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VOTE FOR WHO YOU LIKE BEST IN THE PRIMARY. THEN VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO IN NOV 2020. THAT’S IT. **Screenshots usually =headlines. Google for story.**
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From @maggieNYT
Parscale is said to be talking to other companies - unclear which ones - that could put on debates, which he told F…
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From @TrumpNewsPolls
@maggieNYT Here they go.... setting the stage to not participate and blame the media which is what they planned to do all along.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TrumpNewsPolls: I accurately predicted in 2015+ how Trump's signature issues - the reasons he won - would fail miserably. If @maggieNYT had pressed him on that he would have lost. You're enabling someone who *helped* Trump win.