Incompetent Donald Trump data points: Miss Universe 1996 and Monica Lewinsky

If Trump were competent, we'd be talking about Hillary's support for the anti-American DREAM Act, not someone who won a beauty pageant 20 years ago.

Blatant Obama propaganda promotes a six year old's refugees stance

Soviet and North Korean propagandists could learn a lot from the Obama administration.

Loose borders libertarian Trump advisor Stephen Moore is trying to weaken him on free trade

Moore supports loose immigration and free trade. He wants to eliminate the Dept's of Commerce, Education, and Energy; eliminate TANF; and lift all restrictions on mining, drilling, and fracking.

Incompetent Donald Trump data point: USA Freedom Kids are suing him

Under $15,000 would have prevented it from becoming an issue, but Trump wasn't competent enough to do it.

Donald Trump's big immigration speech

What Donald Trump should say in his immigration speech

Breitbart News chief will now run Donald Trump's campaign

The Trump campaign is the live version of Idiocracy.