Donald Trump finally makes a smart argument against mass immigration

He probably didn't come up with it, so you need to help him internalize it and use it correctly.

L.A. Times Editorial Board has ineffective Trump tantrum

What Immigrant Doctors won't tell you (Trump, travel ban, Peter Ganong)

They'd harm developing countries, and either can't figure it out or don't care.

Trump wants to work with Democrats on "immigration reform" (possibly amnesty)

Trump's push for amnesty begins.

Trump's "Last night in Sweden": is he lying or confused?

Master Manipulator playing a deceptive, unnecessary, and ultimately ineffective game, or a President with access to vast amounts of information who could care less about checking his facts?

CIS unwittingly shows how Trump's travel ban won't work ("72 Terrorists" study)

It's things like this that explains why massive and illegal immigration continues.

Downsides of Trump's Muslim ban and the smart alternative

Trump's ban increases the risk of terrorism and he lacks the smarts and patriotism to help decrease that risk.