A smarts question for Eric Zorn (Chicago Tribune) | a Twitter conversation


A smarts question for Eric Zorn (Chicago Tribune)

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune writes about the debate between Dick Durbin and his Senate challenger Jim Oberweis. The title of Zorn's post gives you a clue to which side he's on: "Transcript: Durbin owns Oberweis on immigration reform". In the transcript, Oberweis refers to the Senate immigraiton bill ( http://24ahead.com/cir2013s ) as "blanket amnesty". Durbin (see his name's link below) gets one thing mostly right by pointing out that it wasn't "blanket amnesty".

Except, in one way, that bill was a complete blanket amnesty. Let's see if Zorn is smart enough to figure out what that is. The correct answer will be revealed later.
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