Is John Dickerson in touch with reality? (Slate) | a Twitter conversation


Is John Dickerson in touch with reality? (Slate)

John Dickerson is Slate offers "Run, Elizabeth, Run! Why an Elizabeth Warren presidential bid would be good for all Americans". Parts of it make me question whether Dickerson is in touch with our present reality.

Immigration is one of the issues where you can tell if someone is fake or not. If they claim to support the middle class and lower but their immigration policy would mostly only help the wealthy, then they're fake.

And, Warrent is fake. See her name's link below. Not only is she fake, but she and the rest of the establishment have no interest in real debate about much of anything (least of all immigration).

That's reality. Now, compare that to what Dickerson says: "Imagine there were a political movement that was against pablum in the public square, that promoted tough debates on pressing issues, that was suspicious of coronations, and cared about a presidential candidate’s qualities as much as the ideas she would bring to office? This proud movement would engage all the right-thinking members of the citizenry, liberal and conservative. It would enliven the daily discourse and it would push Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president... If Warren joined the race, she would not win, but she would till the ground, putting grit and the smell of earth in the contest. She would energize the Democratic Party’s liberal base, which would then stir up other Democrats who seek to moderate or contain that group. Warren would challenge the Democratic Party on issues like corporate power, income inequality, and entitlements... If Rick Santorum is right and the Republican Party will only flourish at the presidential level if it promotes conservative solutions for middle-class voters, then this cause will be helped along by a Democratic contest that keeps the battle of ideas for the middle class at the center of the debate. While Democrats are debating their offerings to that constituency, it will give conservatives a chance to offer their alternatives..."
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