hilda solis

Hilda Solis

U.S. Representative from California; Democrat; named Secretary of the Department of Labor in the Barack Obama administration. Resigned from that post in January 2013.

Solis is a strong supporter of illegal immigration who went as far as helping organize a press conference in Washington DC where supposed U.S. representatives joined with Mexican elected officials to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

Solis said this in 1996:

"We are all Americans, whether you are legalized or not."

She's an opponent of assimilation who joined with Media Matters for America to promote a report designed to silence those few broadcast figures who discuss immigration. See the video and a transcript of her related remarks at the link.

She has links to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA); see this.

As a California State Senator in 1999, introduced S.B. 371, which would have dropped legal residency requirements to obtain California driver's licenses; the goal was to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

From a PBS biography (link):

She hopes to push initiatives granting in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants, and to expand health care coverage for undocumented workers.

That page also has a picture of her with someone who seems to be Vicente Fox.

From house.gov/list/press/ca32_solis/ImmigrationFieldHearinginDalton.html:

"The contributions of undocumented immigrants and the benefits they provide to the U.S. economy more than balance the meager health care resources which they are eligible to receive."

Speaking of which, she supported (link) the CHAMP Act (HR 3162), a children's healthcare bill related to the SCHIP program. While Section 135 clearly states "Nothing in this Act allows Federal payment for individuals who are not legal residents", let nothing stand between a Democrat and their support for race-based power: other provisions let the states establish weak rules for those who declared themselves to be citizens (link). An "audit" would be performed later, and the state would supposedly then reimburse the federal government for any illegal aliens they provided with care. All of that was window-dressing for the goal of giving healthcare benefits to illegal aliens.

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Hilda Solis is one of the best Labor Secretaries the Mexican government has ever had. Unfortunately for us, she's the Secretary of our Department of Labor.

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Barack Obama appeared at the National Council of La Raza convention earlier today; see the last link for our extensive coverage of that group. His unremarkable remarks are at [1]: he didn't really say anything that he hasn't said before. As he's done before, he misled, such as by using the system is broken canard.

Obama meets with "stakeholders" for amnesty propaganda push ("immigration reform") - 04/19/11

Earlier today, Barack Obama met with a group of 70 "stakeholders" to discuss a new push for comprehensive immigration reform. The stakeholders in question represent only a small number of Americans; see the list below.

Hilda Solis says even illegal aliens should be paid fairly; is criticizing that a good idea? - 06/21/10

The video at peekURL.com/v65ic2r has a Department of Labor ad promoting a DOL toll-free phone line for workers' rights and featuring Secretary Hilda Solis in which she says: "You Have the Right to Be Paid Fairly Whether Documented or Not".

Labor Sec'y Hilda Solis enabling illegal aliens to take Gulf oil spill cleanup jobs from legal workers - 06/15/10

In 2005, the Bush administration moved many victims of Katrina out of New Orleans and helped corrupt, connected contractors move in illegal aliens to take the cleanup jobs Americans could and should have been doing. That crooked Bush scheme was done with the assistance of the mainstream media and the Democrats, and it had huge financial and social costs. Something similar is currently playing out, with at least one part of the Obama administration trying to enable illegal aliens to take Gulf oil spill cleanup jobs from legal workers. From [1]: U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has given...

Labor Dep't "We Can Help" wants tips from third-party activist groups (in addition to helping illegal labor) - 04/06/10

A few days ago we discussed how the Department of Labor is actively supporting illegal immigration with their new "We Can Help" program. Now comes this: [The DOL] is also relying on tips from worker advocacy groups [as part of the "We Can Help" program], widening efforts by the Obama administration to enlist activist groups to help with enforcement in a range of sectors from toy safety to distracted driving... ...The agency and independent groups, including labor federation AFL-CIO, will also distribute posters, fact sheets and booklets on pay and how to report complaints... ...Bill Lurye,...

Labor Department actively supporting illegal immigration with "We Can Help" program (Hilda Solis) - 04/03/10

The Department of Labor has announced a new program called "We Can Help": they're beefing up workplace enforcement of labor laws and specifically targeting industries with large numbers of illegal aliens. And, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is rushing to point out that this program covers all workers regardless of immigration status. In other words, one part of the federal government is assisting with something that the other parts of the federal government considers to be illegal. Obviously, few want workers to be exploited, but the solution isn't to take steps to make the problem worse as the...

