Jessica Meyer's questionable reporting (Politico) | a Twitter conversation


Jessica Meyer's questionable reporting (Politico)

At Jessica Meyers of Politico writes "[Eric Cantor]’s failure to take a definitive stance on the [immigration] issue may have played a part in his downfall." I can't really call that false, since that might have played a role for a small number of people. However, considering that his opponent Dave Brat used Cantor's support for amnesty against him and considering that Cantor sent out fliers falsely presenting himself as a bulwark against amnesty (specifically the Senate bill), it's hard to believe it played as big a role as Cantor's easily-deduced position. Pretending Cantor's loss wasn't due to his obvious support for some form of amnesty might give comfort to amnesty supporters, but reporters shouldn't play pretend.
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