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Questions for Lydia DePillis (WaPo)

Lydia DePillis of the Washington Post offers the deceptive "Reforming the laws won’t be enough. Immigrants need financial help, too" ( ). Questions about it below.

Excerpt follows:

Under [immigration "reform"], immigrants would be asked to pay at least several hundred dollars in fees for the privilege of becoming U.S. citizens, not to mention all the back taxes they might owe... For many, it would be a heavy lift. Of the 11 million undocumented Americans, about a third of them are estimated to live under the poverty line, and might have to come up with the cash from a pawn shop or payday lender... Jose Quinonez, executive director of the Mission Asset Fund in San Francisco [is offering no-interest loans] ...Quinonez, who chairs the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's community advisory board... Quinonez thinks he can make it worth without too much is one way the government could help, though: Lowering how much it costs in the first place... "I'm sure the federal government could not charge so much," he says. "Instead of charging $900, why not charge $90?"
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