Mexican elected officials meeting Pelosi, Gutierrez, Baca, Solis over immigration

In yet another in the long line of links between the Mexican government and the Democratic Party, three members of Mexico's House of Representatives will be meeting with four members of "our" own U.S. House of Representatives to discuss immigration matters and push for "reform". Those from "our" side are: Joe Baca, Luis Gutierrez, Nancy Pelosi and Hilda Solis. Details here (translation here).

Representing the PRD will be Jose Jacques and from the PRI Edmundo Ramirez. PAN has not yet designated a representative to the meeting.

The meetings will take place on Thursday, and on Friday they'll be traveling to Chicago to meet with Elvira Arellano.

If you'd like to call Nancy Pelosi's office and inquire whether the meeting will be on the record and discuss whether it's proper for her to meet with foreign leaders and possibly collude to push an amnesty, give her a jingle:

(415) 556-4862

(202) 225-4965


Naturally, they will be listening to the American citizens, the voters, at some point. Why the criminal Elvira gets any attention beyond a set of handcuffs, is a travesty beyond comprehension. I think the people of America deserve equal time. Maybe Roy Beck at NumbersUSA, or Dan Stein at FAIR, could speak for us. Really ought to give some equal time to Chris Simcox, too. Mexico shouldn't be the sole source of information regarding immigration policy. Hello, Nancy...? Elvira doesn't speak for me, or for any other U.S. citizen for that matter. Do you care to listen to what we have to say now, or in 2008?