Hilda Solis puts interests of immigrants, illegal aliens ahead of U.S. workers, sounds just like George Bush

Various sources [1] have recently called for moratoriums on various kinds of immigration and increased immigration enforcement in order to free up jobs for Americans. (Note: I tried to shame the Center for American Progress over this issue way back in March, but I didn't get any help with it).

In response to the recent calls, Hilda Solis of the Department of Labor has shown that - while she's probably interested in workers in general - she has little concern for putting the interests of American workers ahead of the interests of illegal aliens and legal immigrants. Not only that, but in so doing she said something that George W Bush or Michael Chertoff could have said. Speaking at CAP, she said the following which the reader is encouraged to read in the voices of either Bush or Chertoff (video here, writeup thinkprogress.org/2009/12/17/solis-moratorium):

I think we’d have a big shortage of workers out there and I think as we move through this decade, we’re going to see people retiring from different types of jobs…so who is going to help fill those positions?

You would probably see towns shutting down, communities shutting down. You’d see second and third industries being affected – restaurant industries, service sectors industries where immigrants tend to work and be found. It would also impact the current ability to put food on your table because if you don’t have a certain number of people out there doing jobs that others wouldn’t want to do, then how are we going to provide the sustenance we need for all our American families?

March's open letter (link above) and the question I wanted Janet Napolitano to be asked at CAP are designed to discredit that organization and the administration officials who put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of the interests of U.S. citizens. It's unfortunate that despite promoting both in various forums I was unable to get any help with either.

[1] Recent sources include Pat Buchanan, Virgil Goode, Lamar Smith, and 22 Congressman besides Smith.


"Hilda Solis puts interests of immigrants, illegal aliens ahead of U.S. workers, sounds just like George Bush" Exactly! Thats the scary part. We are being attacked and replaced by not only the Dems but the Pubs as well. One wonders when the middle class will have had enough [acts of treason]and start a revolt. For now the only things revolting are those in D.C.