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Questions for Phil Helsel (NBC News)

Phil Helsel of NBC News offers "In Some Towns, Immigrants Met With Aid Instead of Anger". I'll attempt to show how that aid is an example of false compassion ( see ) and makes things worse.

Helsel writes: "While the eyes of many have been on Murrieta and the raucous protests there that blocked the transfer of undocumented immigrants to that California town, groups in another city are welcoming with open arms the women and children who have fled violence in their own countries... In McAllen, Texas, more than 20 doctors have been volunteering their time to care for the mostly women and children who came across the border illegally and are awaiting transfer to other federal facilities in the north for processing. And Catholic Charities set up a center near the bus stop where undocumented immigrants are given a chance to shower, to receive clothing, and to rest before the trip..."
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