How Nick Searcy helps liberals ("Justified") | a Twitter conversation


How Nick Searcy helps liberals ("Justified")

Nick Searcy is apparently an actor of some kind who's on the show Justified (I've never heard of it either).

And, as can be seen in our Twitter conversation below, Nick Searcy is also yet another "conservative" who's a great advertisement for not being a conservative. Only a very small number of Americans would think being like him is a good thing.

Searcy degrades the "conservative" label and ends up helping the liberals he claims to oppose.

Searcy illustrates many of the mental and emotional problems that some of today's "conservatives" have and that keeps getting the GOP into trouble. Those problems include: not being willing or able to make a valid argument; ranting and raving; not being able to debate in anything above a kindergarten fashion; not being able to learn from criticism but instead smearing the messenger; manichaeism (assuming that someone who disagrees with their mindset must be a "liberal") or more smearing (just saying that knowing it to be false); shouting others down (just like the far-left); demagoguery; and on and on.

Add to that relying on entertainment: thinking that appearing on an entertainment show from the lightweight Greg Gutfeld is a good thing. That's not conservative, nor is it liberal: it's just entertainment like professional wrestling. But, wait, there's more: someone who supports conservative values would oppose Dana Perino and others in the George W. Bush axis, especially considering Bush's free-spending and more importantly him acting as a quisling. See these: and

Few in their right minds would want to act like Nick Searcy, and the GOP can't win if the only people who buy into their message are those who aren't in their right minds. Even most of those Americans who agree with Teaparty-style ideas reject their disturbed tactics (tactics they borrowed from the far-left Saul Alinsky).

But, wait, there's more.

I originally contacted Searcy regarding Matt Yglesias, a "liberal" columnist at Slate Magazine. Over the past decade, I've been Yglesias' top critic on the issues I cover (mostly immigration). I've left hundreds of comments at his various sites since 2002 or 2003 showing him wrong, I've tried to conduct campaigns on Twitter designed to discredit his immigration ideas, and I've written over a couple dozen posts about him here:

In other words, I wrote the book on criticism of Matt Yglesias (at least on some topics).

Instead of helping me challenge Yglesias, Searcy tries to undercut me; Searcy is in effect helping Matt Yglesias.

Searcy simply doesn't have the ability to challenge those like Yglesias; he's not in their league. No one who takes Yglesias seriously is going to pay any mind to those like Searcy because those like him are just buffoons who can't make valid arguments.

If GOP and conservative leaders want to do something about the declining popularity of those movements, stand athwart idiocracy and yell Stop.
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