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How to make #StopWatchingUS effective

On 10/26/13, libertarian and far-left groups united in protest of NSA spying, holding an event in Washington DC. A fun time was had by all, including giant puppets and sing-a-longs. Fun's fun, but to actually have an impact those involved will need to show why they think their opponents are wrong.

The best way to do that is to use the Question Authority plan. Under that plan experienced questioners would ask politicians *tough* questions on video. See the plan here:

EFF and the rest object to specific U.S. policies, and presumably they can make an argument against those policies. And, presumably there are some U.S. politicians that support those policies. So, from there it's a short trip to developing questions designed to show how they think those politicians are wrong. From there, it's another short trip to getting an experienced questioner and a video person and asking those questions.

Can I get EFF and the other groups to do that? Or, will they continue to rely on giant puppets and sing-a-longs?
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