Hilda Solis says even illegal aliens should be paid fairly; is criticizing that a good idea?

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The video at peekURL.com/v65ic2r has a Department of Labor ad promoting a DOL toll-free phone line for workers' rights and featuring Secretary Hilda Solis in which she says: "You Have the Right to Be Paid Fairly Whether Documented or Not". The uploader - a tea parties-style site called americasnewstoday.com - claims that she's promoting illegal immigration, when at least her quote above does the opposite.

First, supporting illegal aliens being ripped off is wrong. Second, it's also counter-productive: if employers know they can hire illegal aliens at a lower effective rate (or with lower safety standards), that increases the likelihood that employers will hire illegal aliens. Unless you're a corporatist/tea parties type, you do want the DOL to do their job and ensure wage and safety laws.

The problems with Solis and the Department of Labor (and state and local equivalents) isn't when they enforce wage and safety laws. It's when they passively or actively work to support illegal immigration such as by turning a blind eye to the status of workers (and broadcasting that fact). Solis should be faulted for things like trying to prevent immigration enforcement on the Gulf Coast, but I don't see any tea party types harping on that.

UPDATE: I actually posted this yesterday, to appear today. I had no idea that it would be subjected to the full tea parties-style Idiocracy treatment, with Drudge now linking to the video displayed on the page
It appears there under the title "Obama Labor Chief: Illegals Have a Right to Fair Wages" and most or all of their commenters seem to think she's saying that illegal aliens have a right to be employed, when that's not the case. (I signed up to leave a comment, but it hasn't appeared yet and whether it will is an open question).

Here's the bottom line: If you oppose illegal immigration, then supporting what she actually says on the video is a good idea. Supporting what she says on the video is not inconsistent with also supporting strong immigration enforcement.

Opposing what she says on the video - as Drudge and Fox News are trying to get people to do - incentivizes illegal immigration by making it more profitable for employers. That also allows far-left illegal immigration supporters to point to Republican/tea party types as exploiters who think illegal aliens should be ripped off.

Now, of course, she and the rest of the Obama administration support something beyond simply fair wages for work: they support illegal immigration and have no problems with illegal aliens coming here and taking jobs from Americans. So, you oppose them on that. Let me repeat what it says above:

Solis should be faulted for things like trying to prevent immigration enforcement on the Gulf Coast, but I don't see any tea party types harping on that.