Laura Wides-Munoz of AP's noxious racial bean-counting (does Obama discriminate against white males in cabinet?) - 12/21/09

Laura Wides Munoz of the Associated Press offers a noxious bit of racial bean-counting in "Obama naming Hispanics to top posts at record pace" (link):

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Various sources [1] have recently called for moratoriums on various kinds of immigration and increased immigration enforcement in order to free up jobs for Americans. (Note: I tried to shame the Center for American Progress over this issue way back in March, but I didn't get any help with it). In response to the recent calls, Hilda Solis of the Department of Labor has shown that - while she's probably interested in workers in general - she has little concern for putting the interests of American workers ahead of the interests of illegal aliens and legal immigrants. Not only that, but in so...

Department of Labor, UFCW collaborating with Mexican government, enabling illegal immigration - 08/31/09

From a UFCW press release: The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) is proud to partner with the Embassy of Mexico, the U.S. Department of Labor and allied organizations to promote the first "Semana de Derechos Laborales", or Labor Rights Week, UFCW International President Joe Hansen joined the Mexican Consul General of Chicago, Manuel Rodrรญguez Arriaga, to launch the national outreach and education program that is taking place in thirteen cities across the country. They refer to "Mexican national workers", but make clear that they're including illegal aliens in that...

White House immigration meeting of amnesty all-stars: Obama, McCain, Graham, Cornyn, Gutierrez - 06/26/09

Yesterday, Barack Obama met with various members of Congress to discuss comprehensive immigration reform. His remarks are at [1], a list of attendees is at [2], and some quotes from attendees is at [3]. Nothing very important appears to have happened or been said.

Interesting: Hilda Solis reviews project using Mexican "guest" workers instead of union workers - 03/04/09

From the AFL CIO blog [1]: In one of her first official acts as labor secretary, Hilda Solis has asked for a review of how Mexican sheet metal workers were given visas to work on the St. Regis Hotel project in Bal Harbour, Fla., when more than 1,000 members of the Sheet Metal Workers union (SMWIA) are out of work in the same area. The company hired to install the heating and air conditioning ducts, CYVSA International, received approval from the state of Florida and the Bush Labor Department for visas to bring in foreign workers for seasonal work. But the visas are supposed to be granted...

Hilda Solis to prefer labor enforcement to immigration enforcement? (Tyche Hendricks) - 02/04/09

Tyche Hendricks of the San Francisco Chronicle offers "Obama's labor secretary pick backs enforcement" (link); the title isn't as misleading as one might first think since Hendricks is referring to Hilda Solis's position on labor enforcement and not on immigration enforcement; Solis is especially weak on the latter. However, the goal of the article seems to be to try to sell us a new way for the Democrats to have their cake and eat it too: President Obama's pick for secretary of labor, Rep. Hilda Solis, could help shape a new approach to immigration control that emphasizes the robust...

NDN admits: Census padding with non-citizens to gain race-based power ("Latinos" meet in DC; redistricting) - 01/19/09

Fernanda Santos of the New York Times offers "Immigration Tops Latinos' Wish List at D.C. Meeting" (link), discussing a meeting held today in Washington DC featuring John Trasvina of MALDEF, Rosa Rosales of the League of United Latin American Citizens, and Simon Rosenberg of the New Democratic Network. As could be expected, it falsely assumes that those racial-power-seeking leaders represent all Hispanics ("[MALDEF] hosted the event, the second annual Latino State of the Union, a gathering of advocates, civil rights activists and lawmakers representing the interests of the Latino community...

NYT editorial hopeful about Obama immigration picks; Bush "terrorized", "hunted down" illegal aliens - 12/26/08

As their Christmas gift to the world, the New York Times offered the editorial "Getting Immigration Right" (link). As with all their other editorials on this topic, it's wrong, beginning with their sleazy inability to admit that they and George W Bush are on the same side: This is why it is so important to reverse the Bush administrationโ€™s immigration tactics, which for years have attacked the problem upside down and backward. To appease Republican nativists, it lavished scarce resources solely on hunting down and punishing illegal immigrants. Its campaign of raids, detentions and border...

Luis Gutierrez: Obama told me to tell you he supports immigration "reform"; amnesty supporters heartened - 12/19/08

Teresa Watanabe of the Los Angeles Times offers "Immigration-overhaul supporters hope their hour has come/With Obama in office, a sympathetic Cabinet and more Democrats in Congress, supporters hope to revive a reform package next year. But the economic downturn sparks worry about protecting U.S. workers" (link). She quotes various "immigrant advocates" who think that the Obama win will mean that comprehensive immigration reform is more likely. In fact: In a national teleconference Thursday, Rep. (Luis Gutierrez) (D-Ill.), said Obama had asked him to relay that he remains committed to a...

