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Matt Stempeck's "Lazy Truth" (MIT Media Lab)

Matt Stempeck of MIT Media Lab is behind LazyTruth, a Google Chrome browser add-on that scans your inbox for allegedly false political emails. It determines whether something is questionable using FactCheck ( ) and Politifact ( ).

The problem is that both those sites occasionally get things wrong. Their version of the truth occasionally differs from the actual truth. Thus, Lazy Truth suffers from GIGO: "Garbage In, Garbage Out". LazyTruth is only accurate if Politifact and Fact Check are accurate. And, as can be seen at their pages above, neither are completely accurate. That's especially the case when it comes to what the establishment considers the truth, even if it isn't the truth.

In order to test whether Matt Stempeck was interested in the actual truth or whether his concept of the truth was more on the truthy side, I asked the first question below. As the reader can see: Stempeck failed the test: it has a simple answer which someone could answer correctly if they were interested in the truth rather than simply the establishment's truthy version of it.

You can take the same test yourself: visit for the backstory. One day Snopes said that Obama was born at Queens hospital, implying that anyone was crazy for not believing it. Then, they changed it to Kapi'olani, with the same implication. They changed the definition of what is and isn't true from Queens to Kapi'olani. This isn't about the "Birther" issue or anything else: it's just a test of whether someone is interested in the actual truth. And, Stempeck failed.
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