Didn't Naomi Wolf like my Huffington Post comment? (Florida taser incident)

Naomi Wolf - who you may remember from the Al "Alpha Male" Gore episode - offers "A Shocking Moment for Society: Tasering at University of Florida" [1]. I left a comment which appears to have been disapproved, thus once again proving false the HuffPost claim that they don't disapprove comments simply because they disagree with the poster [2].

Shortly after posting it, someone using the nyu.edu network followed the link in the comment; this was the referer:
Since my comment hasn't appeared, I can only assume that it was disapproved. (Of course, perhaps there could be a two-level approval process or something, but I doubt it). While I haven't been able to determine a link between Naomi Wolf and New York University, perhaps she's been given access through their network or something. Or perhaps it's one of Arianna Huffington's web minions, but one wonders whether a public university [3] would approve of such commercial use of their network.

Herewith the comment:
I haven't watched any of the videos, but it certainly seems like there's much more to this than Wolf lets on:


I note also that I was the only person that I know of who spoke out when the S.F. Supes falsely accused someone of committing a crime:


Perhaps if Wolf and other "liberals" would pay attention to things like that their words wouldn't ring so hollow.
[1] There are only so many videos I can watch so I haven't delved into this issue, although (just as a general rule) I tend to oppose tasering people who try to ask questions.

[2] This has happened many times: my comments on Marty Kaplan's entries have never been approved, and while Earl Ofari Hutchinson might have approved one, most have not made it through the filter. Likewise with Hilda Solis. Oddly, two very negative comments I left on entries from Anthony Romero of the ACLU were approved.

[3] Per the second comment, NYU is actually not public. I note also that one of Arianna's upper-level minions, Jay Rosen, works there (journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/weblogs/pressthink), so perhaps it's one of his students learning to be a good "journalist" or something.


we all know why the boys at huffington post like to disappear comment's you and other have made after all the people don't like facts and like to disappear facts. The thing I don't get is why people can't see why? after all the people at the huffington post are people who don't like facts and who love dishonesty and the mass fabrication OF FACTS For political race reasons and the lies are also somewhat funny but still people who can't see what is really happening inside this so called nation of laws have it coming and when the system of corruption hits home people will have no power to stop this coming evil..think about that line I love the word EVIL. Don't post of huffington any-more nothing but REDS Run that site.

You know the Left...all opinions are valid, but some are more valid than others. minor nit... "one wonders whether a public university would approve of such commercial use of their network" NYU is not a public institution.

Am I the only one who cares where the guy was going with his question? Seemed to me what he was getting at was Kerry and Bush are both Skull and Bones, and Kerry seemed not to want to win, and then afterwards not to impeach Bush - in other words they are both elite globalists and someone they both answer to had already decided who was destined to be president. Now two years ago I would have just dismissed this as so much leftwing sour grapes and claptrap. And that may be all it really is. But with the realization that there is an invasion, and it isn't being stopped, and the amnesty agenda continues to grind forward no matter how loud the citizens scream, it seems to me like we're up against something very powerful and very undemocratic. Something capable of manipulating and even fixing presidential elections. As Fred says: Buy guns.

The Huffington Post will delete almost any post that directly questions the agenda or self-interests of the columnist no matter how openly biased or propagandist they may be. Lonewacko is absolutely correct that the comment monitoring must be done by college students sympathetic to the Huffington Post's staunchly pro open borders agenda. My advise is always compose your comments out side of your web browser. Revise your comments multiple times if necessary until you are allowed to post. And yes that does suck. For example I had my initial comments deleted when I questioned whether Deepak Chopra's views on immigration actually reflected the biased opinions commonplace among Hindutva following Indian immigrants regardless of the impact ever increasing Indian immigration was having in terms of displacing American workers. If one really wanted to be an American should not ones views on immigration be tempered by their impact on all Americans and not just one's former countrymen. You can read Chopra's posting here and the revised comment I was allowed to post here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deepak-chopra/the-rich-legacy-of-illega_b_54636.html On almost any HuffPo article having to do with immigration it can take hours for your comment to appear. The more outrageously Pro-Open borders the longer the delay. It must make you wonder when the comment section still ends up 60-70% restrictionist siding just how many comments were purged. Still I strongly encourage folks do as both Lonewacko and I do and post on the major reliably pro open borders blogs like HuffPo, Hullabaloo, FireDogLake and especially Orcinus home of the SPLC-style apologist Dave Neiwert. Preaching to the choir only does so much good.

In case you are not aware one's entire comment profile on Huffpo is available online. Here is mine: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/users/profile/llamajockey I believe this is Lonewacko's http://www.huffingtonpost.com/users/profile/TuffPosh