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Nancy Lofholm's bad, agenda-driven reporting (Denver Post)

Nancy Lofholm of the Denver Post offers "Forces mobilize in Colorado to help unaccompanied immigrant children" ( ). She's a supposed news reporter, but her piece is more an editorial than a news report. And, the policies she's promoting will make things worse for the U.S. and Central America and will lead to more kids dying in the desert.

If Nancy Lofholm gets her way, more kids will try to enter the U.S. illegally, not fewer. And, more kids trying to enter the U.S. illegally means more kids hopping aboard unsafe trains. That means more kids losing limbs, not fewer. If she gets her way, more kids will try to cross the desert or the Rio Grande, and that means more kids dying in the desert or drowning.

Nancy Lofholm's policies will make things worse in the U.S., increasing the number of crimes, increasing social spending, and lowering wages for lower-skilled American workers.

Nancy Lofholm's policies won't solve the problems in Central America, they'll only get worse by depriving those countries of people they need to stay and press for reforms and by giving the elites of those countries a safety valve for their policies.

Here are the first two paragraphs of her piece:

"While irate anti-immigration groups attempt to turn back the wave of minor immigrants crossing the border and being moved into shelters across the country, a quiet force of humanitarian support for the youngsters is building in Colorado... Attorneys, churches, municipalities, social justice and immigrant rights groups are stepping up to provide housing, food and clothing, legal aid and foster homes to unaccompanied child immigrants entering the country without documentation."

Note, of course, the use of "irate" to smear opponents. And, the lie about them being "minor immigrants": they're illegal aliens, not immigrants. And, of course, the support for false compassion discussed above.
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