How the SPLC "Trump Effect" report is deceptive ("hate" in schools)

A blatant attempt to deceive.

John Hinderaker's childlike view of immigration issues

A better immigration plan for Jared Taylor and the Alt-Right

Just because you support Trump doesn't mean you need to skip thinking ahead too.

Trump promises New York Times will be "happy" with his immigration bill

Any immigration bill the NYT would be "happy" with would be horrible for the USA.

Twitter suspends Alt Right users: what everyone should do

Even if you oppose the alt-right, you might be next.

Donald Trump threatens amnesty yet again (60 Minutes, transition 2017)

It's time for his supporters to act patriotic for once and demand that Trump uses attrition instead of mass legalization.

Trump transition team's Kris Kobach tries to make Trump Wall succeed unlike his past failures

Kobach has repeatedly failed, and he refuses to do things in smart ways that would work.

Who refused to help stop President Donald Trump: a list

196 people who could have helped stop Trump but decided to do it their failed way instead.

Did Obama encourage illegal aliens to vote? Yes and no.

As you might expect, Jim Hoft, Neil Cavuto, Drudge, and Snopes all got it wrong.