Dumb and deranged Teaparty, (Brian J. @kc5yvv edition) | a Twitter conversation


Dumb and deranged Teaparty, (Brian J. @kc5yvv edition)

This is yet another example of why I oppose Teapartiers (see 24ahead.com/s/tea-parties ).

"Brian J." (@kc5yvv) should be helping me oppose groups like the NCLR (see 24ahead.com/nclr ). Instead, he behaves in the deranged fashion you see below.

I twice sent him a link to the NCLR page, attempting to point out to him that nobody that he thinks is on his side has anything like that (go see the page and prove it to yourself). Obviously, things like that don't work with those who have various issues. He can't figure out what I'm getting at, he can't figure out why I contacted him a second time, and he can't even figure out who the "enable" question was directed to (not him, people like him are the enablees).

If you asked him, he'd say he opposes the NCLR. Yet, no one that he considers to be on his side is able to oppose them correctly and in the great depth that I have. His issues prevent him from helping himself. That's not too smart, is it?
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