Clinton, Rove to speak before National Council of La Raza (The Race)

The National Council of La Raza ("National Council of The Race"), a far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored racial power group, will be holding its annual meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 8-11. Speakers will include former President Bill Clinton, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS).

Others involved are a who's who of people who one wishes were given sinecures somewhere so that they could be kept from further harming the rest of us:

* Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina
* John Wilhelm, President, UNITE HERE!
* Eliseo Medina, International Executive Vice President, Service Employees International Union
* Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor
* Arturo Rodriguez, President, United Farm Workers of America
* Irasema Garza, Director of Women's Rights, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO.
* Congresswoman Hilda Solis (D-CA)
* Dr. Monica Alonso Gonzalez, Regional Advisor, Pan American Health Organization
* Dr. Maria Rangel, Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
* Dr. Garth Graham, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health, Office of Minority Health.
* Bob Iger, President and CEO, The Walt Disney Company
* Lynn Pike, President of Bank of America, California. Bank of America is the title sponsor of the NCLR Annual Conference.
* Antonia Hernandez, President, California Community Foundation
* Stewart Kwoh, President and Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Legal Center
* John Mack, President, Los Angeles Police Commission
* Cesar Perales, President and General Counsel, Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF)
* Tavis Smiley (as a moderator)
* Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas
* community leader Dr. Walter Sava
* Arturo Moreno, owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
* attorney and longtime activist Vilma Martinez
* former NCLR President Raul Yzaguirre


"And there's no better way for a white politician to go on the offensive, to prove his racial sensitivity bona fides, than by speaking to these groups, and appearing to endorse their agendas and activities"

.....and then go back to living their own protected lives with themselves and their families as far away as possible from the effects of what they say they support while calling those who don't have that privilege racists and xenophobes.

Again, few prominent public figures are going to have the guts to speak out against immigration, even though its extent is so extreme that it is demographically transforming the country. Because, obviously, almost all immigrants are non-white, and so you will (inevitably) be accused of racism, nativism, etc. Most politicians, especially, decide they cannot take the risk of being tarred that way. And there's no better way for a white politician to go on the offensive, to prove his racial sensitivity bona fides, than by speaking to these groups, and appearing to endorse their agendas and activities.

Well Clinton, Rove and Brownback fit right in with this group. They are all pro open borders. Walk right in and help yourself to America.

If I was the VP i'd avoid any large crowds in Ca. If the terrorists have found as much WMD in Iraq and the American troops have, someone is gonna get whacked. What better place than the coast of Ca where the west to east wind will spread it far and wide. The dimwits have helped the criminals carry it cross the border, especially in southern Ca. It's gonna happen, just a matter of when. I say this knowing (I've have been told by the lefties) that there is no WMD in Iraq and never was. I'll just stand back and watch hundreds of thousand killed and disabled by something that never existed.