Yet another example of why to oppose Teaparty | a Twitter conversation


Yet another example of why to oppose Teaparty

This is just the latest example of why Teaparty types should be opposed. I attempted to point out to @LeahR77 (perhaps not as gently as I could to avoid setting her off) that speculation and wild theories aren't good and effective ways to oppose amnesty. LeahR77 then engaged in the "Jump Smear and Lie" technique (see ). She either couldn't figure out that I oppose amnesty, or knew that I oppose it and lied. Even a second's glance at any page at this site would show that I oppose amnesty and have for years, but she couldn't be bothered to spend that second (or she did and just lied). When I gave her the chance to correct her mistake, silence. She - and many others in the Teaparties sphere - simply don't have the integrity to do research or to admit that they're wrong.
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