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Sam P.K. Collins downplays Ebola risk

Mindlessly covering for Barack Obama's incompetence is a tough job. For just one example, Sam P.K. Collins of ThinkProgress offers "Why The Maine Nurse’s Bike Ride Is Not A Threat To Public Health". It contains this now outdated claim:

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ebola can only be transmitted through the blood and bodily fluids of infected people. That’s why the virus poses the highest risk to health care workers caring for Ebola patients and family members of the infected. But simply being in the same area as someone with Ebola doesn’t necessarily put people at risk because the virus isn’t airborne. Plus, those who aren’t showing symptoms cannot transmit the virus."

The virus isn't airborne (yet), but the CDC now admits that it can be spread through droplets coughed or sneezed out by patients. The CDC said otherwise before, but just recently they silently admitted that it could be spread not just by direct contact. See the new CDC poster here:

Will Sam P.K. Collins update his post to reflect the new version of the truth from the CDC?
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