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David Siders vs reporting (Sacramento Bee)

David Siders of the Sacramento Bee offers "Jerry Brown urges ‘religious call ... to welcome the stranger’ in border crisis" ( peekURL.com/z8JQCmc ). It quotes the California governor giving his (very wrong) thoughts on the issue of UACs and says the issue was "the subject was the focus of questioning by a throng of Mexican reporters".

If Siders asked Brown any questions about his comments, they aren't in the article. In fact, no one else is quoted in the article that might point out how Brown's policies will make things worse. For a description of that, see 24ahead.com/n/12058 (about Glenn Beck's efforts; Brown's would have an even more negative impact due to how many inducements he'd offer for kids to try to make it across the desert).

When will David Siders live up to his job description and point things like that out to Brown, or at least find others who can point out how Brown will make things worse?
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