Luis Gutierrez: Obama told me to tell you he supports immigration "reform"; amnesty supporters heartened

Watanabe also quotes Jorge Mario Cabrera of CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) and Frank Sharry of Americas Voice:

[Sharry] said that Democrats who favored a comprehensive reform approach beat Republicans advocating only border control and other enforcement measures in 20 of 22 congressional races in such battleground states as Colorado and New Mexico. Those results were in part driven by Latino voters, who doubled their turnout over 2000, supported President-elect Barack Obama over Republican nominee John McCain 67% to 31% and helped Democrats win, in addition to Colorado and New Mexico, other swing states such as Florida and Nevada, Sharry said.

Checking his math is left as an exercise; note also that Watanabe uses the phrase "illegal migrants". While I haven't noticed that before, apparently the LAT has used it since at least 2003.


"publicizing the hardship they face waiting for loved ones to receive entry visas" I dont give a shit about some foriegn nationals plight. Where are the published stories of US citizens hardship due to mass immigration and the millions of illegal job thieves and / or squatters? In California we will probably file chapter 11, in part due to untold millions of illegals. In CA. alone, 60+ BILLION was spent on education just last year! That is mind boggling in itself. Now the Dem's who control the State Legislature tried to stick us with another fee increase! This is only the start of what to expect if Amnesty and chain migration is allowed to become law. WTF are these people thinking? Certainly not about the best interests of US citizens!