Paulson - religion reporter at the New York Times - offers "U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children" ( ). Bad reporting from the NY Times is to be expected, but Paulson seems to be trying to set a record.

Paulson quotes 12 people, none of whom oppose what the religious leaders are doing. The closest he comes is a quote from Iowa governor Terry Branstad (“We can’t accept every child in the world who has problems") but that doesn't specifically address the religious leaders' efforts.

Paulson says he reached out to John Boehner's office for comment, but surely there are others who could have pointed out the very major problems with the religious leaders' efforts.

Among other things, those religious leaders are helping *increase* border deaths. Those leaders are encouraging more kids to try to cross the desert, and some of them won't make it. While some leaders might just be deluded, what they stand to gain shouldn't be ignored: more political power and more parishioners. If the kids coming here were GOP-voting Muslims, it's much less likely that the religious leaders would respond in the same way. That shouldn't be ignored, but ignoring that angle is exactly what Paulson does.
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