National Immigration Forum cheers Hilda Solis Labor Secretary pick (America's Voice)

The reviews are coming in for the selection of Hilda Solis as new Secretary of the Department of Labor, including with Paco Fabian at Americas Voice - new home of Frank Sharry formerly of the National Immigration Forum (NIF) - saying [1]:
Not only has Solis been a long-time labor advocate, she has stood firm for immigration policy that makes our nation stronger. She has also been a leader on the issue of immigrant detentions and the ill-conceived Bush administration raids.
He then links to a statement from the NIF:
In this time of economic insecurity, it is more important than ever that we have stability in our labor market and the conditions by which workers - immigrant and native-born alike - can stand together to win better wages and better jobs. Restoring the rule of law to our immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform is a key ingredient in defending and extending workers' rights. In nominating a leader as skilled and dedicated as Rep. Solis to this important office, President-elect Obama is sending the clear signal that American workers, regardless of their country of birth, are a valued part of America's future and a top priority for his Administration.

Rep. Hilda Solis has been a key leader for immigrants, workers, and comprehensive immigration reform throughout her career... (together with Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Richardson), Rep. Solis is joining a strong team that can work with Congress on behalf of the President to deliver real reform for the American people on the issue of immigration.

[1] americasvoiceonline . org/blog/entr/ rep_solis_appointment_another_good_sign_for_workers_and_immigration_reform


What in the hell kind of name is "hilda"? The name alone strikes fear