National Immigration Forum cheers Hilda Solis Labor Secretary pick (America's Voice) - 12/18/08

The reviews are coming in for the selection of Hilda Solis as new Secretary of the Department of Labor, including with Paco Fabian at Americas Voice - new home of Frank Sharry formerly of the

Hilda Solis named Obama's Labor Secretary - 12/18/08

Sources say that Barack Obama has named U.S. Representative Hilda Solis to be his Secretary of the Department of Labor: Solis, who is the daughter of Mexican and Nicaraguan immigrants, has been the only member of Congress of Central American descent. She just won a fifth term representing heavily Hispanic portions of eastern Los Angeles County and east LA... Andy Stern, president of the 1.9-million member Service Employees International Union, the 51-year-old praised Solis for her deep roots in the union movement. He recalled marching with her in Los Angeles - well before she was elected to...

Media Matters for America on immigration "myths" ("Fear and Loathing in Prime Time") - 05/21/08

Media Matters for America offers a "report" called "Fear and Loathing in Prime Time/Immigration Myths and Cable News" (mediamattersaction.org/reports/fearandloathing/online_version). It attempts to address some of the "myths" supposedly promulgated by Lou Dobbs, [[Bill O'Reilly]], and Glenn Beck.

Didn't Naomi Wolf like my Huffington Post comment? (Florida taser incident) - 09/18/07

Naomi Wolf - who you may remember from the Al "Alpha Male" Gore episode - offers "A Shocking Moment for Society: Tasering at University of Florida" [1]. I left a comment which appears to have been disapproved, thus once again proving false the HuffPost claim that they don't disapprove comments simply because they disagree with the poster [2].

H.R.1645 Summary, Co-Sponsors, Full Text (Flake, Gutierrez, HR1645, STRIVE Act) - 03/24/07

The official summary of the Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy ("STRIVE Act", aka HR1645, aka H.R. 1645, aka HR 1645, aka the "Flake-Gutierrez Massive Illegal Alien Amnesty of 2007") is here. The full text and other details are available here.

Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 (Barack Obama) - 03/09/07

On Wednesday, Sen. Barack Obama introduced the "Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007". This important story was overshadowed by the most likely unimportant story about his stock holdings [1]. The CPA could be described as a "New Democrats Initiative/Funding Source for Possibly Foreign-Linked Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups" bill, and perhaps some reporters should have asked Obama and his co-horts about that.

Democrats, Mexican leaders demand immigration "reform". Together, in Washington DC - 02/09/07

As previously discussed, a few members of the Mexican House of Representatives traveled to Washington DC yesterday to speak with their counterparts - all Democrats - in our House. Those Democrats appear to have lost their way and forgotten who they're supposed to be representing. Reporting on this event is hard to come by, but Lou Dobbs mentioned it on yesterday's show.

Mexican congressman discuss immigration with Pelosi Baca Gutierrez Solis - 02/05/07

El Universal/Andrea Merlos/[[February 5, 2007]]/ link/ translation Original title: Diputados abordaran migracion con congresistas en Washington

Mexican elected officials meeting Pelosi, Gutierrez, Baca, Solis over immigration - 02/05/07

In yet another in the long line of links between the Mexican government and the Democratic Party, three members of Mexico's House of Representatives will be meeting with four members of "our" own U.S. House of Representatives to discuss immigration matters and push for "reform". Those from "our" side are: Joe Baca, Luis Gutierrez, Nancy Pelosi and Hilda Solis.

Democrats vs. assimilation - 10/06/06

Yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger issued yet another "controversial" statement, this one about Mexican immigrants assimilating. I had two initial thoughts: a) I'm not carrying Arnold's water anymore, and b) few could quibble with his pro-American comments that are similar to ones stated by leading academics.

Clinton, Rove to speak before National Council of La Raza (The Race) - 07/01/06

The National Council of La Raza ("National Council of The Race"), a far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored racial power group, will be holding its annual meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 8-11.

Howard Berman's massive amnesty for Central American illegal aliens - 07/24/05

The L.A. Daily News reports in "Bill would give some Central Americans green cards" that Rep. Howard Berman (D-Van Nuys) has introduced a bill to give said cards to 200,000 people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. "Many" are illegal aliens, "others" are here under a temporary visa of some kind. I'd imagine that a very good percentage of those live in Los Angeles. Supporters include Reps.