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Questions for Ahiza Garcia (Talking Points Memo)

Ahiza Garcia of Talking Points Memo offers "Fox Guest Convinced ISIS Is In America" about a statement by @DennisMLynch. The post itself, if it were completely deprived of context, wouldn't be so bad.

The problem is that the post is in the context of TPM and TPM editors should know how their readers will respond: by downplaying the threat of terrorists crossing the border simply because the statement by Lynch was made on Fox News and concern about the border and terrorism is considered to be the province of conservatives.

It would be like posting "Obama says drunk driving is bad for you" at Breitbart: you know exactly how their readers are going to respond, despite drunk driving being a bad thing.

What's missing from Garcia's post is background information. For instance, Janet Napolitano's comment admitting that terrorists cross the U.S. border "from time to time" ( ). Or, all the warnings in the 9/11 staff report ( ). Or, all the many other things discussed in the category.

Because of that missing context, Garcia's report causes TPM readers to dismiss something they should be worried about.
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