Burgess Everett of Politico vs reporting

Will Burgess Everett of Politico correct an article containing a Big Lie? The main author of "2 senators seek fewer deportations" ( ) is Seung Min Kim, but experience has shown she has little interest in trying real journalism (see http://24ahead.com/c/94 ). Everett is listed as contributing, so I'll try him too.

The article says: "The rising number of deportations under President Barack Obama is a sore spot between the White House and immigration advocates... The administration is poised to mark 2 million deportations under Obama sometime this spring."

The statistics are deceptive, as both Obama and the DHS have admitted. See http://24ahead.com/n/12023 for the details. Will Burgess Everett try real journalism where Seung Min Kim failed and correct the misleading article?
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