Will Laura Meckler of WSJ correct her misleading claim? | a Twitter conversation


Will Laura Meckler of WSJ correct her misleading claim?

Laura Meckler of the Wall Street Journal (see the links below) offers "Immigration's Primary Effect Muted" ( peekURL.com/zRT9UXy ). It contains this misleading claim:

Tim Donnelly, a leader in the movement to stop illegal immigration, lost to another Republican this month in California's open primary for governor.

That gives the false impression that Donnelly spent a lot of time opposing illegal immigration, but that's not the case. While he did have "secure the borders" statement among the issues listed on his site, he spent most of his time on Teaparty-style issues: guns, spending, regulations, etc. See his name's link below for much more.

What Laura Meckler is doing is like trying to blame Mitt Romney's loss on his position on China. It's bad reporting, and no one who supports good reporting should let Laura Meckler get away with it.
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