Chuck Lindell (Austin) is a disgrace to journalism | a Twitter conversation


Chuck Lindell (Austin) is a disgrace to journalism

Chuck Lindell and Matthew Odam of the Austin American-Statesman offers "Obama visits Franklin Barbecue, buys lunch for a couple of patrons" ( ). Lindell was the pool reporter and thus had the chance to ask the President of the U.S. some questions about his policies, including issues like border kids. Instead, Lindell treated Obama like he was Justin Bieber. Scratch that: Lindell might have asked Bieber some questions about his various scandals.

To make it even worse, Ciara O'Rourke of the same paper offers "Franklin patrons excited to see Obama, even after he cut in line" ( ) which does contain interviews... of the owner and patrons of the BBQ restaurant Obama visited.
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