Jake Tapper and the "War on Whites" | a Twitter conversation


Jake Tapper and the "War on Whites"

Rep. Mo Brooks recently claimed there's a "war on whites", and those helping conduct that war immediately rushed to condemn him and assure us there's no such thing.

Among them was Jake Tapper of ABC News, who decided to make a funny with this tweet ( peekURL.com/zJ6YHYz ):

"I remember once when my brother mistakenly threw a red shirt into the wrong laundry pile, creating a new pink sock wardrobe. #WarOnWhites"

That's partly in-group preening: Tapper telling those like him that he's one of them not one of *them*.

It's also not clear if there's anything in Tapper's background that would have exposed him to the "war". He's the son of an assistant professor of pediatrics and it appears that right after graduating from Dartmouth he attended USC. After that he landed a job as a campaign press secretary with U.S. Rep Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (also of Pennsylvania) and then became her congressional press secretary. He then went to the PR firm started by Jody Powell and from there began his journalism career. His experience with the front lines of the "war" would seem to be non-existent.
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